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This clip was posted to Bitchute by XANDREWX, who posts great videos but who never credits the creators or offers any context or explanation or descriptions of the videos’ content, so I didn’t know the name of this creator when I posted this.

A reader came through and has informed me that his name is Steven Jackson, who’s a self-described former MMA fighter and ex-computer science student and who posts prolifically on the @JWorkoutsTv YouTube Channel, where he does Mon-Fri Weekly live shows and the tag for which is, “Changing the world with ground breaking information and helpful health technologies to improve everyone’s future quality of life.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Masked up , body snatched , cloned or synthetic this field of puppets makes voting in the next election more like a Manchurian VR experience. The Turing test needs to be standard for candidates for public office. We need mandatory medical tests for x-ray , MRI for implants, pulse, brain scan , battery port compatibility, date of manufacture, warranty expiration date, recycleability. It’s not a question of are there any replicants in service in government but can we replace the rest of them and get a discount. It’s safer than voting and we get the best politicians money can buy.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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