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Last week, the AstraZeneca COVID vaxxine was withdrawn from the worldwide market, months after they admitted in court that their Magic Juice®, which Boris Johnson heralded as a “triumph for British science” and that he credited with saving more than six million lives can cause a rare and dangerous side effect.

However, AstraZeneca claimed the vaxx was being removed for commercial reasons and that the decision was not linked to the court case and that the timing was pure coincidence.

Kate Scott, whose husband Jamie was left with a permanent brain injury after having the vaccine said: “AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine no longer being used in the UK or Europe, and soon the rest of the world, means no one else will suffer from this awful adverse reaction.”

Meanwhile, in Canada, this drug is still being pushed on the populace. During a recent press conference in Canada, a reporter asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau what message he has for those with concerns about taking the Astra-Zeneca jab:

REPORTER: For the Prime Minister, if you could just please talk to me about the AstraZeneca vaxxine. We’re hearing about people showing up to their appointments in Montreal, when they hear it’s AstraZeneca, they don’t want to get it. What’s your message to people who are worried about getting this vaxxine?

TRUDEAU: Health Canada and our experts and scientists have spent an awful lot of time making sure that every vaxxine approved in Canada is both safe and effective. Therefore, the best vaxxine for you to take is the very first one that is offered to you. That is how we get through this as quickly as possible and as safely as possible.

It’s very interesting choice of words. To me, “That is how we get through this as quickly as possible” actually sounds like he’s saying, “The quickest way for my treasonous, Globalist government to kill off as many of my citizens as possible is for the latter to agree to be injected with whichever deadly high tech poison shot filled with a thousand billion robots that is offered to them ‘first'”.

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  • Let’s say the unthinkable happens and the “NEW WORLD ORDER” is set into place. A One World Government will have no use for the Bidens, or the Trudeaus, or the Macrons. They will all be replaced with a different sort of leader…after all, who would trust any leader that betrays his own people? For now, these leaders are just useful idiots!

  • I saw a video of Kid Kastro getting his jab: ya know how intramuscular injections require the injector to grab and “bunch up” the muscle prepatory to inserting the needle? Well, his highass did not allow the crisis actor playing the nurse to so much as TOUCH his arm! Obviously it was a retractable needle.

  • If I was youz guyz, I wouldn’t recommend paying to much attention to these distractions. Of course Trudeau is a traitor to humanity…a bad guy no doubt. However I could not emphasize more on preparation, networking, commUNITY defensiveness, archiving supplies, mitigation plans. WHile being individualistic is what most desire and the associated privacy & comfort, it is the local organized collective that will be one of the only “ways out”.

    If martial law is ordered tomorrow by the bolsheviks in charge, anything is possible, and you can bet they will come for your junk, your neighbors junk, even the mayors junk. For a better understanding on how this might blossom, do some light but quick reading about bolshevism and the Soviet….and how it all came down. Its some scary shit.

    The party’s over yet no one has left the party in the US, and abroad. Not good. Kaboom!! Trudeau is right!! They want this to happen quickly or they may advance this milestone to the ugly stage. They do want you dead, most of ya that is. Fuck all this nonsense distractions….get ready. trump ain’t gonna save your ass or this country….quite the opposite I would say.

  • Truedope is a winner, no doubt he has had many jabs and boosters – all saline or d5w.
    For him to lisp out on stage the nonsense that the jab is beneficial – AZ or any jab is tantamount to driving the train to the showers of Auschwitz.

    If it’s FJB in the USA it should be FJT in Canada.

  • Trudeau and non-elected Jezebel Freeland ….”not her real name” are Canada’s and Canadians worse nightmare. They will be exposed. Belligerent bad foreign actors. Canada has had a COUP. Just saying.

  • Two generations of Trudeau, are two generations too much.

    Give him the Jab.

    A degenerate, by any other name, is still Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    • Pretty sure he got the saline. Interestingly enough of the two generations of Trudon’ts both “PM’s” enacted the illegal ‘war measures emergency act’ to change the underwriters/rulers of the Bank of Canada! Unfortunately there are no serious leaders in Canada that aren’t currently banking compromised!

      What Turdueau was really saying in this clip is; “everyone get euthanized quickly(with the help of maid too), so the government doesn’t have to deal with the; population, unrest/revolution, social engineering, coercion, liability or reality of the illusion of government crumbling”

      Truth is Health Canada does not scientifically investigate anything, that’s not their mandate. There isn’t even a budget for investigations into any of these products. In Canada we refer to the UK or FDA depending on who is paying for the study. I’ve searched. Canada’s mandate is to be the #53 on the U.S. top defense contractors!

      It’s time we social engineer an impenetrable revolt against institutions, government & corporations world wide just like we were socially engineered. Prevent the prevention of our revolution and keep it offline so the ai can’t direct or quell us. They ai prevented the trucker convoy in Australia to allow it in Canada! I’m calling for widespread use of one of the few good things the french invented… if you can guess what that is…

      • Don’t forget Canada’s role with Monarch Mind Control; experimenting with Indian Children and Bill Clinton’s Prison Blood, that went to Canada for new disease manipulation.

        Not to mention selling Technology to China; and the importing of Organized crime……I better stop now, the list goes on…..

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