It’s day 100 of George Webb’s investigation, which started out with the question, “Where is Eric Braverman?”. The latter was the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, who went missing from his new post as a professor at Yale University last September but who re-emerged simultaneously on Twitter and PR releases across the Internet on January 19th, announcing his new position overseeing the non-investment side of the family office of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., its Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy.

Given his past associations, it’s not surprising to know that “Braverman will be in charge of the philanthropic arm of the Menlo Park-based Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, an official with the organization told the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The group has given away hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental and other causes,” according to several articles, including this one on

Webb’s series of epic multiple daily posts has taken him in directions that he never foresaw. Here are his own words, “I’m changing the name of the series to ‘The DynCorp Harvest.’ The series started out investigating the Clinton Foundation but it led straight to this company called DynCorp and DynCorp is not only doing police contracts and contracts for maintaining aircraft, which is the good stuff but it’s turned into something much different and I showed yesterday how the Bush administration also leads straight to get DynCorp and the Trump administration also leads straight to DynCorp.

“It started out looking at their use of vaccines. They have a $500 million virus and vaccine development program that they get from the US government but then, there were all these countries, where DynCorp was training the police officers to to attack and gang-rape girls and boys, so that led to that part of the investigation – and the the last part of the investigation has led to this organ harvesting.

“So, we thought it was just Stingers [missiles] and sarin gas, but as we get further and further into this, it gets more macabre – and I’ll show you exactly what I mean…”

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  • “Come, let us go down and confuse their language, so they may not communicate with each other” “Then we will have a harvest”

  • The truth of this world just gets worse and worse, doesn’t it?

    Again, 3rd party–think 3rd party. I ask the question–Do we actually think the vast numbers of organs indicated here worldwide are being harvested for transplants to other humans? Given the scope of the links Webb can point to and the findings revealed in this video–NO. He’s uncovered low-level operations. So, why are millions upon millions of human deaths being deliberately perpetrated and skillfully hidden worldwide by the same named actors? How many children go missing each year in the US of which at least a million are never found? Among the easily track-able monetary gain that results from various operational agendas such as infecting a human population then turning around and selling drugs to cure them, watching disease move through populations for the purpose of weaponizing it, sex trafficking to the sick and twisted and even their sicker cohorts of the now known secret societies who creep about like ghouls/vampires in the night, there are still not enough people in the world in need harvested organs or baby’s blood to extend their own lives who can also pay the prices Webb reveals. Nice cover though.

    So, who does it all serve? Think about it–seriously. Who is the 3rd party? I think the answer is so frightening and, for most, so unbelievable that even a researcher as good as Webb at uncovering deception couldn’t fathom it, YET. Keep looking Webb. Your path is correct. The final truth is a very deeply hidden vault. There will be no print to point to, only indicators. You will be knocked speechless when you find this truth, if you do. The world has been conditioned to deny and ridicule its very existence. However, it is the 3rd party. There is no doubt. Good luck.

    • Ooo. Look at this article, dated from 2 days ago:

      “Former Vice President of DynCorp, Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene, has been charged with a number of counts of kid rape which occurred between 1983 and 1989. His arrest represents the most recent in a sequence of high-level pedophile ring busts by investigators tasked with ending human trafficking and baby abuse by the elites in America…”

      • Nice find! DynCorp is know by Navy insiders for having their fingers in every pot and for unmentionable acts against humanity–money makes for silence, hence huge contracts. Many still believe Trump is quietly tracking down the pedo-gate creeps, DynCorp not escaping. However, given Trump’s flip from potential human being to black-souled war monger licking the grimy, bloody hands of the NeoCons I’d say, doubtful. Someone more powerful is responsible for directing the pruning of the weak branches inside their umbrageous fiefdom of pedo-horror so that silence can be maintained.

        As horrible as it is pedophilia represents a tiny squashed bug on the windshield of DynCorp’s dealing. They touch every politician, financial deal, military arm and science endeavor in the world. Like a huge spider they hang their web between their enormous trees to capture and devour anything that comes their way.

        Of course, I’d like to be wrong about the arrests and I always hold hope that good people are working undercover to eliminate this evil.


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