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Former President Donald Trump responded to Alex Jones’ exclusive report revealing the Biden regime is gearing up for new COVID restrictions, declaring that this time “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!”

“The left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fear mongering about the new variants that are coming. Gee whiz, you know what else is coming? An election,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday.

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  • This is something that we all can have a part in, Young and Old, Male or Female, even the children.
    IF we don’t stop this one there will be no Second Chances or no Tomorrow. Our Leader has come out and ordered “DO NOT COMPLY. RESIST!” As for myself, I do not need anyone to tell me not to bathe in gasoline and set myself afire. I am a 71-year-old lifetime Outlaw and fighting and resisting a harmful “Government” has always been my Outlaw Way.
    I beat a 4-decades-long Heroin addiction by Just Saying No, and you had better believe that I can beat this. Join with me and DO NOT COMPLY! FJB and, as always, FTW!

  • It’s not just left wing lunatics, but it’s the majority (slaves and NPC’s).
    If the majority tried to wake themselves up, the scam narrative would have been dismantled by now.

    • To start with, RFK,Jr is going to have to start criticizing Biden. He will go nowhere unless he starts to get aggressive against that guy.

      • He’s also not too aggressive about speaking up against corrupt pharma industry and germ’s theory (while he moderately admits that he isn’t qualified to speak about isolation of virus).

    • This isn’t about left or right, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, white black, asian or hispanic, this is about humanity trying to save it’s ass from being a slave or worse yet, extinction. The cabal has always worked at divided us so it’s time to drop ALL policital affiliations because Trump is NOT our savior. The only one who is going to save our asses is OURSELVES.

      • ” it’s time to drop ALL policital affiliations”…

        Yes ! and all sacred cows of any species that make division mandatory in the minds of the people infected with the binary-thinking disease.

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