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The Russian Foreign Ministry is claiming that the US and Russia are now in a “hot phase” of the war and implores the US to resume some kind of dialogue.

But NATO is not interested in peace talks.

The UK is sending depleted uranium and the US is continuing its biolabs program in Ukraine.

The largest military air exercise in NATO history is scheduled for this summer. They have to call it an “exercise”, otherwise, NATO would have to admit that they are at war with Russia.

Starting next month, thousands of NATO troops will create a united front in Europe against Russia.

The US has been exposed for destroying the Nord Stream II pipeline and America’s façade of a moral high ground is quickly fading.

The Pentagon Leaks say that Ukraine is losing the war.

Both sides have threatened the “Nuclear Option” and the Ukrainians have already attacked a nuclear power plant.

We are one desperate action away from a nuclear war with Russia.

China is now simulating precision strikes on key targets on Taiwan and the moment they invade, the US will go to war with China.

The Uniparty and the media have been focusing on China for several weeks, now and US Senator, Lindsay Graham is already prepared to start sending troops but the Department of Defense is warning that the US doesn’t have enough munitions to fight China.

The Millions of rounds of ammunition that the US has sent to Ukraine has drained stockpiles, which will take years to replenish, making it an opportune moment for the CCP to invade.

Days after Xi Jinping brokers a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, rocket attacks are launched at Israel from multiple locations.

Last week, in response, Israel launched attacks against Lebanon, Gaza and Syrian military targets. The Jerusalem Post is calling it a “multi-front Middle East war against Israel” and claim that Iran is behind the attacks.

Israel has been calling up battalions of reservists.

The Iranians a reportedly planning to attack Israeli ships sailing through the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.

Last week, the US deployed a submarine with a Tomahawk missile payload to support Israel. If Israel goes to war with Iran, the US will be involved.

The US is looking at three different theaters of war. They’ve already depleted their munitions in their losing proxy war with Russia and they’ve depleted their military with clotshots and tranny PSYOPs.

Meanwhile, the Bank for International Settlements or BIS is preparing for a One World Digital Currency. The BIS was created in 1930 to centralize the central banks.

Project Icebreaker is the BIS plan to control all international transactions between Central Bank Digital Currencies, similar to what FedNow is planning to do in America on the national level.

The decisions being made by the big banks for the Economic Reset are hugely unpopular with the awakening masses but these criminal big banks have three catastrophic wars to launch as smokescreens, while they eliminate their opposition and write the history books of tomorrow.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Not liking the choices presented by the UniParty, I voted for a certified write-in candidate (named “Alan Jacquemotte”) in 2016, but in 2020 (sensing the alternative was going to be as VERY, VERY BAD as it has proven to be), I held my nose and voted for “Warp Speed” Donnie; I (and many others) won’t be making that mistake again.

    A political party based on CONSENSUS* is small-L libertarian by default (the antithesis of where “the bankers” wish to take us, thus, where we need to go), but “libertarian” in the style of Paine (calling, in his “Agrarian Justice” plan, for compensation for every government’s “taking” of everyone’s right to access land as needed to support themselves and their family), rather than Locke (of the “I’ve got mine Jack, screw you”/Randian/Rothbardian/big-L Libertarian Party school of thought which has done nothing but give libertarianism a bad name).

    Pretty much everyone will agree (when the question is finally allowed to be asked), that the financial “blood” that we use to recirculate through the economy, should be extracted from the hidden reservoirs of wealth of “the bankers”, rather than continuing to allow “the bankers” to take a chunk of everyone else’s daily bread – in the form of income taxation – for themselves, by hoarding the blood /wealth created by the constant expansion (aka “inflation”) of the money supply. Ya know, like how CANCER works.

    So here’s the CURE for the cancer:
    1. Convert all debt to electronic credit money held in accounts in the names of the debtees, essentially creating “wealth accounts”.
    2. Make this new, publicly controlled money, “legal tender” in place of the Federal Reserve dollar.
    3. Replace ALL income-based taxation with a 1% per month “infrastructure maintenance fee” (from which NO accounts will be exempt), and use the proceeds to create world peace and plenty (as decided by CONSENSUS*).

    “Fix, the money, fix the world”.

    Feel free to text 586-422-5526
    or email
    with comments, suggestions or book deals.

    *= for our purposes,
    CONSENSUS will be defined as
    “greater than 87.5% (=7/8s)”

  • Because the masses are controlled by central mind control devices, this is all very predictable.

    By design the global powers are being reconfigured as result of the murderous shameful war in Ukraine. Its taking shape as most sleep walk. It’s right there in our faces.

    New alliances are being formed and clearly the objective is to end US hegemony! China is emerging as the stronger activist nation and they are demonstrating their political and economic powers over and within the US. The whole world sees this and they are headed for the nearest US exit.

    I don’t like it, but judgment has been rendered against the evil nation that propagates evil continuously in the name of good men and women against the innocent while so called good men do nothing in their defense because they’ve been feminized!

  • Just what we need, more bad news… The world has gone crazy, and men of power are taking us there… What the hell is wrong with them?? I hope someone or some species, and or the supreme creator will intervene to stop this madness..


  • It’s all crashing down on the heads of the DS losers now ,they have reached the end of their reign, time to pack your shit , head for the bunker and lock the doors. Good luck keeping out of reach of the bunker busters the alliance uses. Might as well make out your will and leave all the loot to us ,the meek, who will be inheriting the new earth. In the history books that we will teach our children it will tell of how you tried to sell us out for a few shekels . Just remember this you will be the example of what the idiots who picked a fight with GOD got for their end times wish.

  • According to Juan O Savin who has been saying for months maybe couple of years this is the NDE to awaken the hypnotized. Things will keep going down on Branson watch and T can come in to rectify. Seems like we are now entering that time.

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