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The press conference yesterday by Trump Campaign lawyers, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis laid out their case of voter fraud and ballot fraud based on the Dominion-Smartmatic voting machines. This is the Opening Statement for their case, which will be tried in a court of law on its merits, not in the court of public opinion or by the Fake News.

Sidney Powell explains how the Dominion voting system was programmed with an algorithm to steal votes from President Trump. However, she says the sheer number of Trump votes “broke the algorithm”, forcing them to shut down and stop the tallying in multiple states in the middle of the night in order to bring cartloads of fake ballots to the polling stations.

Rudy Giuliani confirms the stories and photos taken in the wee hours outside of a Detroit polling station on November 4th, of fake ballots being brought to the polling station and four people have signed sworn affadavits that between 60,000-100,000 ballots were wheeled in at 4:30 AM and stuffed into the voting machines, where they were run through the machines multiple times.

Sidney Powell says that the leaders of Dominion have now cleared out of their offices overnight. Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the major Soros non-government organizations. She notes that one of the leaders of Dominion is Lord Mark Malloch Brown, an ultimate Deep Stater from the UK who has long functioned as George Soros’ Number Two person. Sidney says that Dominion leadership has ties to the Clinton Foundation and to other politicians in this country.

Sidney describes the unfathomable scale of corruption, saying that the vote-switching source code that’s embedded in Dominion Voting Systems has now been embedded in the software of virtually all voting systems across the country.

She confirms a reporter’s question that Dominion servers in Germany were, indeed confiscated but she adds that she doesn’t know “if good guys got it or bad guys got [the servers].”

In my opinion, the very candidacy of an obviously-debilitated Joe Biden, in order to install his Dark Horse Vice Presidential candidate, his campaign and their criminal actions during 2020 Election are all examples of Unrestricted Warfare tactics and these constitute Acts of War against the United States.

What we’re witnessing is an attempted takeover of the US Government by a rogue element in the military, the Democrat Party, the Mainstream Media and other agents of the Globalist system in Europe, Asia and South America.

Shocking as it sounds, what emerges is that the rogue nations of Communist Cuba and Venezuela are an integral part of the Globalist system and they serve as a blueprint of the Globalists’ plans for the entire world.

Although there were bombshells at the press conference yesterday, the Trump team was still just following the Constitutional remedies. They haven’t really dropped the MOAB yet, at least, not in public.

I’ve recently started looking at the posts of Paul Furber, who has a source on 4Chan who was claiming last week that the primary money for this election fraud was coming from Cuba and Venezuela, which is something that Sidney Powell said today. This was the first time I’d ever heard anything about Venezuelan and Cuban money having so much influence in the US election!

Furber’s source has said several things that have been confirmed a week later by Sidney Powell and other members of Trump’s legal team and it is for this reason, I think it’s worthwhile to consider Furber’s claims.

For example, Furber’s source also said last week – and echoed by Sidney Powell today – was that Trump did, indeed have a landslide win and it was this that triggered the stoppage in the tallying in several states, followed by the rampant, crazed ballot-stuffing, as attested in the four sworn affadavits cited by Rudy Giuliani.

Furber’s source also said last week that on the night of the Election, Trump and his team watched the fraud occurring in real time from a SCIF and that so far, they’d found that over 4 million votes were stolen in the swing states, alone. So, we’ll see if we get an eventual confirmation of these claims.

The source describes this voting fraud as a covert operation that is a collaborative effort between the DNC, the Venezuelans, Cubans, Chinese and European elements including Soros and the UK, the Clintons and the warmongering elements of the military industrial complex – all of them are trying to take Trump down.

This same source also confirmed that the Dominion servers seized by US Special Forces in Frankfurt Germany were taken from a CIA station that was working with the CCP.

The source echoed what Jeffrey Prather told us on Monday’s panel that there is open warfare between Patriot elements of the military and the CIA and that Haspel and Brennan are going to hang for what went on in Germany and he’s not sure that the CIA will even exist after this is over.

Furber’s source says this election fraud operation is a collaborative effort between the DNC, the Venezuelans, Cubans, Chinese and European elements including Soros and the UK, with Lord Malloch Brown, the Clintons and the corrupt, “Endless War” elements of the US military were involved in this – all of them are united in their effort to take Trump down.

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  • If this Sydney is so sure of what she says why is there such shaky, nervous and stressful tone in her voice? She does not sound normal. I am confused!

  • They’re being forced into view. First we see their actions, then we’ll see them. I hope Trump takes it all the way!

  • Left or Right… If you haven’t gotten it yet, this election and everything that we’ve been seeing for the past 4 years is not really about Trump. It’s about the central banking cabal aka the Globalists and Trump’s disruption of their stranglehold on the US.

    A the part that the media is playing in this disgusts me to no end. When this election is done; when Mr Trump and the American people are vindicated, something must be done about this biased media by reversing the act that gave these media moguls the unbridled power to lie and obfuscate the truth and deceive this nation.

  • I loved the plucky statement by Jenna Ellis. With people like her on P. Trump’s team, there is a good chance that he/we will win this war!

    God help this world if we do not!

    Why Giuliani feels the need to cover up his get hair though, God only knows?

    The hair-dye running down his face just gave the MSM justification to ridicule his efforts. He may be a brilliant lawyer but this episode after the recent sting in the bedroom of a young so-called reporter undermines all Trump’s team’s efforts!

  • Aloha from Hawaii. I can only tell you what happened to me when I voted in at the Wailuku, Maui voting booth. I entered the booth, sat down, found that I needed to scroll way down to find the name Trump for President. Biden was at the top. I pressed next, made a couple other decisions and looked on my left to check my answers and the machine had changed my vote to Biden. I immediately changed it back. Can I prove this NO I didn’t think to complain or say something. I just thought it was a computer error. I did not realize at the time what was really happening. I am so glad I caught the change and fixed it. But, I am sure this happened to a lot of people. I regret not saying sonneting at the time…… Good Luck President Trump.

  • This is how it was portrayed in the cynical Globalist Daily Telegraph here in the UK today:

    “Donald Trump’s legal team led by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani gave a remarkable press conference on Thursday afternoon making sweeping and unsubstantiated allegations of election corruption.

    Addressing the media for more than an hour, Mr Giuliani and his fellow Trump legal representatives made a slew of outlandish claims while providing little evidence to back them up.

    At one point Mr Giuliani alleged – without proof – that Joe Biden, the former Democratic presidential candidate now US president-elect, had known of a plot to steal the election from Mr Trump.

    At another attorney Sidney Powell claimed US adversaries from Venezuela, Cuba and China had meddled in the election through a voting system that, she alleged, systematically robbed Mr Trump of votes.

    Ms Powell went as far as claiming the president, who clearly lost the election on current vote counts, had actually won a “landslide” but the result had been reversed by nefarious forces.
    Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump
    Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump Credit: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

    There were also repeated, heated attacks on the media for not passing on the claims to the American people, with Mr Giuliani alleging an “outrageous iron curtain of censorship”.

    The press conference at times tipped into the comic, with a sweating Mr Giuliani at one point wiping away a drip of what appeared to be his hair dye from his face.

    But the blizzard of unproven claims were no laughing matter, being made by the US president’s legal representatives in the headquarters of the Republican National Committee in Washington, DC.

    Many figures in the US political and media establishment expressed shock at the breadth of the allegations being made with such little evidence presented to back them up.

    Critics have framed the Trump team’s claims as an assault on the act at the heart of US democracy, voting, while the president’s supporters argue the opposite, that he is in fact defending that act.

    The press conference, which comes more than two weeks after election day, escalates Mr Trump’s refusal to concede to Mr Biden despite the latter’s leads in battleground states.

    Mr Biden was pushed over the all-important 270 electoral vote line by multiple states with winning vote margins of thousands or tens of thousands of votes.

    That is very different from the infamous contested 2000 US election where the two presidential candidates were separated by just around 500 votes in a single state, Florida.

    Chris Krebs, who was America’s top election security official as director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency until his sacking by Mr Trump on Tuesday, issued fierce criticism.

    He tweeted: “That press conference was the most dangerous 1hr 45 minutes of television in American history. And possibly the craziest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky.”

    Throughout the press conference Mr Giuliani, now in charge of Mr Trump’s legal team contesting election results, spoke of “fraud”, “corruption”, “mass cheating” and “crooks” who got “caught”.

    “I know crimes, I can smell them. I don’t have to smell this one. I can prove it in 18 different ways,” Mr Giuliani, a former prosecutor, claimed at one point.

    Amid the flurry of allegations, most unprovable in the immediate aftermath of the press conference, a few claims which have already been discussed were aired.

    One was that close to 700,000 ballots cast in Pennsylvania, a swing state which Mr Biden won, were invalid because Republican poll watchers had not been able to see them being counted.

    That line of argument, that poll watchers were not given full access to counts, has been disputed in places. It is also not evidence of the mass voter fraud being alleged.

    Mr Giuliani claimed “logic” showed that alleged evidence of wrongdoing in different states was part of a wider coordinated election conspiracy.

    No proof for that claim was offered. He also provocatively alleged that Mr Biden was aware of the plot, a serious allegation to make about a president-elect.

    Again, no proof was offered to support it. Ms Powell, a lawyer for Mr Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn, went further, claiming the voting system Dominion was rigged to add votes for Mr Biden.

    Ms Powell claimed: “President Trump won by a landslide, we are going to prove it.”

    She also claimed Dominion executives were linked to figures in Venezuela, Cuba and even China, indicating – without offering evidence – that those countries somehow meddled in vote counts.

    A Dominion representative last week said the company “categorically denies any claims about any vote switching or alleged software issues with our voting systems”.

    US government officials involved in election security recently released a statement saying this year’s vote was the “most secure” in US history, a conclusion Mr Trump has contradicted.

    On Thursday, it also emerged that Mr Trump directly called a Republican official on an election board in a county in Michigan after she initially refused to certify the result.

    The Trump campaign, with many of its early election lawsuits rejected by the courts, appears to be putting focus now on local officials who can stop certification of results.

    Mr Biden on Thursday expressed frustration with Mr Trump’s fortnight-long refusal to concede the election and instead launch legal challenges.

    “It is hard to fathom how this man thinks. It’s hard to fathom. I’m confident he knows he hasn’t won,” Mr Biden told reporters.

    He described the US president’s behaviour as “totally irresponsible”, adding: “It sends a horrible message about who we are as a country”.

    Mr Biden would not rule out launching legal action to counter Mr Trump’s false claims of election victory, while insisting he was not taking that route yet.

    He also revealed he had selected his Treasury secretary, another sign of moving forward with his transition preparation despite Mr Trump’s stance.

    Mr Biden said he would name the individual either just before or after Thanksgiving on November 26 and predicted the nominee would be “accepted by all elements” in the Democratic Party.

    Mike Pence, the US vice president, on Thursday refused to take questions at the end of a briefing about the administration’s response to Covid-19 when he likely would have been asked about the president’s refusal to concede.”

    I truly despair!

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