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    I’ve been following and writing about Elana Freeland since 2015 and she is back here on the Macroaggressions Podcast for an in-depth conversation about the Globalist Internet of Things and -Bodies.

    Elana has always been way ahead of the curve, showing us the incremental program of transhumanism. This recent interview by Charlie Robinson is a great introduction – and/or a recap of her lifetime of research and I believe is very worthy of your time.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I was gonna rent a scissorlift and put my old street ligbt back in and then defend it or just shoot out the new ones some night or day when i have no other option cause when a threat exists and is real and in front of my house i think shooting it out is almost requisite by the principals we all agree to be paramount
      .. pitchforks and torches … lets get em

    • Nano-particulates, named ‘micro-crystaline cellulose or MCC’, have been substituted for natural plant derived cellulose and used as anti-caking chemistry in shredded cheese and particularly as fillers in vitamin and herbal supplements.

    • Just subscribed. Thanks for having Elana on your show! Try to listen to all of her videos, & am almost finished with her book, Geoengineered Transhumanism. Researching Elana’s multitude of references has delayed finishing it, but am learning so much mind blowing, hidden tech. Soo much to learn! Looking into what Lt. Col. Tom Bearden has to say about quantum potential bioweapons. He states that “quantum biological effects can be used to attack any population with various lab-created, synthetic diseases, even multiple diseases used together. Scalar can be made to produce a particular cellular disease or death and even activate genetically latent diseases. There is even a suicide frequency being used.” Since 5G can emit scalar waves…not good!


    • She’s right about some things, but the transhuman subject is not exactly correct. They can’t change our heart with graphine oxide…that part of the vaxx can be manipulated with technology though…the main subject not talked about is that these vaxx contain nano rfid technology because the end goal of the Illuminati is having Humanity using electronic money/credits and total control….never forget Aaron Russo was friends with Nick Rockefeller and he told him their plans, Also Bill Cooper knew of the plans and a few others…

    • I didn’t watch much of this. I don’t like hearing God’s name taken in vain and I bet other people on this email list don’t like it either

      • If you’re here I guess you’re already some way down the rabbit hole. Maybe the next step would be to find out about religion. Who invented it and why? Who is God? What was Jesus real message? This is something many people don’t want to look at because it goes beyond what they want to know. Letting go of religion is probably the hardest thing for many. It’s so much easier to to have blind faith than to look at the ugly truth.

        But if you want to grow and know about what sort of world you’re living in, you need to know the truth about religion. And the truth behind the words of Jesus.

        Not wanting to watch something because “God’s name is taken in vain”, only makes you hold back your own evolution.

        I really wish you best of luck on your journey through life. Stay open to all possibilities. Stay awake and alert. But most of all, stay happy and at peace.

    • Mostly good info. I do wish those who don’t understand technical issues would stay away from them as I can’t send it to people who would harp on it now. Details do matter when trying to sell to an audience.

      A few points

      1. Smart TVs do nothing when unplugged. She’s confusing it with smart phones that have a battery and possibly could do that. Everyone I’ve taken apart and traced out does not have that ability however.

      2. There has been no attempt to keep phased array antennas secret. You typically only learn about them at higher levels of education as the design use is more complicated, but certainly not secret. Even Wikipedia has articles on them. Used to steer a radar beam typically without physically turning an antenna.

      3. Fiberoptic internet uses infrared light and is trapped in the fiber due to what’s called Snell’s law. Same law in which we design lenses. Fibers are special and called a graded index, that is they are denser at the edges to bend the light back toward the center. Infrared is generally considered harmless and can’t penetrate the cable jacket. Modulated frequencies have to be about 1/10th the frequency of the carrier or modulation would not occur.

      4. Burning snow was a trick. People let the butane out of the lighter and saturated the snow with it prior to lighting it. Got clicks though and years later people are still regurgitating it.

      5. HAARP is a large phased array antenna. Can’t prove it’s a scalar wave since so few EM scalar waves have ever been created and this seems to be the wrong geometry. It does seem to have an interferometry component associated with it, but does not need to be a scalar. Near field radiation and displacement current are known scalar waves phenomena that take place at short distances. A better name is longitudinal and Tesla claims to have made them long range. I do believe him, the existence of such waves necessitates the existence of magnetic monopoles which have not officially been discovered.

      In general though I don’t disagree with the premises she brings up, just illustrates the need to be more careful on what we put out knowing a large percentage of those who listen to this will parrot without looking.

      • Thanks Rob, I agree, The lady seems to be a deep thinker, but not accurate, lol…
        In my opinion using more fiber optic would be good…We need less wifi going through us

      • About the Smart tvs, I have to say that when they were first coming out. SAMSUNG was the only one of the companies that told people about them prior to the release of them. And they stated that even though you turn off and unplug your SMART TELEVISION you are still being watched and heard. It does not matter. They didn’t want people to come back at them and make any lawsuits against for giving FULL DISCLOSURE!! None of the other companies ever said anything. That was one of the Big things about them in being SMART. Those huge mirrors that people are putting in their homes for excercising in front of. Same thing. All these so called Smart items they make them primarily for their benefit not really for the general public they just do somethings out of the ordinary so that will draw people to buy them. And it’s like cattle being led to the slaughter house…People do it thinking they are really valued by people they don’t even know and couldn’t care less if they live or die, they don’t even know if they exist. Couldn’t care less if they did know.

        • I got a Samsung years ago, and read that too. Gave it away. Eventually gave away all my TVs away once I was DX’d with EMF sensitivity. Yet still have the smoke detectors, a few LED light bulbs and of course the smart meter. A few months ago the city installed a 5G street ligt 2 doors down. There is no escape. We all need to keep up with the tech that blocks EMF.

      • Magnetic monopoles were reported years back, some examples:
        1. Inducing a Magnetic Monopole with Topological Surface States
        Xiao-Liang Qi in Science 2009
        2. The Anomalous Hall Effect and Magnetic Monopoles in Momentum Space
        Zhong Fang in Science 2003
        3. Quantum magnetic monopole condensate. In Communic. Physics 2021
        How about the scalar waves which took down the WTC in 2001?

        M. C. Diamantini

    • Thank you Alexandra for your ongoing work. I just finished the video entitled The zombe apoc.etc. with Elana Freeland. Although I had never heard of her now that I have seen the work she has been doing over the years…I am…seriously educated here as so many of the “sources of attack” on we the people of planet Earth. Better to see it coming than to be blindsided. 5 stars

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