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Australian podcaster Maria Zeee joins Seth Holehouse at Man in America.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’m done with following Maria Zee as she’s become too obsessed about spreading fear without showing “actual/factual evidence”
    -though this does not surprise me as she is speaking on behalf of (Jesuit agent) Alex Jones of Infowars.

    How strange is it that she can reach this far on Science Fiction matter, but she can’t get simple fact that virus doesn’t even exist?
    It looks to me that she has a conflict of interest somewhere.

  • To respectfully help put this testimony in perspective, know that all of the following is abundantly accessible on the internet:

    Reports of increasingly obsolete human labor due to automation and robotization, and the merging of humans with machines, to wit: Ray Kurzweil, born 1948 NYC, grad. MIT computer scientist best known for his ideas for merging humans with machines, reflective of his warped, apostate Jewish Christian Unitarian universalism that rejects final accountably and justice. Kurzweil is an influential utilitarian, else he would not freely advocate for re-creating humans.

    The next witness is Dr. Mitchell Wolfe, a 1995 alumnus of U. of Vermont, VP of Global Engagement & Governance, a decades long CDC global health strategist, a philosopher/apparatchik MD, a globalist medical policy evangelist in circulation internationally, CDC’s Chief Medical Officer! An outspoken advocate for “enhancement” and “enforcement” of injections from cradle to grave! We’ve no reason to think he was not on board with mandatory injections during the Covid 19 panic. In his position at the CDC he enjoys the military authority of a rear admiral during a national emergency. It was to such subordinate authority that former President Trump supinely deferred. The CDC is full of Doctor Wolfe’s ilk!

    The “root of the problem” is simply “rule”. Who and what you choose to rule, i.e. govern?

  • The United Nations is the Administrator for the Scumbag Factory.
    Geneva UN is the top dog.

    The silicon human is suppose to live in the new atmosphere, the carbon human is obsolete…..this is the scumbag credo.

    What is missed in this video, is the fact that the war on humanity is midstream; from now forward it is working towards the end……not waiting for some other shoe to drop.

    To show this point, just listen to the blend of the commercials mixed in with the sad facts of reality……they don’t jive.

    Yapping is just like taking the jab.

    Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

    If this video made you feel Depressed, then Pfizer has a Pill for you:

    FUKITOL 1000MG

    Talk won’t change anything, nor will it educate the Stupid and Selfish, let alone the Psychopaths.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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