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    According to the newly-released book, ‘Peril’ by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, General Mark Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff committed Treason.

    On October 30th of 2020, he made a Top Secret phone call to Genereal Li of the Chinese Communist Party, assuring him that the US was not going to attack China and if they ever planned to, he would call ahead of time and let them know.

    Milley made a second Top Secret call on January 8th of 2021, telling his Communist handlers that Trump was “unstable” but made assurances that nothing would happen.

    That same day, Milley called a secret emergency meeting at the Pentagon, ordering his subordinates to disobey any orders from the President of the United States without his presence.

    This is a US General at one of the highest levels of our military, working secretly with the Communist Chinese to undermine the lawfully-elected President of the United States. Working secretly with the CCP, a regime that runs death camps and genocides its own people.

    Now, there is no doubt why he pushes Critical Race Theory, a CCP subversion technique and plans on purging the military. He works for the Communist Chinese.

    This is Treason at the highest level; in a reasonable world, punishable by death.

    And there is no shortage of domestic enemies in America today.

    And just weeks ago, China was unlawfully sending battle ships, including their most lethal off the coast of Alaska.

    Will anyone be warning the US of a CCP invasion?

    Are there any patriots left in the Pentagon?

    Former Navy Intelligence officer, Jack Posobiec claims that several Pentagon officers who were present in Milley’s secret meeting are now willing to testify against him under oath.

    If there is to be any purge of the military, it is only fitting that it should begin with General Mark Milley.

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