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Todd Callender: Gov’t Will Trigger Deadly MARBURG Pandemic with 5G… Covid Was a Trial Run

Attorney, Todd Callender has been defending US servicemen from being forced to take the Death Shot and he’s been having his cases thrown out because our Constitution was suspended on March 13, 2020 under 42 CFR parts 70 and 71, which is the enabling statute for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to assume power upon the declaration of a Public Health Emergency.

Todd joins Seth Holehouse from Man in America to discuss the next plandemic, with the release of the Marburg pathogen.

Most of us are unaware that Marburg was officially declared a pandemic nearly three years ago, according to The Federal Register on December 9, 2020. This, despite the fact that only 10 people have died from Marburg in 40 years.

Nonetheless, the Marburg “pandemic” was declared in the middle of the COVID “pandemic” and the reason for this, Todd says is because it creates a suspension, not just of our Constitutional rights, but a suspension of our human rights – which includes the right to not be experimented on.

Todd explains that this is what happened to our Right to Informed Consent during the rollout of the COVID vaxx: it was suspended, which is exactly what these “Public Health Emergency” declarations do.

The way New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was able to circumvent the Constitution when she recently decreed a state-wide gun ban was by declaring a “Public Health Emergency”. Two State Representatives are now rightly moving to impeach her.

The PREP Act also has a Marburg Provision, that allows for additional spending, when invoked, which Todd says the HHS did with this Notice of Declaration Under the PREP Act for Countermeasures Against Marburg Disease.

So, for the purposes of the law, the Marburg epidemic has already happened. Those funds have already been used to build and supply quarantine camps throughout the United States. Now, all they need is people with blood coming out of their eyes and lying dead in the streets to claim that it’s time for all of us to report to our local FEMA Death Camps.

Military whistleblowers have told Todd that those who received the COVID shots already have in their bodies the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which would be released into their tissues via a specific pattern of pulsed 5G frequencies.

Marburg is a manmade virus that is similar to Ebola, which is also manmade. It causes bleeding from the eyes, ears and internal hemorrhaging throughout the body.

Dr Rashid Buttar made the same claims – and he died under suspicious circumstances in May of 2023.

Last September, Dr Buttar told Maria Zeee that lethal pathogens, including Marburg, Ebola and a mutated form of E. coli are in the jabs and they remain inert in the body while they are encapsulated within the hydrogel. They are activated by an 18 GHz signal broadcast for three one-minute pulses, causing the hydrogel aka “lipid nanoparticles” encapsulating the pathogens to expand and release their toxic contents into the bodies of their hosts.

Todd tells Seth that he has seen several patents for this technology and he’s also now seeing Help Wanted ads from the DoD seeking “a chemical, biological and radiological and nuclear … exercise specialist/planner… [to create] realistic planning scenarios. Must have expertise in Ebola.”

If we’ve learned anything from Event 201 and the SPARS document, such declarations and drills can certainly indicate that we will be seeing the rollout of what they’re declaring and training for.

Todd adds that according to his associate, Dr Lee Vliet, it may not even be necessary to have these lipid nanoparticles, as the EMF signals, themselves have the ability to cause or imitate any disease known to man.

Todd tells Seth, “According to the law, we are in a real pandemic. There isn’t a single further thing that they need to do. If they wanted to, at this very moment, to start rounding people up and putting them into quarantine camps, they have that authority, per law, per legality – not the lawfulness. Those are two different things. But all of the preparatory work, where they can go to a sheriff and say, ‘Do this, because the law says this and the judge is going to enforce this because the law says this,’ has already been done.”

Todd points to the Bureau of Justice, which was created by the DOJ in 2005 after the WHO’s International Health Regulations were codified. When a Public Health Emergency is declared, law enforcement, public health, corrections and the judiciary all become one, under the Bureau of Justice.

This is where 42 CFR parts 70 and 71 come in, which enable the HHS to assume power upon the declaration of a Public Health Emergency and, as Todd says:

“They can forcibly detain you, test you, do anything they want with you, including giving you experimental treatments, according this law and it even complements vaccine passports and restrictions of your travel. Shelter-in-place, quarantine regulations, it’s all there – it has been there from 2006, with the Bureau of Justice and 2016, in the Code of Federal Regulations.

“This is a plan. That’s why I’m saying they already declared the pandemic. You don’t have to question whether it’s going to happen, you’re in it, we’re in the middle of it, right now. All we need is what you described, the catalyst. A few people falling over dead in the street, bleeding out of their orifices will work just fine to scare the holy Hell out of people.

“And to your point, in Wuhan…that was the first 5G city on the planet, that was Wuhan. They turned on 10,000 5G transmitters on, Halloween night 2019. The following week, people started falling over dead from what? Was it COVID? Was is radiation sickness? They used COVID as an excuse.

“What was the next city that happened in? Milan had the next breakout of coronavirus. You know what? The second city to adopt 5G. The third was New York City. Bang, bang, bang. There’s a direct correlation between the turning of these 5G cities and these outbreaks of COVID.”

Todd notes that Marburg can only be transmitted through an exchange of bodily fluids but he suspects that our Dear Leaders will do everything to convince us that it is airborne but that we must not fall for it – especially because, as with COVID, there are therapeutics.

His associate, retired Green Beret and former Special Operations Flight Surgeon, Dr Peter Chambers says that in the 2018 Green Beret medical handbook, soldiers who encounter Marburg or ebola in Africa are told they need only take Albendazole or Fenbendazole and they’ll be good to go. The more recent versions of this handbook have removed those details and state only that a new experimental vaccine has been developed for Marburg and ebola.

The point Todd’s making is that we don’t have to fall for their lies again. We need members of law enforcement and the military – those who would be tasked with dragging us off the streets and into the camps – to understand that this is illegal, so that they won’t enforce these laws, the same way that the eight Sheriffs in New Mexico recently refused to enforce their governor’s Unconstitutional weapons ban.

Todd’s website, provides legal self-help and contains a full repository of everything that he’s talking about and other things; self-help legal documents, that if you sign up, you can get a daily update. In addition, there’s, which Dr Lee Vliet is in charge of that and where she’s posted a Marburg fact sheet.

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