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CNN’s Town Hall with Donald Trump in New Hampshire on Wednesday night blew up spectacularly in their faces, if the intended effect was to hobble his presidential campaign.

Donald Trump dominated the event so completely and his incredible forbearance towards the insufferably rude, Millennial scold/host, Kaitlan Collins made her look like an even worse Commie piece of garbage than she actually is.

The New Hampshire audience – hand-picked by CNN – was so wildly supportive of Trump and so completely on his side – while laughing at the abysmal Collins – that she abruptly ended the event 20 minutes early.

This short clip of the event pretty much sums up last night’s New Hampshire Town Hall.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The #1 reason you should not vote for the Orange smurftard , he will not advocate for the prosecution of crimes against humanity for his wonderful vaccines that he says saved millions of lives. The bioweapon has changed the DNA of the human race permanently so all generations going forward will have a modified defective genome. The genius doesn’t acknowledge or recognize the irreparable damage he has caused with the clot shot. He will not stop the further spread of this terrible technology or stop /outlaw it’s use.

  • Go to Twitter and watch Rick Wilson’s video on the interview (Lincoln Project founder & accused groomer), and read all the comments. I have been laughing all morning.

  • Alexandra,

    Carroll had been ( is ) a victim of
    what Freud called his “Great Secret.”

    The phenomenon is peculiar to
    the EMOTING female brain ( right
    hemisphere ) :

    She can so obsessively dwell on
    a CRUSH-interest, that her fantasy-
    type dreams about him make dis-
    tinguishing between REALITY and
    her FANTASY an impossibility..

    One report had had Carrol obsessing
    about Trump B E F O R E her claimed
    attack by him.

    [[ Teen girls are the most prone to
    suffering that REALITY vs. FANTASY
    dissociation. ]]

    She now believes what is NOT true—
    WHAT Did Not Actually Happen :

    G R E A T
    S E C R E T.


    • P.S.

      Recall how, in the Nineties,
      dentists were being charged
      with sexual molestation by
      females having had anesthesia,
      prompting – after too many
      cases of FALSE claims –
      dentists to ALWAYS have a
      nurse observing during cases
      of use anesthesia.on women.

      I had had a female friend get
      a very intensive crush on me,
      which, after her fantasy had
      subsided – over months of time –
      she blurted out this question,
      one afternoon ( her seriousness
      stunned me—her giggling about
      it could not hide her need for a
      S E R I O U S reply ) :

      “Did we ever have sex ?“—I had
      NEVER had any physical contact
      with her.

      My deep and broad interest in
      psychology made for me a stark
      lesson from that—an insight into
      the EMOTING female brain; and
      an a wonderment about how
      many men have been FALSELY
      accused of rape (( Dear Abbey had
      written a column about that—about
      the issue of FANTASY-Prone teen
      girls, fantasizing about being
      raped )).


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