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by Vigilant Fox

“There seems to be a concerted effort” to rewrite COVID vaccine history, says data analyst Edward Dowd.

While Chris Cuomo and Dr Deborah Birx admit that vaccine injuries exist, they push the idea that they’re “small.”

Well, that’s not what Dowd is seeing.

His data suggests that since the vaccine rollout, America has seen:

• 1.1 million excess deaths
• 4 million people becoming disabled
• And 28.6 million vaccine-injured people are often missing work due to chronic illness.

“So, it’s about 33 million Americans have been injured, disabled, or died from this vaccine in our estimate.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Its been reported 12 billion shots worldwide and 600 million shots in the United States have been administered.

  • Everybody and their brother was complicit, so what do we expect but for them to circle their wagons?

    They win because too many are too timid and lacking in character to stand up for right behavior and justice!

  • Look at the eastern sky at sunset, and see the Tyndall Effect, the junk that is sprayed and in the atmospere.

    This method might show between 100 and 200 millions dead, globally ofcouse.

    I would have expected, him and others to say 6 millions, that is a figure that the scumbags, like to use; 6 is the circle, those who control.

    In their position they low ball the figure…..except when amongst themselves, then they celebrate the higher number.

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