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    Trump sued Stormy Daniels and won. She signed an affidavit saying that she never had an affair with Trump and she still owes him for his legal bills for the lawsuit she brought against him. Stormy’s lawyer is now in prison for fraud and extortion. But Trump is the one getting indicted?

    I’m going to run you through a little timeline, here. On Thursday of last week, that’s just over a week ago, Manhattan DA Alvin responded to demands by House Republicans to force his testimony and to turn over all documents and communication on the case, wrote in a letter to Congress that quote, “Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene.”

    Then, this past Wednesday, it was widely-reported in the Mainstream Media that the New York grand jury being used for a criminal investigation of Donald Trump would be adjourning for a month and that this would delay any potential indictment until at least late April.

    This was two days ago. I know, it feels like two millennia ago, because a lot has happened since Wednesday. And then on Thursday – that’s yesterday, one day before Trans Day of Visibility and four days after a trans-identified woman massacred 3 children and 3 adults at a Christian school in Nashville – Joe Biden released a statement saying that “Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul.” Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that afternoon doubled down on those remarks in a White House press briefing.

    The Regime refuses to recognize that the majority of mass shootings in recent years that were not gang-related have, indeed been carried out by trans-identifying people. The Regime refuses to categorize what happened as a Hate Crime against Christians and the FBI refuses to release the mass murderers’ manifesto, because it would likely prove that this WAS a Hate Crime.

    The Regime claims, instead that the many bills going into effect across the US to prohibit child sex changes and the genital mutilation of minors are “discriminatory” laws that are quote, “targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone.”

    The statement did not mention that lifelong dependence on carcinogenic drugs, sterilization and a lifetime without sexual satisfaction result from this so-called “gender-affirming” care.

    The statement further claimed that there’s “an epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, in particular women and girls of color, has taken lives far too soon,” which, as Libby Emmons at the Post Millennial says:

    “Is a made up epidemic, pushed by trans activists and trans-centric not-for-profits that claim those who are transgender who suffer tragic deaths are targeted by transphobic individuals, where the vast majority of the under-40 trans persons who were murdered in 2022 were due to domestic violence, violence stemming from sex work, or violence stemming from the drug trade.”

    Biden mentioned the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado last year, neglecting to mention that it was carried out by a non-binary identified person, and of course, did not mention the mass murder carried out by a trans-identified person on Monday, or, indeed that the majority of mass shootings in recent years that were not gang-related have, indeed been carried out by trans-identifying people.

    Biden has engaged every federal agency to help push transgender ideology, including the Department of Education, Health and Human Services and many others. But then, what happens? The Nashville Shooting happens. A trans mass shooter, coupled by a series of “Transurrections” became a trainwreck that meant they needed a narrative shift. Suddenly, it was time to indict Trump.

    So, what we need to understand is that all of this – from the trans cult to the imminent Trump arrest – is 5th Generation Warfare psychological operation that, as Alex Jones said the other day, “It is the dark alchemists of evil and their science of human destruction” that is the source of all of this.

    You need to understand that a lot of these people are pawns in this 5th generational war and that they are not your enemy. Their mental illness is being weaponized for the Globalist agenda.

    There’s an abusive tactic commonly used by abusers, both intentionally and unintentionally, that goes by the name “DARVO.” DARVO is an acronym that means “Deny, Attack, Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender,” and it is very common with narcissists, psychopaths, and borderline personalities.

    A huge amount of Woke Marxist activism and Theory is DARVO, which is why the Satanic inversion – or what James Lindsay calls the “Iron Law of Woke Projection” – is constantly deployed by these people.

    One good thing to come out of this is that the Trans Day of Vengeance event scheduled in DC tomorrow has been Canceled.

    So, the long-anticipated indictment of President Trump, the first-ever criminal charge ever brought against a US president, has arrived. As Mike Davis says:

    “We are under assault by the Marxist Left. This is not our parents’ or grandparents’ Democrat Party, these are not Liberals who love America and just disagree with Conservatives on the best way to get there. These are Marxists. They hate America. They hate equality, they believe in equity. They hate due process, they believe in #MeToo. They hate Free Speech, they believe in censorship. They are trying to kill us. They are trying to destroy us.”

    But don’t forget that the Trump indictment and arrest are actually great, because we need this precedent to haul all other former heads of state and all members of the Executive Branch into court and prosecute them like common criminals. Barack Obama, Hillary, George W Bush are all now fair game and this indictment will hopefully be the boomerang of all boomerangs.

    We need to always question what these big news stories are a distracting us from? The RESTRICT Act, one of the worst Bills ever to be put forward in US history was sponsored earlier this month by Virginia Democrat Senator Warner.

    National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan is a Communist, so Jake Sullivan loves the RESTRICT Act.

    The RESTRICT Act would make the use of a VPN to access a banned website, such as TikTok a criminal act, with a minimum penalty of 20 years and a minimum fine of $250,000 and up to $1,000,000 if you knowingly did so to access banned content. So, it’s basically the Patriot Act Part 3 and it removes the few remaining rights we had left from Parts 1 & 2 and it would turn the US into Communist China with the stroke of a pen.

    The RESTRICT Act presents itself as a ban of TikTok, the pernicious, CCP-controlled social media website and presents itself as being geared towards quote “foreign adversaries” but as we’ve seen with the Patriot Act and and with the new growth industry of censorship in the Military-Industrial Complex, these programs masquerading as being geared towards foreign adversaries are really geared against us. John Bowne made this video that explains what’s at stake. 

    It looks like maybe Lindsay Graham and others hadn’t read the Bill and that tyrannical, Globalist language is being sneaked into our legislation that we cannot allow.

    I need everybody seeing this right now to call your representatives and tell them to stop the RESTRICT Act and to DEMAND that your representatives OPPOSE this Trojan horse of tyranny!

    • Call the White House Switchboard at: (202) 456-1414
    • Call the US Capitol Switchboard Operator at: (202) 224-3121
    • Go to Rand Paul’s petition at:

    So, what else are they distracting us from? Well, one of the DNC’s largest campaign contributors, Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the failed cryptocurrency platform FTX, was charged with allegedly paying $40 million in bribes to one or more Chinese government officials, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday. Manhattan federal prosecutors charged Bankman-Fried with directing money to Chinese authorities to unfreeze more than $1 billion in accounts from his hedge fund, Alameda Research.

    After the alleged bribe payment was sent around November 2021, the accounts were unfrozen, the indictment obtained by Reuters states. Bankman-Fried is now facing 13 charges, including ones related to money laundering and wire fraud.

    What else is going on? Well, the entire January 6th narrative is falling apart. Jacob Chansley was released from prison Thursday, due to the evidence that he was not the violent ringleader of a government overthrow, as claimed by the DOJ, quite the opposite, as seen in the thousands of hours exculpatory evidence from the CCTV cameras shared on national TV by Tucker Carlson.

    Also, The Epoch Times reports that a federal prosecutor made a rather explosive filing on Friday, admitting that three police officers helped instigate parts of the crowd on January 6th. The case, which is before US District Judge Rudolph Contreras, involves a defendant named William Pope who is seeking to uncover the videos in question. Prosecutors are none too happy about that, arguing that “unmasking” the videos would put police officers at risk.

    The federal prosecutor admitted in court papers that three DC Metropolitan Police Department undercover officers acted as provocateurs at the northwest steps of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    And more January 6th footage is leaking and the latest shows that DC Metro Police were dressing up like Antifa.

    And now, for your Moment of Zen.

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    • We are blessed to be here at this time in history to witness the fall of the empire of lies and the return of TRUTH and CONSEQUENCES. The DS losers are suffering mightily from self induced butt hurt with every step they take to trap us in their web of deceit. I really enjoyed the last mind-f*uckery Hellywood psyop mason production featuring fake hero cop actors going after an agent of social change tranny terrorist. Who writes these scripts DOD or CIA never mind doesn’t matter. She/he goes down video game style in a hail of fake bullets with no blood, no smoke, no screaming and especially no dead kids. I give it a thumbs up review for revealing how dangerous guns are in the hands of the mentally defective, but shade it over how unrealistic the death scene money shot was, also it needed more perp chase but less coptard running around.

    • The alternative media has become nothing but a fish encouraging all the other fish to take the bait. The thing they never say, that is happening here and everywhere is REVELATION OF THE METHOD. It’s what all these things are and by even acknowledging them you become their victim. You are supposed to know that false flags are false flags. That the Pandemic was fake. You are supposed to know that politicians are lying/cheating/stealing when they definitely are. The true power, the thing that is 4D chess, or 5th Generation Warfare or whatever incorrect term you want to call it, is that they do it to you with impunity, reaping the rewards and never getting punished. At which point they pretend that you’re the crazy one for even thinking any of it happened, up to and including writing daily articles that become the historical record that you were the crazy one. It is a total demoralization, subjugation strategy. Because it’s most demoralizing and defeating when they have the power to decree things to be what they say, when everyone knows it’s the opposite. So YES WE FUCKING KNOW the Trump indictment is a political sham. Trump himself is probably coordinating it to some extent. But how much of your life do you want to spend stating the obvious, knowing that the point is for this to simultaneously be true and never admitted. The exact thing you are doing is the thing that enables them to defeat you. You have to understand, YOU DIDNT FIGURE ANYTHING OUT. They specifically plan these things with things you can ‘figure out’ for the purpose of denying them and the power that comes with that. It wasn’t a goof that the Nashville shooter appears to have changed shoes.
      It was them laughing at you. Because they knew you’d see it, and they’d get to deny it forever, completely wasting your life for as long as you continued to say otherwise. It’s a demonstration of power, but also power that you give willingly. Thiss article is the rough equivalent of a fish jumping into the boat before the fishermen even get their rods out. You want to win and stop being a dupe? It happens one way:. Term limits, contract limits for government employees, and nobody in Congress gets paid or lobbied. Just a voluntary civil service job, maybe with limited reimbursement for travel, but nothing else. If you dedicated your lives and publications to these three things, instead of feeding them the power of your own self defeat, you’d have a chance of winning. It’s called playing offense. Instead of only playing defense in a rigged game.

      • Deuce, The way to “winning” is taking Control of our own Personal Sovereignty & our Children’s, such as No Vaccines of any kind, Stop believing in modern “Medicine.” Stop giving your children to the sacrificial Public schools. & Teach them a Trade for god’s sake.
        Also fight Monsanto Corporation, as did Leydy Pech in Mexico did in 2012, having to do with the harmful effects of GMO’s. The community fought back which had Mexico’s Supreme Court revoke Monsanto’s permits in 2017, on the grounds of, “the government Never consulted the indigenous communities under the Mexican Constitution” that required them to do so.
        So your last paragraph of suggestions are No different than what your first paragraph, of what you are saying is wrong with human behavior. Don’t waste energy thinking we can vote our way into “Term Limits” as a cure. Yes, “Lobbyist need to go, but we need to cut them off at the nuts. The Monsanto story published today on Prepare For Change is a great example of how. Community First.

    • It is the Biden Puppet Regime just like the Trudeau Puppet Regime or Occupation Government in Canada. It is the same for just about every western nation. But who are the puppeteers? This raises is the fundamental question that many avoid but must be answered. Deep State? WEF? Klaus Schwab? But these are surely just front men to conceal the real power waging a war against the US, Canada and all western nations plus humanity itself. Follow the money and it will lead to an International Criminal Banking Cabal and the Rothschild Banking Syndicate commonly referred to as the Khazarian Mafia that controls the Fed, almost all central banks and most western governments.

      • There is the distinct possibility that the very top of the Kabuki Theater puppeteering stage is occupied by someone or ones that will never be known. The people you see have hands working their mouths. With enough money and power, these people would not be registered in any system such as social security; they may not be registered anywhere with such things as birth certificates. That’s for the hoi polloi. They would be totally insulated from the day to day activities of the vast majority of everybody.

    • Anyone think it is strange that no one was wounded in this TN school shooting? If this monster went in there spraying bullets where are the wounded? This would be the first mass killing in history where there are not both wounded and killed. Also, they said she targeted the Pastor’s daughter. Really? How do you find a kid in several groups of kids so quickly? You don’t know what the kid is wearing and kids that age look kind of alike. Something is very strange about this event. Alexandra what do you think?

      • Yes, I have questions, too. I saw the bodycam footage of the officer shooting her down and killing her and there was no blood, even though she was shot up many times and there were no bullet holes anywhere. It was a bit suspicious.

        • SB & Alexandra, I have lived next door to a political figure for 30 years, which is connected to Local Police. I will tell you that it is Not Protocall to release ANY footage of a Crime Scene. The two biggest reasons why is when it becomes time for Prosecution, we cannot have a public already “thinking” they “Know” what happened, but besides that they have to secure the “Crime Scene” & investigate the entire area.
          So yes, all shootings that are releasing such ridiculous footages are a Hoax.

          • I also found it strange that they plastered the pictures of the 2 “hero” cops that killed her all over the internet. How do they get so many people to go along with this or am I looking at CG footage on the internet? Strange.

            • SB, “They” have been doing these Psychological tricks on the public the entire last Century. Charles Manson worked for the Dept. of Defense, in Hollywood at a Secret Movie Production Studio called “Laurel Canyon” that was built in 1947. Actress Sharon Tate’s husband, Roman Polanski was the Film Producer & Screen Writer. Sharon was never pregnant.
              The Studio was heavily used during the Vietnam Era when the youth started protesting the War. Musicians Janice Joplin, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix & even Marilyn Monroe had contracts.

      • PLEASE search “Revalation of the Method” and finally understand how you are being played. So what if we all knew the Nashville shooting was fake? Then what? Wouldn’t the most brutal, demoralizing power come from them assuring that the official recod for all time says that it did? And that you were a (_________) for thinking otherwise. Even though ‘otherwise’ was actually the truth and everybody knew it. Think about how many times this exact thing has already been done to you. Then ask yourself why you go willingly rushing back into it when the next fake thing happens. How much of your life is wasted on this created futility? What better more productive ways could you have improved yourself and the world? And if you didn’t do that, then who won? Revelation of the Method won…

        • Deuce, your comment does Not apply to me because I am here to Wake people up. Last night as I am explaining the Proper Protocol of Law Enforcment to another neighbor, a light bulb went on very bright in her mind, and then when I explained their goal was to get rid of “the Right to Bare Arms” another light shinned brightly in this beautiful soul.
          Your way sounds like your suggesting to do Nothing.
          People still believe in this garbage & it needs to be broken down as a great teacher would do.

    • Re: the RESTRICT Act, I have done my Patriotic Duty for the Day by emailing my Texas Rep Chip Roy, and by signing Ron Paul’s Petition. That’s about all that an old man of 70 can do, thankfully.
      Now, the RESTRICT Act is in the hands of the gods. Way to go, Lindsey Graham! Jeezus Pleezus.
      Now, where’s the Petition to immediately Arrest & Prosecute the former Heads of State and the Members of the Executive Branch?
      When they finally finish with the Biden Crime Family et al, I have a special request for one Barack H Obama.
      I can dream, can’t I?

      • If it was “Hitler’s playbook” we would be in Peace by now.
        All you think you know about WW2 was learned on a movie screen! No facts, no real evidence. The Nuremberg Trials were the same type of Propaganda your witnessing in any media outlets in today’s timeline.

    • Alexandra,

      “ But Trump is the one getting indicted? “—being
      served with “Ham Sandwiches,” as Trumps’s
      lawyers ought to put it.


    • “DARVO” Good to know the technical acronym for this common phenomenon. Never have we seen so many egregious examples of this reversal since Joe got the Pretendency and the Democratic Party went off the rails and became the Marxist Party. Isn’t this one of Sal Alinski’s Rules for Radicals principles?! A major lying tactic of these psychopaths.

    • Good Title, and
      Good article / content today.
      I read some where, that if you want to not be afraid of future events look up
      The 21 Points / Goalsof the
      I L L U M I N A T I ,
      Just read an article this morning says, United Nations is pushing for by 2030 In the 15 minute cities Driving Will No Longer Be Considered A Human Right, it went in to Car Ownership is not a human right,
      Then it said: By 2030 in 15 minute cities in order to Have A Car and Drive : You Must Have A Very Good / High Social Credit Score.
      This will be pushed world wide.
      On Justice For Poland website WHO Instructions are in the article To Teach 5 years to 8 years old kids to do things to themselves and with each other openly in the classroom.
      At the bottom of this article it shows a article link that Europe and Germany are leaning towards allowing Pedophilia,
      It shows they Really Are Setting The Stage World For The Anti-Christ New World Order.

      Above is a six mins video Clearly and Easily Explains How The Covid-19 Vaccine Ties into The Mark OF The Beast.


    • War is peace, freedom is slavery, rapists are victims, murderers are victims, real victims of rape and murder are to blame for their misfortune, nature is abnormal, artificial is normal, how long will Americans tolerate sociopath’s lies about created reality?

      This isn’t rocket science, it’s plain ole Bolshevik revolutionary rebellion against nature and nature’s Creator, and this isn’t the beginning, its the beginning of the end!

      The view from a traditional Roman Catholic who dares to publicize his views in this present hateful destabilization period:

      THE VATICAN-UKRAINE ALLIANCE: From Francis to George Soros 36:41

    • As if this will ever happen: “haul all other former heads of state and all members of the Executive Branch into court and prosecute them like common criminals. Barack Obama, Hillary, George W Bush ”

      Nothing more than hopium

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