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On Monday night, John Michael Chambers hosted a power panel to discuss the 2020 election crisis, with Jeffery Prather, Alexander Newman, Susan Bradford, Lt. Scott Bennett, James Grundvig and myself.

Fast and Furious whistleblower, Jeffrey Prather, a veteran of the DEA and the 4th Psychological Operations Group in the Army Special Forces describes the latest developments in his investigation.

Prather suggests that the reported raid in Germany last week, in which the Scytl vote-tabulating servers were captured by US Special Forces was not conducted on Scytl premises, as previously reported (and denied by Scytl) but at the CIA’s station in Frankfurt.

In other words, the vote-switching operation against the 2020 Election was a CIA operation!

Even more perverse, this CIA operation actively involved the DHS’ Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA), a new department within DHS created in 2018 for the specific purpose of securing US elections!

After Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf had defied President Trump’s order last week to fire CISA Director Chris Krebs, Trump personally fired Krebs on Tuesday.

Krebs had recently proclaimed the 2020 Election the “the most secure in US history”. A review of Krebs’ now-archived official CISA Twitter account reveals that he had been chiefly concerned with debunking rumors about problems with election security and with denying that there was any evidence of fraud, rather than with actually securing the Election, itself. There is so much evidence of fraud that one can only conclude that Krebs was an active participant in it.

Krebs’ new Twitter account has the defiant pinned tweet: “Honored to serve. We did it right. Defend Today, Secure Tomrorow. #Protect2020″. (That typo is his. His timelines are rife with typos and apologies for typos).

Krebs is now being celebrated as a hero by the #Resist bureaucrat Globalist insurrection within the US Government. We can expect him to soon land a lucrative book deal and to join MSNBC or CNN as a cybersecurity analyst.


Jeffrey Prather: The election is really another covert operation. You gotta remember that when [Mark] Esper was fired, because Trump realized that he was Deep State, he put in Chris Miller.

Inside the Special Forces community, Chris Miller is known as one of the Horse Soldiers, that wiped out the Taliban. He also was with the DIA, involved with the rescue of Jessica Lynch.

And he alerted other folks who had moved up, which is Ezra Cohen Watnick, which is actually, very likely Q, himself, who has been inside DIA for a long time and is a Trump loyalist.

This is so ground-breaking because, what I’m hearing is Durham has done nothing, Barr is getting ready to indict Watnick, which I think is Q, but that’s because WikiLeaks dropped the CIA station in Frankfurt and a Special Missions Unit raided it – and that was a CIA operation, where the votes were being changed.

Some of those other machines are the Dominion machines through Akamai, which is a Chinese company. And DHS-CISA, the cybersecurity intelligence agency was actually in on that, as well, with Dominion and Akamai. I have the IP addresses that go back to that.

And so, this has really turned into a covert operation and a counter-covert operation with Patriots – it’s DIA against CIA, essentially.

And the Dominion stuff was running through a Massachusetts server and then going to Serbia and then coming back through there. And DHS, using CISA [Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency] was working with VotingWorks, which is a Left Wing organization, a Soros-sponsored organization…

Now we know why Space Force is so important, because Space Force stuff is secure. Everything else has been hooked-up to the Internet and is weak. This is really the Great Reset of the Deep State vs the Great Awakening and more is to come…

The Kraken is actually a counterintelligence, counterinsurgency tool that is able to track the vote-switching. It’s not recorded, you have to get it in realtime. And the Kraken is actually the algorithm that does that.

John Michael Chambers: These are serious felonies, serious crimes that have been committed and I’m getting conflicting information about these computers that you alluded to, Dominion – the intel that’s being gathered – was it the military that has gone and seized [the servers]? Or was it the CIA, or more intel- versus the military? Do you have any opinions about that?

Jeffrey Prather: Yes, you’re talking about Larry Johnson at the State Dept., put it out on the Gateway Pundit. I think he’s wrong the way he put that. He did not correctly identify how the CIA works, he doesn’t quite understand that, because we’re talking about very covert, special mission units that I am intimately familiar with and, looking at the personalities, Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen Watnick and DIA, which I’ve been inside of and part of these units.

I understand, it’s very confusing from the outside but it’s the Patriots with the DOD and DIA are going against the FBI, the DOJ – that’s why they can be so unafraid – it’s because nothing’s gonna happen. What I’m hearing is that Durham has done nothing and Barr is actually gonna indict Watnick.

The Kraken is actually not some kind of mythological term, she’s actually referring to an algorithm and cyber, counterintelligence tool. They actually recorded that. And also, having been a special agent and sat at the front table…and I actually worked with some United States Attorneys, I’m sure [Sidney Powell] wouldn’t say that, unless she could back it up.

The only problem here is, can we get through enough corrupt courts and have the Supreme Court’s real return to Constitutionality, to make this happen by December 14th? But evidently, she (inaudible).

John Michael Chambers: Alright. You mentioned Space Force before. Is that relating to the security of blockchain or something of the sort? How does Space Force play into his?

Jeffrey Prather: Yes, that is exactly right. The other organizations have been too infiltrated. They’re standing up Space Force, where he can put in people he could trust, just like Ezra Cohen Watnick, which I’m hearing is actually Q and that was Flynn’s guy, all along. And Chris Miller is a total hero, helping rescue, with DIA, with covert means, kinda like a Mission Impossible movie, and I think all of that really made a difference and is really turning a corner.

From what I’m hearing, Air Force stuff is secure, Space Force stuff is secure and everything else is compromised.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Why are all of you at least a year behind me about all the actors that are run by insiders. Trump can’t be that dumb, I just look up their past and their last name if it is khazar fake jooz and it is evident , like night and day. If trump is this stupid he is in on it or complacent and there is no hope for the world. I told my kids about why they put trump in there.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I am lacking if I do not add how I am personally indebted to you for your efforts in revealing the truth.

    It is fair to say that without you, I would be in a very pessimistic place!

    Thank you so very much, dear lady!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I recognise that what I am about to say will be scoffed at by the vast majority of your viewers. Sadly, the world has been deliberately misinformed!

    After the Roswell Crash in 1947, which was a real event and not folklore, a special unit was set up called ACIO, specifically to backward engineer the wreckage of the two flying saucers that were recovered. Their base in the USA was the notorious AREA 51, which you will know has been re-sited.

    Although their headquarters has always been here in the UK, one underground base in the south and one in Scotland. My understanding is that there is an underground link between the two bases which takes circa twenty minutes to travel.

    The reason I mention ACIO is because of their link to OFOT aka ‘Our Friends Out There’. It is ACIO and OFOT whom are currently helping to neutralising ‘Evil’ in our world. Which, is why I wrote in my earlier message that unless you have a blogger intimate with ACIO they will not be able to add anything of real relevance at this moment in time.

    I was advised some five years ago that OFOT would be introduced to the world as a whole very soon.

    From the message I received today, I have good reason to believe that the world will soon be introduced to OFOT.

    It is OFOT that has managed to keep our planet on an even keel despite the huge gravitational pull of Nibiru and its very dense twin dark star.

    Often times I received alerts over the past few years of how the gravitational pull on earth had caused our Magnetosphere to almost collapse down to ground level.

    Without OFOT our planet would have suffered a complete Pole-shift, akin to the last half Precession some 13,000 years ago when we suffered the great flood.

    Whilst, I am looked after by Sentient Beings, a higher species than OFOT, I have no real intimate knowledge of the latter organisation. I receive messages almost daily, but as I have not signed the Official Secrets Act, there is a limitation to what I am told.

    The Sentient Beings whom look after my partner and me are the same spiritual entities whom create the real crop circles. Recently Donald Trump and I believe Boris Johnson also were assigned Sentient Beings to keep them protected.

    They have, according to HM the Queen’s Private Secretary, whom until recently was my go-between; kept us protected from the Pharmaceutical Industry and others, whom have made well over twelve attempts to have me murdered.

    Our world is so much more fantastic and amazing than we have been led to believe!

    Watch this space, is all I can add at this moment in time, dear lady.

    But the future is not all gloom and doom, quite the opposite in fact!

  • Well hopefully with all this new information some heads are finaly gonna start rolling. I hear Guitanamo Bay is really nice this time of year. If its going to be just another Killary Clinton deal where everybody beats their chest but nothin happens its just another waste of time effort and money.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have just received a message from my colleague whom resides in the ‘tomorrow’ that ‘they’ ie not the scumbag Democrats or the scumbag MSM, are winning!

    Big cleansing process being undertaken, ready for some pretty big announcements.

    I will keep you posted!

    PS Once again, nothing about Biden in the media! He is most definitely dead in the sewerage swamp in which he has lived for so very long!
    PPS Other than updated information about P. Trump, no-one else on this planet has anything to say that is relevant, for they are all, and I do mean all, misinformed!

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