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    TikToker, @sayheyjames says that the “TikTok Ban” bill is a whole lot more than just a ban of the pernicious, CCP-controlled social media website.

    He explains how S 686, Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act, aka the RESTRICT Act covers the hardware and the virtual technologies engaged by everyday users of the internet, such as modems, routers, cameras and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and it criminalizes their use if they are manufactured by or used to access websites deemed to be controlled by “foreign adversaries”, a definition that is subject to change.

    In other words, the use of a VPN to access a banned website, such as TikTok is criminalized, with a minimum penalty of 20 years and a minimum fine of $250,000 and up to $1,000,000 if you knowingly did so to access banned content.

    The bill gives the Federal Government the power to monitor any activity used by these suspected devices, virtual or otherwise. Essentially, they can monitor what you’re doing at home 24/7 without informing you. This includes routers, video games, streaming apps, smart thermostats, Ring cameras – basically, anything that uses the internet.

    The bill goes onto state that this will happen by the President appointing a Secretary of Communication. That secretary then forms a group on their own, without any voter input whatsoever. This group can have meetings behind closed doors, they don’t have to disclose anything; they can ban and deem anything inappropriate or a risk to security at any moment in time.

    And if they do, they can go through your instant messages, your emails, text, basically anything that uses the internet and they can censor it.

    In summary, this bill can ban anything the Government deems inappropriate extremely quickly, without warning. The ramifications of this range from breaking up mass communications methods to even watching the cameras in your home, aka spying on you.

    @sayheyjames urges us to contact our representatives and to tell them if they vote for this, we will support their opponent in their next primary.

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    • What amazes me is the double talk by the United States of America. They claim to be for freedom of conscience,of speech on top of it all democracy.But,what kind of of democracy and all mentioned above when at the same time trampling on the freedoms they pretend they’re for.What has caused all that? Fear of adversaries as they claim? Is it because of own behaviour towards other countries and therefore think they can do the same to the U.S? Is it fear of own citizens’ reactions for all they’ve done in their? Fear because of the rampant corruption and outright theft of resources that’s leading most of them to bankruptcy? What really? Lastly,how does the establishment think they’ll sustain it in the long term?

    • Because people are so dumbed down it will happen.
      Look at the military what they’re doing by 2027 called Zero Trust Internet,
      No Digital ID No Internet , this will apply to Civilians and military personnel.
      Look at the GWEN so called Cell Towers,
      They’re Not Really Cell Towers for Cellphones they’re Sound Control Devices to be used to control the population.

      And a side note of,
      In 2009 a Lawsuit with tons of evidence Proved the H1N1 Swine Flu was fraud But the WHO is still Operating.


    • Doesn’t surprise me at all. So they set us up by marketing all these wireless devices for “convenience” and now they are rolling out the laws with the proper language that will allow them to access all of our “conveniences” to monitor us 24/7. Again, this should not surprise anyone who has been researching the “who’s” and the “why’s” of our current situation. Personally, out of frustration I just quit an almost nine year radio program that I started to inform people of things like this. See, what i found out was not enough people give a damn. Not enough Americans care that their beloved republic is gone and because of that there is zero chance of getting it back. Enjoy all your “conveniences” because they will be the death of you – literally..

    • Your new robo nanny is here , the AI from our favorite virus progenitor Billy the Kid Gates. The planners needs to clear the obstacles to infect your minds with a directed tech infusion MS server to skull ,your skull, your numb skull that has be softened with repeated blows from the vaxxes. This so-called legislation is the lever they will use to pry your skull open so Billy can mind-**** your **** up. Will you sign up or can we just say this has as much chance as the meta verse did where ever that last attempt went to die. Pull the plug now and kill it before it grows. The only AI you can trust them with is the one that orders their caskets before the ovens cool down. Go green and use GOD’s concentrated sunlight to fry them like the cockroaches they are. Sorry bugs

    • the old make a bill and give congress 1 hour to read it scheme. There is nothing in govt that is true, you can bitch at your representative, but he/she has no vote

      • Chuck,

        “[B]ut he/she has no vote”—B I N G O ! ! !

        One would T H I N K folks would have
        stirred a bit after orkish ( see “Lord of
        the Rings” movie ) Nasty Pelosy had
        exclaimed :

        “You have to pass
        the bill to see what’s
        in it.”

        This scribbler has written an essay to
        explain why America has not been a
        Democracy nor Democratic Republic
        from the time Rothschild-directed
        Abe Lincoln had warred against the
        idea, “Self-Government” ( read Gen.
        Sherman’s private letters, re his
        hatred for people who thought they
        could employ individualism and self-
        government ) :

        “Why Vote if You Elect Only Socialist/
        Communist Dictators ? “


        • We were a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy… The founding fathers loathed democracies… But look around, we are neither of those these days..

      • Yes, I used to get excited about signing petitions and calling my congressman. Now, however the evil power behind the power have shown their hands that they are going to kill us, and they know very well that they owned the courts and the media. So, if one person complain the rest call him conspiracy theorist. If he is a famous influencer like that black dude (Kardashian), they take his money…

        • EVERYONE needs to listen to the late great George Carlin’s bit “The Owners” because it is as truthful as anything you will ever hear in your life. He nailed it – Americans have become “willfully ignorant” … Amen…

      • In total agreement about our representatives eating out of the hands of multi national corporations… now is the time to become dangerous to these automatons…

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