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    This Dark Journalist “Media Attacks” Special Report features me, as the publisher of because I have the unfortunate experience to speak knowledgeably about living at the effect of a highly-coordinated effort to end the Alternative Media, which I have been doing for some time.

    The Corporate Media is desperately amping up their portrayal of the Alternative Media as “dangerous”, while remaining in complete denial of their inexorable plunge into disrepute and irrelevance. With this false narrative, they’re trying to mask their failed manipulation of the Presidential Election to put Neocon Hillary Clinton into the White House, by means of gaslighting the public with fake polls, biased reporting, behind-the-scenes collusion and false memes, like “FAKE NEWS”, which is summoning the power of the major social media sites and Google-YouTube to technologically enforce this bogus narrative.

    Their slander campaign reached a pathetic new low with the New York Times’ and Washington Posts’ publication of a McCarthyite list of Alternative Media websites that were supposedly in league with Russia. This, according to the discredited website called Prop Or Not. The NYT and WashPo were forced to apologize, if only because one of the websites listed threatened to sue for libel and damages, if they made no retractions.

    This vile smear against the brave independent voices who work hard to give the real truth to their readers with their minimal resources, now being painted as being somehow traitorous harkens back to the red scare tactics of the 1950s and only goes to show that the Mainstream Media is caught in a death spiral.

    Whether you’re a Liberal Democrat shocked by the media character assassination of Bernie Sanders, a Libertarian repulsed by the intrusion of the CIA with false propaganda about Russia, an Independent disturbed by the use of the Green Party and Jill Stein as puppets with behind-the-scenes Clinton-funded recounts to delegitimize the election, or a Republican shocked by the threatening pressure on electors and the 24/7 negative coverage of President-Elect Trump, now is the time to unmask the cowardly trolls in charge of the Corporate Mainstream Media and to reveal them as the true purveyors of “FAKE NEWS”.

    Don’t miss this exciting part 1 Dark Journalist episode – with me!

    P.S. Corrections: ~40,000 Libyans were killed during 2012 Benghazi attacks and in their direct aftermath. Roughly 420,000 Libyans are currently displaced and seeking asylum in Europe. In Syria, the death toll of the war to unseat President Bashar al-Assad since 2011 is estimated to be 470,000. An estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes, with an additional 13.5 million Syrians in need of humanitarian aid within their country. The low-ball figure for civilian deaths from the Iraq war is 500,000, although there are some estimates that place the figure closer to 2 million civilian deaths, and an untold amount of Iraqis still displaced, where last November saw the deaths of over 8,000 people – which was lower than in the previous month.

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    • Crop-yields are affected by man-made clouds or extremely expansive/extensive chemistry-trails due to less sunlight resulting in less photosynthesis and less vegetative growth. Also resulting in less vitamin “D” production in life-forms that require sun and the disease-preventing “D” Vitamin. These Chemtrails chemicals then bone-dry up all the vegetation, ready-made for hired arsonists to set it all on wild-fire. If no fire starts, then the plants die of the toxins sucked into the root systems of the assorted vegetations. The main product of concern to all this planticide or vegicide to generate and produce Giga-tons-amounts of Carbon Dioxide,CO2. The terrifying real goal of USA Government sponsored Chemtrails is to terrorize the American population to accepting tha passage of “Carbon-Tax” economy destroying legislation. Obama is the “puppet” leader approving all of this chaos, using Chemtrails as a “False-Flag operation., making people believe that Chemtrails are beneficial for their alleged role in “COOLING” the planet, which most people, gullibly, believe, when the truth is that the Chemtrails are anti-beneficial and have only -cidal effects on all life-forms, all of them heading to voluntary, ignorant, uninformed, vigorously accepting and even pro-demonstrating for their False-Flag cause, a totally-duped, thoroughly bamboozled vast sheeple flock, like lemmings enthusiastically supporting their own extinction and demises…

      Chuck Boldwyn
      Retired Chemistry & Physics Instructor
      Physical Science Analyst of Conspiracy Facts

    • Guys there will come a day when the Conspiracy Theorists will all be honored and receive a medal of honor. Bound to happen, so keep your head up.

    • Trump is not different from Hillary; remember he IS corporate, has been for years, deals with the bankers (probably walks hand in hand with them) and just like the military industrial complex as well as the central bank, bankers and mega corporations his objective is greater wealth and power.
      He was not a very nice business man, now he will add to wealth the power of the presidency so what could wonder what that is going to turn him into? Both of them are monsters in their own way and there is nothing to be built legitimately based on monstrosity.
      We are nearing the apex of darkness before the final collapse; and I personally feel that this collapse will have taken place quite fast if we consider that it started with Clinton.
      However I could understand that others would consider the assassination of J. Kennedy the beginning of the end, it might have been but ppl were still very gullible or naive at that time so the process of awakening took place at a very slow pace. Kennedy wanted to terminate fiat money, a reason often cited for his assassination.
      All in all darkness is accelerating to a rapid crescendo. It will be very interesting to watch the cleansing. At that time we will need all people of good will to deal with the obsolete and co-create the new.

      • “Trump is not different from Hillary”

        I beg to differ. Trump made his money engaged in lawful real estate development and businesses. Hillery made her money (the vast majority of it, minus her lawful public servant salaries) selling US state secrets and favors, laundering the proceeds through a fake charity. Trump has never killed anyone, or else we would have never heard the end of it during the election. Hillery (and Bill) have a list running to well over a hundred people they were connected to in various ways, from closest associates to innocent bystanders who happened to find out too much, who all died under questionable circumstances. That’s just the murders done to keep their careers from being derailed by the truth coming out. When it comes deaths caused by official US government policies as created by the Clinton duo, we’re into the hundreds of thousands. Don’t tell me Trump and Hillery are the same.

    • I personally think that you need to look further behind the scene on the Trump’s election and the DNC ‘work’ to prevent his election.
      I submit that Trump was the corporations candidate from the start; being a long-time friend of the Clintons I also submit that the whole thing was engineered behind the scenes to get to the wanted results that the voters got.
      And I would not even exclude WikiLeaks from being part of the whole set-up, or maybe unwittingly playing into the hands of the puppeteers with their revelations.

      I suggest that this election has been manipulations on an unprecedented grand scale right from way down the rabbit hole, especially if I have to believe who is going to be part of Trump’s cabinet: your worst nightmare coming to life.
      The new White House is going to turn black or red depending on the perspectives, but the new presidency will be Machiavellian, and as predicted already a couple of years back Trump will be the last American president. Interesting to see what’s going to happen once Trump is in office, but dear Americans prepare for the ride of your life.

      I watched the movie of the birth of Texas with Sam Houston as a governor of Tennessee under Jackson’s presidency and realized to my utter amazement that the shenanigans at the highest level (presidency, congress and senate) were exactly the same as they are today. Who said that we should learn from history?

    • Wonder no more about Hillary and her admirers, both she and they are Narcissists. Go to this site, check the list of traits and marvel at the number of times you can check yes beside the symptoms. I have long believed America in general suffers from this malady, especially in the metropolitan areas, but it’s spread by television and the entertainment industries. It’s also idolatry. Hardly any institution is not infected with this self-absorbing, self-worshiping malady. Pre fifties Americans spent very few hours a week in entertainment. No time for it, little money for it. Today it’s cheap and instantly available via television 24/7. Television promotes narcissism and Hillary is the epitome and queen of narcissism!

      • Agreed! Believe it or not, Alinskyite reasoning has it’s roots in Talmudic reasoning of goal oriented argumentation in which truth isn’t the objective. Not matter how much truth is presented, it’s simply ignored and the argument circles back around to the goal.

    • One can only hope that the President elect will put the kabosh on these 11th hour bills being hammered through when he takes office.
      Labeling such as “Fake News” regardless of how the picture is framed still a flagellant violation of free speech-constitutional right’s. That which is deemed unconstitutional is by and large “Fake Law”. We as a people may differ on many issues, though our commonality stands united when it comes down to our unalienable rights. This and this alone should be our battle cry, for it makes libel every corporate coupster who wishes to call the kettle black.
      Every public office held requires such representatives to swear an oath, herein exploitive ends foundationally have no means.
      The alternative media’s need to stand together, of divided they will fall.
      Keep up the good work AB

    • I have followed FKTV for some time..can’t remember exactly when but I have sort of grown with along with seeking more the Alternative News because I have never been real sure WE the American people haven’t been lied to more than we know. I see now that it is so HUGE this ‘FAKE’ news deal but I also see where the TRUE FAKE News is coming from…our own govern’t and its bought and paid for MSM. If it hadn’t have been for the ‘ALT NEWS’ folks we would still be going along believing what we were being told when we have been seeing more and more that some things just don’t add up. WE THE PEOPLE must be vigilant to the core…we almost lost our country and we can’t be sleeping at the wheel or trusting our govern’t any longer…the corruption is so deep that it is hard to fathom it…I dare say there may not be a govern’t agency left that can be trusted 100%. My hope is that Trump will change that and be really strict in prosecuting (his staff will) those that are corrupt and making it a little less tempting to screw this country in the future knowing that someone is watching. ‘The Watchers’ are our NEW source of information…it must be 100% accurate to survive this attempt to keep the citizen nullified of the TRUTH. ‘THE WATCHERS’ are Alt News!!!!

      • TerryJensen,

        It is all as bad as you say, and worse. Basically, as Karl Marx explained, society evolved from feudalism and created the nation state, we created governments to administer the new economic system, capitalism, in the interest of the owning class, the 1%.

        Trump will administer your constitution to defend the country and its owners, represented by the Federal Reserve. Want proof? Will he expose the hoax of the World Trade Centre and reveal the scientific proof of the controlled demolition of the three buildings, #1, 2 and 7 as revealed by several thousand architects and engineers — represented at I more or less can guarantee he won’t: it would bring down the government and reveal/destroy the complicity of the MSM, referred to as “the reptile press” by Upton Sinclair, “The Brass Check, 1922.

      • Terry, I suspect you’re right and that “the news” has always been nothing more and nothing less than the Ministry of Propaganda. We may only be seeing this for what it is now, because of the Internet – and thanks to a very basic Trojan worm that faked-out John Podesta (which required that he click on it in order for it to activate – *he was not hacked* – into disgorging all of his emails, which were then handed over to be published by WikiLeaks. (Any dummy knows not to click on those!)

        What I’m not so sure of is whether we’ve had presidents in office (not part of the Bush-Clinton cabal), who were also such consummate racketeers, complete felons and real-live traitors, on the level that we’ve seen with the Bush-Clintons, starting with the JFK Assassination, Iran-Contra, 9/11, all of the false flags and interventionalist, profiteering wars of aggression and this head-spinning amount of crimes, which demand immense creativity and skill, pulled off by the Clinton Foundation and outlined so well in the posts of George Webb (whose posts keep getting removed by YouTube):

        Hillary had an undistinguished career as a politician. What she’s been really good at is crime on a scale that is difficult to comprehend.

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