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In a clumsy attempt to replicate the impact of the WikiLeaks releases prior to General Election last November preceding the vote of the Electoral College tomorrow on Monday, the CIA has been making unfounded claims that Russian hacking is to blame for the upset victory of Donald Trump.

However, last week, Human Rights activist and former UK British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray came forward as being the source of the DNC email leaks that were published by WikiLeaks. Murray says that he flew to Washington last September and proceeded to a wooded area near American University in Northwest Washington, DC where he was given a thumb drive containing thousands of emails that came from disgusted whistle blowers working at the DNC, who had legal access to the data.

Murray, in turn handed this information over to WikiLeaks and the rest is history. In accordance with WikiLeaks’ policy, Murray declined to reveal the source of the leak, except to say that there were others (plural) inside the DNC who were involved.

Many of those watching this case suspect that one of those responsible for the leak was the DNC’s Voter Expansion Data Director, 27-year old Seth Rich, who would have had broad admin privileges, covering all email traffic within the DNC. Rich was found shot in the back multiple times on July 10th, a block from his home at 4AM on Sunday morning, after staying up all night at his job at the DNC. The killer did not take his wallet, watch or cellphone.

Assange promptly offered a $20,000 reward for info on who killed Rich and has maintained that the DNC emails were not the result of a Russian hack. Assange has not been heard from since his last tweet on November 6th, the Sunday before Election Day, ‘Hey @HillaryClinton, you have until Monday to drop out or we will destroy you, completely.’ The final set of emails was never revealed, before Assange’s mysterious disappearance.

Murray’s claims fly in the face of the CIA/Democrat/MSM narrative that Russia hacked the DNC emails then sent them to Assange, to try to help Donald Trump when the presidential election – and that therefore, the US should go to war with Russia (!)

Earlier last week, Murray said that the CIA allegations that Russia was behind all of this were totally false, “They are absolutely making it up. I know who leaked them. I’ve met the person who leaked them and they are certainly not Russian. It’s a leak not a hack. The two are different things.”

The Congressional Intelligence Committee demanded that CIA officials testify before them and explain what evidence they had. All of those called to appear refused because their story is fake news and they would open themselves up to charges of perjury, for lying to Congress.

They’ve chosen, instead to hide out and to continue to spread their malicious gossip via corrupted members of the MSM like The Washington Post, to do maximum damage to Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency by flipping enough electors before the Electoral College meets tomorrow, on Monday, December 19th.

Bill Binney, NSA’s former Technical Director for Geopolitical and Military Analysis and Reporting Group and current member of Veteran Intelligence Officials for Sanity has publicly stated, “CIA is almost totally dependent on NSA for ground truth in the communications arena, thus it remains something of a mystery why the media is being fed strange stories about hacking that have no basis in fact. The evidence that should be there is absent, otherwise it would surely be brought forward, since this could be done without any danger to sources and methods. Thus, we conclude that the emails were leaked by an insider. Such an insider could be anyone in a government department or agency with access to NSA databases or perhaps someone within the DNC.”

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  • I am a Vietnam Veteran….over 58 thousand of us died for a Baldfaced LIE bye LBJ and McNamara; 9/11 was such a Lie……and the next one will be Hologram UFOs……believe NOTHING that comes out of your Government; it is 90% Bullshit….

  • A question I have is, when was the CIA given permission to work inside the USA? Not that they have ever stopped messing with this country , from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. Are you sure that the leak didn’t start from the CIA? They are very astute at propaganda, creation, implementation, etc. As well as killing people, not just with bullets, “they have their ways” of making things happen, or not happen. After the second world war, the OSS was modified, into the CIA with a bunch of Nazi’s, so make your own assumptions, see, I have no proof, unlike the CIA, I admit it.

  • The sooner the shadow gov’t of the USA is revealed, the safer we will all be, including foreign nations such as Russia and China. The USA was once a great nation. Now, it has degenerated into a cabal of vicious, hidden puppets. Who knows who is really behind it all?

    I’m a Canadian.

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