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The author of this summary is Mik Andersen, owner of the research blog Corona2Inspect, who’s a renowned scientist who has chosen to collaborate with La Quinta Columna and Dr Pablo Campra’s research under a pseudonym.

This nano-network described by Andersen is the one that would allow the neurostimulation of the population through a network designed for this purpose.

Many indications confirm that neuromodulation is the real purpose of the operation behind the global inoculation, ranging from the enactment of neuro-rights laws in some countries to the structuring of the same nano-network that is being deciphered, which would be a very advanced military technology.

Remember that we’re talking about a technology that’s being decrypted, but it’s a very advanced military technology. And, of course, developed behind the back of civil society. In fact, behind the backs of 80% of civil society who think that this is a vaccine. So the first thing, as I say, is to reset all the information and provide the correct information, even if it’s shocking. In the topology of the nano-network we talk about nanonodes, nanosensors, nanocontrollers, and nanointerface.

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  • I’m not jabbed. I have a visitor in my house whom I’m confident is not jabbed either. Yet tonight I found a hexadecimal number using a bluetooth scanner and it says it’s under a meter away. That would be me! How on earth is that possible? Is there another way to get a person chipped than the jab? I did the test while close to my computer. Could something else be showing up? This is definitely a typical hexadecimal number such as vaxxeds have.

    • I saw a video o Twitter about how, in Spain and France, they recently started putting the ingredients from the vaxx into the food supply (fish and chicken, respectively).

      There is the documented phenomenon of “shedding”, where if you’re in proximity to someone who was vaxxed, then you can start getting the symptoms, as if you had been vaxxed, as well.

    • Did you get a tetanus shot or any other vaccine like the flu one? I’ve seen other people say they got those or their babies got the normal ones not the covid one and that’s how they got the number. Look up the anti nano bucket or building a emp gun and maybe you can get it out of you.

  • If all smartphones have a MAC address unique to their phone, doesn’t that simply mean both vaxxxed and unvaxxxed can be tracked via a BT scanner? I’m not seeing the relevance to the shot. What am I missing? (Please check your own phone for this address before responding.)

  • Will be completed using Musks Starlink system controlled by the supercomputer in Bluffdale Utah.
    Dont say you werent told…


    How to setup your Android phone to list ‘misc’ Bluetooth MAC. The ‘misc’ Bluetooth service category has been designated for C19 vaxxed persons. My phone is an Android 10.

    1. Go to ‘System’
    2. Go to ‘About Phone’
    3. Go to ‘Software Info’
    4. Go to ‘Build number’: Hit this selection many times until it tells you that developer mode has been attained.
    5. Go to ‘System’ again
    6. Go to ‘Advanced’
    7. Go to ‘Developer options’
    8. Find ‘Show Bluetooth devices without names’. Set it to ‘on’.

    TEST IT: Go out to locations where people gather. Set your Android Bluetooth to search for connections and refresh the list as needed to find ‘misc’ listings. The 16-bit MAC numbers are COVID vaxx’d people who are now part of the ‘Internet of Bodies’ (IoB). Look up ‘Internet of Bodies’ term and read about it.


    ARTICLE: Evidence that the Covid Vaccines Implant Bluetooth Biosensors – by Jeremy James

    For reasons that are difficult to explain, a great many people are unable to believe the evidence of their own senses, yet they will readily place credence in anything they are told by their government or have seen on television.

    There have been many videos on the Internet which show that the Covid vaccines contain several ingredients which are not listed by the manufacturers and which cannot possibly contribute to human health. Even those who are repelled by any hint of a ‘conspiracy’ should be able to see that these genetic serums are not normal in any accepted medical sense. These sceptics could also consider the mass of data – not mention the disturbing videos – which show that the so-called vaccines are causing serious harm to many and must surely contain ingredients which conflict in some fundamental way with human biology. If serious side effects are observed in the short term in a limited number of cases, it is not unreasonable to speculate that the same deleterious ingredients could end up harming a much wider population in the longer term.

    We are dealing here with common sense, nothing else. These commonsense concerns are greatly amplified by the knowledge that the so-called vaccines are still on trial and, incredibly, were never tested on animals.

    How is it possible to give something like this to a child? How can any medical professional countenance such a patently irresponsible act?

    Since we are dealing with a huge wall of scepticism and a flagrant refusal to see the obvious, any additional evidence that might expose what is really happening would be welcome.

    The universal use of the Bluetooth addressing system

    We believe the Bluetooth factor may help some people come to their senses. It offers additional evidence – in the form of letters and numbers – that the so-called vaccines contain clandestine ingredients and that these ingredients, which are being dispersed via an intensely coercive international inoculation program, are tied to a much wider agenda and have nothing at all to do with health.

    Bluetooth is the name given to a band of electromagnetic frequencies which, in coded form, are used to label every cyber-connectable device with a unique identifier. The 48 byte address can uniquely identify millions, if not billions of devices. In conjunction with WiFi, it forms a backbone to the ‘Internet of things.’ However, as the World

    Economic Forum revealed in June, 2020, the ‘Internet of things’ is really a stepping stone to what they are now calling The Internet of Bodies. Here is how the WEF put it: “We’re entering the era of the Internet of Bodies: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.”

    The word to note is “implanted.” Since 8 billion people are unlikely to step forward and ask to be “implanted” with a tracking device, the Elite intend to implant it by covert means. The strongest candidate for this is a nanosize biosensor injected via the socalled Covid vaccines.


    • This is interesting:
      I tried uploading your pdf link into both Google Chrome’s search engine as well as and neither would allow it. However, it came up immediately when I brought up WOW! Never in my wildest days did I ever expect Russian to be our go-to source. America has grossly failed it’s citizens!!!

  • The comments over here clearly indicate how little most people know or understand about the physical reality they live in. This is great news for the ruling elites because you can make the populace believe anything you want.

    • If you are referring to quantum mechanics that answer is probably no.
      If I wait until I understand all the details of the clear and present dangers in this reality I won’t have time to make comments. If you have some of those POV details to share in these times of great suffering and confusion do so and you can still have fun passing judgement on how foolish we are for not subjecting our minds to the truth police of science.

  • Seriously I’m seeing many of these low powered devices on my phone.
    Can anyone elaborate on how I can tell which address is from Vaxed?

  • Now, can you imagine what you will be able to hear on your Bluetooth headphones?
    Once you have the right channel selected, …..

  • This weeding process is coming to it’s inevitable conclusion the bugged and buggered have given themselves over to the dark side and in return have gained nothing . They don’t feel their loss but I do I witnessed it first hand when I bluetooth scanned my assembled family over the holidays and saw all the MAC ID’s numbering for each of them being present. The range was greater than normal for typical low power BT devices. No features or options shown so just a unique ID like a machine part number. I don’t dare tell them and who of them would believe such misinformation anyway. I stopped trying to nudge them toward the truth and now I just see their ghosts.

    • Yes, they do. Because Bluetooth, is how their handset interacts with them. The survivors will be controlled by 5g. When Klaus says you’ll own nothing and be happy, it’s not a coincidence that, the part of the brain that expresses the largest quantity of ACE2 protein (the target of SARS-CoV-2 spike) is the Nucleus Accumbens. This is the part of the brain that governs reward. Stimulating the nucleus accumbens makes people feel happy. As in, unnaturally happy.

      • They also need to have two way communication. They’ll collect health and brain activity data which they’ll use with their AI sheeple control grid.

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