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Gregg Phillips joins Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro on the War Room to talk about how the defamation lawsuit filed against him and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote was dropped on Wednesday by the election software company, Konnech.

Gregg says that on Monday, they launched their new website called, which is truly an amazing research tool, of which we can all avail ourselves and start digging. is an indexed search engine that has aggregated 25 years’ worth of the CCP’s infiltration of the United States – and the exfiltration of our entire digital infrastructure – with the help of traitors in our government, in industry, finance and academia.

Needless to say, documents the entire history of Konnech and all of its associations with the Chinese Communist Party and it puts a lie to Konnech’s outrageous and frivolous defamation lawsuit. Konnech had accused Catherine and Gregg of defaming them, hacking their servers, and pursuing them out of racist and xenophobic intent, of course none of which was true.

Gregg says that on Tuesday, Konnech’s lawyers reached out to him, apparently having seen the information published on and that on Wednesday morning, they dropped their case.

Catherine and Gregg, whose election integrity work was featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules were jailed for 9 days last November for refusing to identify a confidential informant who was present with them during the exposure of Konnech’s CCP spy network.

Interestingly, the Mainstream Media, including Fox News has not covered any of this and when Catherine and Gregg attempted to announce the launch of through PRWeb, they were blocked, which really goes to show how widespread and pernicious this CCP malignancy has metastasized within the body politic of the United States.

As Peter Navarro says here, Catherine and Gregg “Have the keys to unlock all of this and nobody’s covering it!”

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  • We can’t prove the elections were stolen if they won’t let any case even enter the crooked court system and the fart checkers like twitter and jewghoul can stomp on the retarded public’s juiced up mushy minds forever so they will never come to their senses and understand why it matters to they/them at all . This thing needs to be treated as a crime and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed. If we only had a legitimate government and someone to unite us , sorry that shit is over with ,now it’s walk away time the choice to struggle for years to steal back the broken ass POS corrupt .gov from the assholes who would rather die than share the planet with us as equals . A new earth is waiting for us, all you need to do is manifest destiny. It worked before It will work again the whole multiverse is waiting for us to emerge from this darkness!!

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