Democrats stole the election and looted the Treasury and are purposefully collapsing the USA.

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  • Yikes!

    Diabolical crony capitalism represented by zombies who arrange destruction, wars and genocide! “Chinese investors” are a distraction to keep the talking heads busy with nonsense while Americans hemorrhage. What?

    Oh my, what is happening? It’s this, it’s that, look over here, no look over there, let’s call in an expert professor, general or something, anybody who will tell us what is happening, because we are helpless and can’t think anymore.


  • “…Faces along the bar
    Cling to their average day:
    The lights must never go out,
    The music must always play,
    All the conventions conspire
    To make this fort assume
    The furniture of home;
    Lest we should see where we are,
    Lost in a haunted wood,
    Children afraid of the night
    who have never been happy or good…”

    from September 1, 1939
    by W. H. Auden

  • That woman is not even a good liar she’s a blight on America. I pray these criminals are all held accountable. I’m ashamed we let things get like this… Let’s have a plan because the eugenics have a plan.


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