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    Here’s an animation of a concept car tire conceived by Goodyear called the Eagle-360. The tires would be spherical and thus maneuverable in all directions, which would make for amazing parking possibilities, as seen in the final shots of this brief piece, where multiple cars are seen moved across the parking lot sideways and in unison, like chess pieces.

    Keep in mind that these concept tires would be for self-driving cars and that things like excess tread wear to parts of the tire would never happen, because sensors would equalize wear by continually rotating the tires’ orientation. 

    Embedded sensors would similarly communicate road and weather conditions to the vehicle, as well as to other cars nearby and into the Global Information Grid (GIG). The tires, themselves would be made of programmable matter, which would change tread shape, in accordance with wet or dry road conditions.

    The tires would not actually touch the car; they’d be in a state of magnetic levitation within their wheel wells. This maglev element would actually be foundational to the car, itself, serving as the car’s suspension, steering gear and propulsion and for this reason, the car would would have to be electric, whether it functions solely on battery power or if it must convert hydrocarbons into electricity.

    Electric cars are notorious for having very fast acceleration times, due to having more torque than the fastest-accelerating $2M Bugatti, as demonstrated for years by the owner-racer of the unassuming 1972 Datsun “White Zombie”, John Wayland, retrofitted with a Lithium-polymer battery pack, generating 538 hp, making it the fastest street-legal electric car in the world… 

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    • Programing a self sustaining tire would be an interesting profile. Acceleration of gas through instruments with magnetic sensors also. Gas should be sustainable
      in any Auto, affordable ~ especially my 1993 Buick Century Wagon will continue to
      be a test model in these “boonee” Nebraska hills.

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