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There’s an interview in Dutch that is being hailed as one of the most important breakthroughs in YouTube history. Nothing revealed here has not already been speculated upon. The difference is that this is a first-person testimony of someone, who has interfaced intimately with the Satanists who control the planet. An important distinction, here is that this is not an escaped victim of inhuman crimes, this is an escaped would-be perpetrator of such crimes. The full 40-minute interview is viewable here.

This clip is an edited summary by the Kiwi creator, known as “Ed from The Outer Dark” of the full interview.

Ronald Bernard, an elite Dutch banker for many decades, has just come forward with his hair-raising story of how the world works, from a financial perspective.

Bernard, who was abused as a child seemed a perfect fit for this career because he was able to dissociate himself or to put his mind “in a freezer,” as he puts it. For a period of time, he was able to do his job and to operate without empathy. He describes “Two worlds”: 1) The one, which the majority of people think works a certain way and; 2) The way the world really works; controlled by 8,000-8,500 people.

Perhaps his most important statement is how the “terrorists”, the intelligence agencies, the political and banking structures are all working together, “To create chaos, in order to manipulate the currencies and global events.” Bernard estimates that 1% among the banking elite know what’s actually happening with all of the money flows.

The banks are at the nexus between the governments, the transnational corporations, the intelligence agencies and the terrorist organizations. He says that these are all the big money clients and that you begin to see how they’re totally connected when you see their financial transactions. He notes, “Everything has to be financed.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise to him was the discovery of how the intelligence agencies, which he’d assumed were working to protect the people and the national security interests turned out to be criminal enterprises. At the very least, he says that they are heavily corrupt; they help to finance and to create wars and they basically create a lot of conflict and misery in the world. He says they trade in drugs, weapons and traffick in human beings and they will stop at nothing to obtain their immediate objectives.

He explains that those at the top are NOT Atheists. Most of them really DO believe in Lucifer, as a real god and deity.

He says that he didn’t take them seriously and that he actually visited their Churches of Satan and witnessed their Holy Mass with naked women “and liquor and stuff.” He found it greatly amusing but he didn’t take it seriously, at all. He remarks, “It was ‘The Good Life.’”

There was moment, however, which changed everything for him, when he was invited to participate in human sacrifices abroad. At this point, Bernard begins to cry softly. He says, “That was the breaking point…Children.”

He was unable to do it. Having been abused as a child, it affected him deeply and he slowly began to break down. He began to refuse assignments at his job. He realized that the whole purpose in that world was to have “Everybody in their pocket…[and] be susceptible to blackmail.” Because he had been incapable of participating, he was not blackmailable and his career subsequently went downhill.

In his full interview, we hear more details about his experience with the human- and Earth-hating controllers of the world how he experienced a full mental- and physical breakdown, which lasted over a year.

Now, he works to finance interest-free positive projects at

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  • That was an awesome video! I want to know about your bank? Be joyful? Is there any way you could send me through my email links are more videos to watch so I can learn more cuz I am a True Believer in Jesus Christ and I know that there is not enough time please I am so interested in learning all that I can thank you for

  • I really do believe everything this man is saying, and I wish more people, would come forward, so that more people could believe how evil our government’s are, thank you for putting this out there, what can we do to help, because its starting to look, like there is nothing we can do to stop them

  • Thank you for being corageous enough to share the thuth no matter how hard it was.
    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks Alex and Ronald.

    More information adding to the ream we already know on the subject of Satanic criminality under the sick Luciferian religion, it’s Vatican, their networks of twisted pot stirrers and those of the criminal banksters who all keep the planet in arms for the purpose of monetary gain so they can continue to weld ultimate power. The new twist here is Ronald was at ground zero in the murder of children and the blackmailing of participants in their twisted belief system. It’s the true “access of evil” being revealed by a core member of their creepy bankster nest.

    Hundreds? No, thousands of years of this shite is quite enough. Maybe Clif High’s predictive language models are correct. Perhaps the entire operation IS about to blow sky high because people like Mr. Bernard, who possess firsthand knowledge of the gang, will be coming forward to ignite the fuse.

    • I certainly hope so. A subscriber who claims to have inside knowledge of these people is not so hopeful. These were his comments to me this morning:

      “The enemy are the most religious people you will ever meet.

      “They do NOT have ‘faith’ that their god (Lucifer) exists.

      “They KNOW that she exists.

      “They live every single hour of their day in worship to their ‘god.’

      “Everything they do is based on their religion.

      “A good example of this is: ‘USA Commercial Law.’

      “In the 1930s the USA Congress declared bankruptcy to British Bankers.

      “USA Commercial Law is based on British Admiralty Law, which is based on Black Magic Satanic Law.

      “Please Note:
      Satan and Lucifer are different creatures.
      Satan is the general of Lucifer’s armies, and can create life – she has two sons.
      Lucifer is the ‘god’ and she is barren.

      “Under Black Magic Satanic Law – ‘silence is acceptance.’

      “Which means, they are required by their religion to tell their victims EVERYTHING they plan on doing to us – in advance.

      “Unless we say “NO” – the enemy takes our silence as “giving our permission” for them to do anything they want to us.

      “The enemy did NOT steal anything from us.

      “Through our silence, we gave everything we have to them.

      “(I wrote books about all of this – but no one reads them – now in two languages).

      “Please Note:
      Find someone with a German passport.
      Get them a black light.
      Have them examine their passport under the black light.
      They will find the symbol of the devil (Baphomet) embossed on their passport.
      A German friend of mine did this, and he was so sad, he could not look me in the eye afterwards.

      “The enemy is everywhere. But there are very few of them.

      “We could – easily – take them all down in a single day.

      “But no one cares.

      “People are NOT ‘asleep.’

      “People are NOT ‘sheep.’

      “People do NOT ‘care.’

      “It is a hard think to believe.

      “Its an even harder thing to know.

      “Enjoy the fallout!”

      • I’d like to see two things–a German passport under black light AND the names of the book titles and the author. The writer states that no one reads them because “People do NOT care”. He sounds like a disgruntled true-believer turned skeptic because that’s total BS. Every piece of information/book has its time. Some sit on shelves for years undiscovered and unloved. Then, one day something happens to bring the subject into global consciousness and the book is found AND it sells. I’ve seen this happen, firsthand.

        If he has a time, IT’S NOW. What are the titles and where do we get them? (Thanks Alex–I’ll search for a passport.)

        His statements about the sick-o devil worshippers ( Sorry, I will not allow them status by giving their so-called gods names.) represent the MOST twisted thinking on this planet, it’s true. Clearly, the mindset of the worshippers serve evil and only evil. It’s the same insane logic of serial killers “we have an agenda that includes trampling every living thing encountered and doing with it as we wish. Our ‘law’ allows it.” What rubbish.

        I’ve heard the statement many times about evil having a law that requires “telling the unbelievers/outsiders, (i.e. the light) what they are going to do”. So what? Loads of crazy people with religions have so-called laws that drive their believe systems. It doesn’t make the laws any less evil or, frankly, ridiculous. Like the statement of worshipping their god every moment of their lives. They do so through the systems, which they set-up, because they all work inside them. But that action does not make them spiritual. It only draws a darker line between them and the light they deny and oppose. That line reveals them for what they are liars, deceivers, murderers of innocents, blood drinking, flesh eating degenerates–succubus incarnate. Their constant intention is, then, to do evil. Intention of action is key.

        And, now we are told there is a lineage of these so-called sick-o gods they worship? Can’t wait to read this book. Although the information is interesting, I don’t see that it matters much what we call them. Evil is as evil does, my grandmother would say. Whatever these down-on-their-knees worshippers call them, both they and their objects of worship can be summed up in a word–EVIL. That’s simply.

        And, for the record Mr. I-can’t-sell-my-books–I KNOW THERE IS A GOD of LIGHT. I do not “believe” it. I do not have “faith” that it’s true. I KNOW IT. Further, the one GOD/SOURCE does not require I worship it. Worship on bended knee is for small gods and the small people they dupe and command.

  • Thank you for connecting a few more of the dots, this has been going on for hundreds of years, just below the surface……

    • I perceive a spirtual universe, where intelligence and intellect dominates all.
      This way persons are dominataed by dark matter, where duality must stay upright for any pain and evil.
      Also human beings are dominated by dark energy, where the energy of universal love heals any duality, where pain and evil (intellct) disappear.

      Intelligence creates new.
      Intellect repeats the old, as any kind of war etc.

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