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As many reading this may know, Alex Jones is apparently in the process of self-immolating in a child custody battle with his ex-wife, in which his attorney is using the defense that Jones is playing a “character” on his shows and that his public persona does not reflect his true nature.

The argument that Alex Jones’ persona is a fake put-on is incredibly destructive for Jones’ brand, which is based on Jones’ chaotic “realness”.

This comedy sketch by Stephen Colbert, which lampoons Alex Jones’ misfortune takes me back to when I used to hang out several times a week with my then-husband’s friends from the Harvard Lampoon, including Larry O’Donnell and Conan O’Brien. Like my ex-husband, they all landed major TV comedy-writing jobs, straight out of college.
At the time, there was a very powerful comedy writing mafia, in which one HAD to have written for the Harvard Lampoon as an undergraduate to even be considered for a big TV job, like SNL, the David Letterman Show or The Simpsons. The writing staffs of these shows were populated almost exclusively with Lampoon alumni.
These conditions have since been relaxed somewhat. Seth McFarlane, creator of ‘Family Guy’ was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and he was one of the first to break through this secretive glass ceiling. Likewise, Stephen Colbert who grew up in South Carolina and attended Chicago’s Northwestern University did not fit the profile of this elite group of Harvard comedians who totally dominated late night TV comedy writing.
However, Colbert sure does a bang-up job at nailing the ideology and the style of his Harvard comedy peers. Colbert may as well gone to Harvard (his staff writers probably did). His comedy is EXACTLY that same brand of comedy. It’s all about making fun of the Flyover State “slack-jawed yokel”. It is the oppressive “propaganda comedy” that I have railed against of late.
These sketches are most effective when executed by members of the shamed demographic, like Stephen Colbert, who successfully strove to rid himself of a Southern accent since early childhood.
I’ve long been an admirer of Colbert’s talent and this sketch is completely brilliant and hilarious – but at the same time, it lambasts people who have questions about vaccine safety and it ridicules other dissenting, non-mainstream views. Rather than being used a tool to speak truth to power, which is the most hallowed application of comedy, Stephen Colbert’s comedy is crafted to scare people into submission.

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  • AJ just got too big for his britches with success, couldn’t contain himself, couldn’t control himself and I’d bet the farm he’s going to lose custody of his kids and a lot more. Getting hooked by and to a hooker was likely the last straw for Kelly Violet Adams. Can’t say that I blame her, but I’m not celebrating.

    We will just have to wait and see how everything turns out. Could be all his crew and fans jump ship or could be he gets his head screwed back on and becomes more of a folk hero than ever.

    Americans love clowns and freaks, thats why they run for political office and we vote for em’.

  • Though AJ, once reasonable exposer, now pressing hard to save those wax feathers of Icarus in mid plummet, deserves some serious gouging, your take on Colbert is spot on. When he first began his amazing blasts at the dumbya (revealing how truly facile repubs are in allowing him to be featured at a journalist roast when in fact he was shredding their characters) I couldn’t get enough, but some years into it I got the feeling he really meant some of his spoofs on the sincerity of the left. Seems the Harvard effete odeur (North Western fragrance) just can’t be contained…personally, I got bored with Stevie years ago…no diss to his genius though.

    • The theme of ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ continues; it’s not just your presidential candidates, it’s you’re comedians who, too are revealed as Replicant Pod People, out of ‘They Live’, after you put on the sunglasses. WTF?


    My impression of Alex Jones was that of the Christian one-man-woman type – how time seems to change all that.

    Jones ought to read the book The Adam and Eve Sindrome by Roy Masters found at – he might learn something.

  • I’m afraid that I don’t appreciate this guy much. Yeah, he’s making fun of people for money and Alex is a big target but I’m not with it I suppose. Too predictable.

    However, something else is interesting. In 1973-74 my boyfriend was at Yale in a medical internship. We drove to Harvard to pick-up one of his friends for dinner and a short stay on campus. When we arrived to his room it was covered with drawings and printed material. There wasn’t a surface left un-papered. It made an impression on me that even the walls had stuff hanging from them. Mostly, I remember a hand-colored drawing of a camel passing through the eye of needle hanging from his work bench. I cannot, for the life of me, remember his name. It’s been too long. When I asked him what he was working on I found it to be the Harvard Lampoon. He was one of the originators, apparently. I’ve never forgotten it because the camel drawing later appeared either on the cover or inside the next edition. I haven’t though about this in decades. My then-boyfriend died youngish so no help there about who the guy was.

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