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Eugene Yu and his Michigan election company called Konnech have dropped their defamation action against True The Vote and Gregg Phillips. Phillips and Engelbrecht were being sued by Eugene Yu for going public with information that definitively showed that an American election company was storing data on servers located in Wuhan, China. The news comes immediately following an announcement from True The Vote about the case and their intentions to pursue it through discovery.

Accompanying the formal press release was this video displaying the breadth and scope of information assembled by publicly facilitated, open-sourced research.

Earlier today, Gregg Phillips joined Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro on the War Room to talk about how on Monday, they launched their new website called, which is an amazing research tool, of which we can all avail ourselves and start digging, so I urge everybody to go to is an indexed search engine that has aggregated 25 years’ worth of the CCP’s infiltration of the United States – and the exfiltration of our entire digital infrastructure – with the help of traitors in our government, in industry, finance and academia. documents the entire history of Konnech and all of its associations with the Chinese Communist Party and it puts the lie to Konnech’s outrageous and frivolous defamation lawsuit. Konnech had accused Catherine and Gregg of defaming them, hacking their servers, and pursuing them out of racist and xenophobic intent – of course, none of which was true.

Gregg says that on Tuesday, Konnech’s lawyers reached out to him, apparently having seen the information published on and then on Wednesday morning, they dropped their case.

Catherine and Gregg, who were featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules were jailed for 9 days last November for refusing to identify a confidential informant who was present with them during the exposure of Konnech’s CCP spy network. This undoubtedly sets the stage for a very interesting scenario involving a false imprisonment.

Interestingly, the Mainstream Media, including Fox News has not covered any of this and when Catherine and Gregg attempted to announce the launch of through PRWeb, they were blocked, which really goes to show how widespread and pernicious this CCP malignancy is, that has metastasized within the body politic of the United States. As Peter Navarro says here, Catherine and Gregg “Have the keys to unlock all of this and nobody’s covering it!”

Harry Haury, the CEO of Cain & Associates, the team hired by Los Angeles County to analyze the Konnech servers has also recently submitted an affidavit in the case in support of True The Vote, in which he stated that, quote, “Konnech’s system of data protection and access amounted to, by far the worst example of complete disregard or negligence regarding the protection of PII (or personal identifiable information) and sensitive data I have ever seen. We discovered a breach of US data that is classified as a ‘total loss of control’.

“We confirmed multiple instances of Konnech hosting on servers based in China, US citizens’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII); confirmed thousands of instances of Konnech data, including US citizens’ PII and software being transferred to and from China; found evidence in Konnech’s private messages that elections software code was being developed, tested and maintained in China; confirmed that Konnech was providing administrative credentials to Chinese developers; discovered, more disturbingly that Konnech-provided PollChief software used by LA County (and likely other US jurisdictions) suffered from a security vulnerability that allowed any PollChief or Konnech worker to elevate his, her or own status to “super user”, giving him or her access to applications at a privilege above those dictated by security policy, which includes broad access to all US poll workers in the system” [the litany goes on] “Konnech is associated with companies based in Mainland China that are subsidized by and have received honors from the Chinese government.”

The affidavit goes on to say that while they were conducting this investigation on behalf of LA County, their access to various accounts began to be shut off and he believes this restriction was orchestrated by either Konnech or by persons or entities in China with whom Konnech was associated, including all of these “super users”. Harry Haury’s partner, Nate Cain of Cain & Associates was on with Jeffrey Prather and he describes what happened next.

LA County District Attorney George Gascón is a Soros puppet who now refuses to pay Cain & Associates for their work, so the latter are suing him. Nate and Jeff discussed the possibility of putting together a Class Action lawsuit for all of the people whose Personal Identifiable Information was sent to China by Konnech. Nate still has all of that information in his possession and he’d need to talk to his lawyer about this but such a legal action could be one way to outflank these corrupt Deep State members.

This is not Nate’s first rodeo with government corruption. In 2016, he was working as a cybersecurity contractor for the FBI when he stumbled on some files related to Hillary Clinton that were way worse than Uranium One, involving several countries, shell NGOs and hundreds of millions of dollars.

The swamp is wide and deep. Hillary’s email scandal was raging at the time but the data Nate found was unrelated to anything that has ever been disclosed publicly. The details of what he found are still classified but in 2020, he told Scott Kesterson of the Bards of War podcast that it involved money-laundering, securities fraud, public corruption and terrorism financing.

He was very upset by what he saw but he could also see that case numbers had been assigned, so he assumed that the FBI was investigating it and surely, due to the preponderance of evidence, Hillary would be indicted.

Instead, then-FBI Director James Comey exonerated Hillary, which left Nate aghast. After much prayer and soul-searching, he obtained official whistleblower status with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and he legally transmitted the files to the Senate and House Intelligence committees.

This did nothing to stop 16 FBI agents from raiding his home for six hours on the morning of November 19, 2018 via an illegally-issued court order signed on November 15, 2018 by federal magistrate judge Stephanie A Gallagher in the US District Court for Baltimore, falsely charging him with illegal possession of stolen federal property.

For weeks, the FBI proceeded to harass Cain and his neighbors, determined to get his community to rat him out. The ordeal left him financially destroyed but he was never charged with anything and he never lost his clearance.

And it brought him closer to God and it made him completely unafraid.

Nate is now running for US Congress in the 2nd District of West Virginia and if there was ever a candidate who deserved our support and our vote (if we lived in the panhandles of West Virginia), it is Nate Cain!

In other news, a former acting CIA director has admitted to Congress that he organized the letter that falsely portrayed Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation in an effort to influence the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden and that he did so at the direction of current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, according to a letter released Thursday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

The admission by Michael J Morell provides evidence of what already obvious to many; that the now-infamous letter from 51 security officials in October 2021 was part of the Globalist’s 5th Generation Warfare campaign to un-seat Trump and to install a puppet to facilitate their plunder of the US Treasury in order to finance global genocide and civilizational collapse.

Jordan sent a letter demanding answers from Blinken about Morell’s testimony and the implications of America’s top diplomat being willing to accuse a nuclear-armed superpower of interfering in the 2020 election without evidence. That letter included major snippets of Morell’s testimony.

The transcript of Morell’s interview showed he had no previous intent to write the statement until Blinken’s call “triggered” his actions. What mechanism of control might Blinken exert to get Morrell and 50 other retired intelligence officials to comply with this ridiculous farce?

Also earlier this week, we found out that there were 6 other members of the Biden Crime Family who made off with millions of dollars from the Big Guy’s treason, bringing the total number of those involved or benefiting to 9 Biden Crime Family members, according to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.

Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), who reviewed the 100 or so suspicious activity reports alongside Comer, tweeted that, “The amount of money that we’re talking about in these suspicious activity reports is astronomical. And the accusations therein, the source of the funding, where the money’s going, the shell companies, prostitution rings, etc. It’s insanity to me that it’s not been investigated in the way that it should be.”

A whistleblower in the IRS has reported to the Justice Department’s top watchdog that federal prosecutors are blocking criminal tax charges against presidential son Hunter Biden and he provided evidence showing that Attorney General Merrick Garland lied under oath during recent testimony to Congress.

According to a letter from the whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Lytle to Congress obtained by Just the News, “The IRS agent revealed he is seeking to provide detailed disclosures about a high-profile, sensitive case to the tax-writing committees in Congress, which have special authority under federal tax privacy laws to receive such information. That could pave the way to share the details with other committees in coming weeks.”

On Thursday night, The New York Post reported that Attorney General Merrick Garland IS the “senior” Biden official mentioned by the whistleblower who is preventing Hunter Biden from being criminally charged and that Merrick Garland lied about this under oath during questioning by Senator Chuck Grassley.

Maybe the DNC doesn’t want Brandon to be the Democrat nominee, because even Fake News CBS had to report on this.

All of the above and many more Earth-shattering revelations are probably why Rumble was down for much of Friday and why Rumble issued a public warning that they will be doing maintenance over the weekend.

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  • This is basely why I stopped watching television some 15 years ago, there’s no information, just propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation.The elections are fake, the Presidents are fake and television is nothing but a mountain of garbage! Television turns your brain to putty. We currently live in a state of tyranny, politics is corrupt and we the people are being sold out to the CCP. The FBI are the 21st century storm troopers.

  • The judgements against Fox by the election machine company punished Fox by 750 million dollars? The election machine company is worth about 10 millions? So what kind of judge was that (they say that Fox settled out of court?).

    • Miles Mathis on “The Latest Fake Trial”:

      “Today(4/20/23) it is being reported that Fox News settled with Dominion, agreeing to pay $800 million AND admitting it lied. Which is all you need to know it (the trial) was faked.

      This is legal news for the legally impaired.  Settlements don’t work like this. You settle so you *don’t* have to admit guilt. Remember all those other cases you have read about in the news, where one side agreed to settle, and they say “All terms of the settlement are private. Party X admits no guilt”.

      So you should be asking what Fox got in this “settlement”.

      You will say it avoided going to court, but Fox would have wanted to avoid going to court why? : To avoid having to pay a huge settlement, and to avoid admitting  it was wrong.

      But now we are supposed to believe it did both.

      Doesn’t fit the definition of a settlement, does it? It fits the definition of
      fake news, managed by both sides here to make Dominion look innocent, give legitimacy to a voting system no one believes in anymore, and scare everyone else off from criticizing Dominion.

      As with the Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones trials on Sandy Hook,  this is supposed to scare private researchers off from posting their findings.”

  • The ‘DROPPED CASE’ testimony by Gregg Phillips is another news BOMBSHELL ignored by the bought and paid for news CORPORATIONS that control the virtual visual reality that grips the hearts and minds of millions!

    RFK, Jr. rightly analyzed and identified this enormous hideous problem in his opening words of this weeks announcement that he is running for POTUS, to wit:

    “My mission for the next 18 months of this campaign and throughout my presidency will be to end the corrupt merger of state and CORPORATE power that threatens now a new kind of CORPORATE FEUDALISM on our country, to commoditize our children and our people, purple mountains majesty, to poison our children and our people with chemicals and pharmaceuticals, to strip mine our assets, to hollow out the middle class and keep us in a constant state of war.”

    Unquestionably RFK Jr’s track record bears out that he is a proven warrior against those who undermine our liberties with malicious intent. His father paid the ultimate price in opposition to this corporate feudalism with his life!

    Unfortunately RFK Jr went on and on exposing his ignorance of the war in Ukraine for instance, in which he completely allied himself with the same people he vows to remove from power.

    Almost he persuadeth me!

  • It’s a sure bet that we will see China’s influence in the 2024 Election using the data gleaned by Konnech. The only reason that Slow-Joe Biden might seek a Second Term is that he assumes that his “Powers That Be” will steal the Election for him yet again, but as far as China is concerned, anybody but Trump. You might keep that in mind. And you fans of Gretchen Whitmer might see fit to thank Eugene Yu, who was paid a goodly amount of cash money to secure her reelection.
    And the beat goes on… yes, the beat goes on.

  • CCP’s infiltration… who started it?
    One example is Apple moving its factory to China, and now everything is produced in China.
    Who is really to be blamed?
    Let’s ban China… really??? Okay, it then means to ban just about all the electronics we use today.
    USA should have prepared a way to effectively produce goods locally before playing a blame game, or perhaps it was a deliberate move.

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