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    Janet Yellin is an animatronic fraud lying weakly about “Climate Change”, saying that we will leave a world uninhabitable for our grandchildren if we don’t “address” it.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Just another terrible Khazar (aka fake jew) in a position of power and control who will destroy everything within her reach, as directed by her khazar bosses in the federal gov and elites.

      Treasonous. They’re time is coming for accountability. They dumbed down half of the US population, but the other half is a fevering, blistering pack of pissed-off bees!!!

    • Now recite after me, Janet Yellin, “Welcome to Walmart!” (Your future is brighter than you are.)

    • What business does she have with “grandchildren” when she’s literally destroys the place by pilling up more debts?
      She should be cleaning toilet at her home so she can fart alone there rather than gaslighting it in public space.

    • senile, senors, clowns, trans, thieves, and crooks make up99% of our elected and placed administration. The incompetence reeks of who is compromised and criminal. Pothole pete, yellen, etc show us everday as we circle the toilet bowl

    • They mock us with their senile toadies!

      I can hardly wait to hear from another ‘uniter’, bonnie green gene King Charles. It’s coming.

    • Yellen is like a female version of Al Davis. She’s also in competition for world’s roundest head, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Brown, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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