This is certainly an extraordinary “get” by Secureteam10!

A car buff and racer in West Virginia had recently souped-up a car he bought late last year and he took it out late at night, when there was little traffic, to see how fas it could go. He was using his cellphone as a dashcam.

It wasn’t until after he played back the video that he caught a glimpse of something peculiar in the top left corner of the frame.

He sent his footage over to Secureteam10, who boosted the exposure, increased the contrast in the footage and slowed it down, revealing a dark triangular-shaped craft that appeared to be hovering motionless, as the driver’s car sped by at between 70-80 MPH. 

Crafts similar to this have been reported since around the mid-1990s, with a major flap over Belgium in 1995, where thousands of witnesses saw these things and a classic photograph was taken.

These craft have repeatedly been identified as products of secret human projects. They are not considered to be “extraterrestrial”. Some self-described insiders purport that these classic black triangular craft have the model number, “TR3B”.

This one, however, does have some variations from images captured in the ’90s – which can only be expected. Cars made in the ’90s look slightly different from cars made today. 

The man who captured this on video is now in mortal fear that his identity will be revealed and that he may experience retribution for his part in revealing the product of a secret government project.

Fun times in the USA! 

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  • I have something you need to see. I believe this is the TR-3B triangle Anti-gravity ship. Contact me. I will give you the link. You wont believe it. You’ll know the truth, and this IS gov craft.

  • This could be what my husband and I saw, and many other people in Wiltshire, about 20 years ago. It was a triangle shaped craft hovering in the night sky, blocking out the stars. It stayed in that position for about 5 minutes, then quickly moved sideways and hovered, then shot off so fast!!
    All the lights went out as something blew the local power grid.

  • I also notice something or another ship on the right side in the beginning of the film, also in 2014 in New Alexandria Pa at Pittsburgh Raceway Park working overnight security, I notice a Round ,Oval ,Sphere Shaped Object Moving in the Eastern Sky Early Morning 4:00am toward daylight tried to photograph this object never was able to photograph this object stayed till daylight and then gone

  • Notice that ALL video’s ,fils, pictures, are ALL obscure,fuzzy, not clear, dark,etc etc. For ONCE i would like to see a CLEAR ,close, DAYLIGHT ,image of a craft or an alien being. UP CLOSE. .Sorry, i don’t believe what is being shown to the public

  • Nice! It would be interesting to find out what’s on the ground in the area. Ask him to do a daylight drive to have a “look see” in the general area. Thanks

  • This has to be a military “Black” project. Why would aliens put anti-collision lights on their craft?

  • Interesting to note the guy who took the video is more afraid for his personal safety that it might be a secret military craft than one from another civilization.

  • USA Military/Gov/Black Ops has a secret space program that has been going on since 1950’s, we are not in Kansas anymore!!
    These crafts, if they are not the start of the hologram projections to scare people to believe we are under a fake alien invasion, which is in the new world order/illuminati playbook right now, travel all over our galaxy and other galaxies via portals, stargates and time travel.
    Humanity of earth has been purposely left in the dark with no knowledge of any of this, so sad!! The way we were designed was to be able to communicate with all of our star being brothers and sisters but that has been taken away from us by the pure evil elite ones who run the planet!

  • Anyone who doubts the existence of extraterrestrial visitors must be living under a rock. Too much solid evidence exists to deny their existence. Dr Greer has irrefutable evidence which is easily available to anyone. Why the government continues to cover up the obvious is beyond my comprehension unless they have some evil reason to spoof the public.

    I may have seen an E T craft while driving a truck somewhere in the Western part of the US, but it is only a maybe and I have no photos of it. Whatever it was was streaking across the sky from North to South and had a blue glow. It was maintaining its altitude so was not a meteor.

  • Marvellous exposé of what is being covered up.

    How would it benefit anybody to make this up? Would it help make or raise money?

    How does it benefit anyone to cover it up? Sorry if I sound naïve. Maybe the government wants to monopolise on the information.

    And if aliens hold the balance of power what difference would secrets make to any Nation?


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