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    This is Tore Says Show’s ‘EV-I-LUTION: Cloned Lives Matter’, an extremely disturbing assemblage of videos about what could be called the posthuman cloning agenda and digital genetics and Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to this.

    Barack Obama’s global BRAIN Initiative has spurred and funded much of this research.

    Yale University professor Dr Charles Morgan talks about sending thoughts from the brain of one living being into the sensory cortex of a second living being in what’s called “droning”, where one organism can direct the motor activity and the thoughts of a second organism.

    There are long segments of a video with Pastor Cherie Beltram of the Three Hearts Church in Caney, TX, where she gets into great detail about cloning, the different kinds of clones and celebrity clones; things that I’ve ignored and thought were crazy but now that it’s in a Tore Says video, I guess there’s something to it…

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    • Sadly, this seems to be what it takes to wake up hypnotically mesmerized people. VISUAL IMAGRY!

      As the nation was being reprogrammed by TELEVISION in the 60’s, there was a Chicago radio man by the name of Earl Nightingale who was almost as popular as another Chicago radio man by the name of Paul Harvey. The difference was Nightingale was promoting the philosophy of what the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve and Harvey was commenting on news.

      Nightingale promoted first one book then another written by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, then another and another until he had systematically promoted three books. Hill was a big steel corporate insider close to Carnegie and had credentials of credibility. If that is as far as listeners went they would be deceived because I do not recall Nightingale ever teaching anything Hill wrote in his fourth or fifth book, I don’t recall exactly, where Hill revealed yet another layer of his great material success – SPIRIT GUIDES!

      Millions were being lead down primrose’s rosy paths to carnal success using occultic methodology. It was a trick!


      Them’s chickins come home to roost!

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