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Founded by David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission has been an arm of the Globalist Deep State since 1973. Last week, at their annual meeting, a speaker who cannot be identified, according to Commission rules said that, “We are now in a period of structural inflation that will last for decades.”

They said that, “The free market is over and industry now sets policy.” And they said that this year, 2023 is “Year One” of this new global order.

Days later, the Federal Reserve Bank announces a July launch for their new FedNow service, which was first announced in October of 2021. The “Too Big to Fail” banks and all the large processors are already onboard and so is the US Treasury.

The first week of April, the Federal Reserve begins the FedNow pilot program for early adopters to become certified participants to help the Fed confirm readiness for their July launch. FedNow is an instant payment processing system that seeks to be the base of all digital transactions, acting as an umbrella company to manage all financial payments. This has been shown to be the gateway for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

FedNow is much like the Reserve Bank of India’s instant payment system, the Unified Payments Interface or UPI. UPI has had huge success in converting rural communities into a complete cashless society.

According to the International Monetary Fund, UPI democratized the payment system and paved the way for Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Central bank instant payment processing is also how the Bank of Nigeria introduced its CBDC, eNaira, which has, so far been violently rejected.

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  • “Ultimately the central planners maximise their power by introducing CBDCs. . . .
    It is concerning that for the past decade or so central banks have steadily been working towards the introduction of CBDCs, while at the same time adopting policies that have killed thousands of small banks.
    Once CBDCs are introduced, it just takes a bit of bank run, such as in the case of Silicon Valley Bank, and all deposits will be shifted to the central bank, driving banks out of business. Then we will have arrived at the most centralised form of banking: A Soviet-style economy with only one bank.”?

  • This is the Deep State end game for their so called Great Reset. It will NOT occur now. This activity is now for the benefit of those who remain asleep and who have no interest whatsoever in watching what has been occurring in the world, thanks to the corrupt mainstream media who work with the Deep State. NESARA-GESARA is 100% real and is quietly being instituted behind the scenes (gold backed dollar; no longer a fiat dollar and future use of quantum banking, not what these devils want to do). I truly feel sorry for those who persist in following the mainstream “news”. They are being brainwashed 100% 24/7. Even when the truth emerges about all of the Deep State activities, they are so brainwashed, they will refuse to see the truth.

  • Sadly, I know you are mistaken.

    The Federal Reserve no longer has any contract. It is bust, just empty words to portray a potency it no longer has.

    Just like the worshipping of the Trump enigma. Trump was part of the Cabal under the Black Sun, which no longer exists.

    The fake Trump, a man in a mask, is simply fleecing true Americans of their money. Nothing else!

    I receive countless emails supposedly from Trump, who died last May of cancer. Everyone is about the pretence that he is to make America great again through our donations.

    All Fake!

  • “Central bank instant payment processing is also how the Bank of Nigeria introduced its CBDC, eNaira, which has, so far been violently rejected.”
    This is the most relevant part of this information on the CBDC incursion; Nigeria has established a precedent that all others should follow. Refusal to cooperate is often the staunchest weapon.

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