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The beginning of 2017 has seen a war of narratives being waged in the Mainstream Media, in a way that is totally unprecedented. To those exposed to the Alternative Media, this battle has been at once comical and worrisome. Unfortunately, most Americans only get their information from the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Why is this unfortunate? Because the Deep State has had a stranglehold on all of the Mainstream Media since the early 1950s, as revealed by declassified documents from the CIA’s Psychological Strategy Board (viz. PSB Document D-33-B).

Founded in 1951, the PSB has waged psychological warfare on unsuspecting human beings, both domestically and internationally in the form of propaganda, with carefully chosen buzzwords and phrases. “Conspiracy Theory” and “Fake News” are examples of such weaponized buzzwords.

In 1950, the CIA founded both the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) and Project Mockingbird, with the aim of gaining complete control within all media of all opposition to the Deep State’s narrative and its objectives. This involved wiretapping and paying journalists, funding artists and creating awards ceremonies to celebrate artists who met with the approval of the Deep State.

Starting in 1966, the CIA’s involvement in these activities began coming to light, through the works of investigative journalists but it has continued unabated, according the late Udo Ulfkotte, who came forward in his 2014 book, ‘Bought Journalism’. He claimed that he was controlled through bribery by the CIA to write US propaganda, rather than to report the actual news, throughout his 25+ year career as a leading journalist in Germany, a country which he described as “Still a [postwar] colony of the USA.” He also said that he was hardly alone among journalists in accepting such bribes.

Therefore, we can assume that since the early 1950s, not only have the TV news and the newspapers of record been pervaded by psychological warfare but so have been Hollywood films, comedy shows, art, music and “hip” news websites, such as BuzzFeed and Vox Media, the latter two being financially controlled by Comcast-NBC-General Electric, the major media, defense contractor and nuclear energy conglomerate.

In 1991, the CCF, which had since 1967 been financed by the Ford Foundation merged with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; the infamous incubators of a seemingly endless profusion of astroturf protest movements.

The CCF has been spectacularly successful at achieving its objectives. The same kind of show business people who, in the 1950s would have been blacklisted and had their careers destroyed by the former House Un-American Activities Committee have been re-purposed as tools of the Deep State.

The Neoliberal rebranding of Corporatism over the past decade has been as ironic as it has been demoralizing for the Progressive constituency in America – and all over the world. Progressives fail to grasp the pernicious role of the Central Bankers in everything discussed above and how their representatives have been totally compromised. These former embodiments of gender- and race discrimination (e.g., Hillary and Obama, etc.) have quietly morphed into the “front of the house” for the Military Industrial Complex, selling us the same Endless War that the Neocons were selling under Bush II.

Most Progressives, blindered by outdated ideology fail to see this. The Republican Party is in similar disarray, having been responsible for creating the most bloated Federal Government in history, in complete contradiction to its “small government” principles and in favor of war-profiteering and financially harvesting their constituents.

There is nothing new about “American Imperialism”, which I argue is not American, at all. The US government was fully hijacked by the Central Bankers in 1960, with the creation of OPEC and the Petrodollar to fight the Bankers’ wars for them; wars, which had nothing to do with the will of the American People. The US military has become the enforcer of a currency, to which its own government does not have the right to issue and the printing of which only creates more debt owed to the majority-share owners outside the U.S.

In the 21st century, the sheer scale of U.S. interventionist activities has metastasized to such a degree that they’ve become too large to conduct covertly, as was done during the 20th century. The resulting carnage is managed by simply by having the CIA-Banskter-controlled Mainstream Media not report on it.

Due to the lack of appropriate news coverage during the Obama Administration, few Americans are aware that the Former President’s drone war in Pakistan killed 4,000 civilians or that 12,000 civilians have been killed in the U.S.-backed “skirmish” between Saudi Arabia and Yemen since 2015. Few are aware that the U.S.-NATO 2011 “regime change” in Libya killed 40,000 civilians and displaced an additional 400,000 or that the U.S.’ proxy war with Russia in Syria has killed 500,000 civilians, displacing 12,000,000 Syrians within its borders, with another displaced 11,000,000 outside the border. Let’s not forget the 1,000,000 Iraqis killed in the Iraq war and the 500,000 Iraqis displaced by Operation Iraqi Freedom.

We’re not even counting the ongoing activities under Operation Enduring Freedom, the official name of the U.S.’ undeclared war in Afghanistan, which has expanded into the Philippines, Horn of Africa, the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, Trans-Sahara, Caribbean/Central America and into Kyrgyzstan. Since 2014, the U.S.’ opium field-guarding and heroin-processing activities in Afghanistan and Pa- kistan have been renamed “Operation Freedom’s Sentinel”.

At least one thing we can glean from all of this is to be wary of anything that the U.S. Government calls “Freedom”! The point is that we’re all the subjects of unrelenting psychological warfare; we’re savagely bombarded with Corporatist narratives, every day, all day. We’re caught up in this blaring propaganda echo chamber and as a result, most of us have lost touch with our own narratives about who we are and what we want to make of our lives.


This brings me to the subject of this book, The Voice: An Encrypted Monologue’ by former freelance TV journalists for CBS, ABC and PBS, Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald. Liz and Paul were the first American journalists allowed in Afghanistan, following the Soviet Invasion of 1979. The eBook can be purchased by clicking the banner above.

They were dumbfounded in their search for a satisfactory geopolitical explanation for the Soviet Invasion. Meanwhile, the TV networks’ Senior Producers prevented them from reporting the on-the-ground reality. Anything that strayed from the State Department’s narrative about the “Heroic, freedom-fighting Mujahedeen” would not be aired.

Unexpectedly, they began to gain deeper insights about Afghanistan’s “Graveyard of Empires” in the world of dreams. They began to experience what was occurring in Afghanistan and in their own lives from a mythic plane and from multiple dimensions.

These powerful experiences led them to the office of the late Dr. John Mack, then a tenured Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School – and that’s how we met.

I had gotten an appointment with Dr. Mack at his off-campus office at the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER). He was attempting to regress me about my numerous life-long UFO sightings, searching for evidence that might corroborate or contrast with the accounts of the many other UFO experiencers he was seeing. After two sessions with me, we found no evidence of abductions and his work with me was done. However, the director of his program was compelled to introduce me to Liz and Paul.

They were writing a novel about these multidimensional experiences, having already sold the rights to the non-fiction version of the story about their time in Afghanistan to film director, Oliver Stone. I ended up proof-reading that manuscript and 22 years later, here I am, writing the Foreword to this latest eBook edition to ‘The Voice: An Encrypted Monologue’.

The book is a piece of evidence, which takes the reader through their process. Although it reads like a multidimensional action thriller, which reaches from 1980s Afghanistan to Medieval Ireland, the core of their work is about regaining control of our personal narratives and to recover our authentic selves from all of this propaganda. Technology attempts to seduce us away from what is genuinely new; but when we take back the authority over our own state of mind, the mind control can’t work anymore.

As the big narrative collapses all around us, we need not get lost in the collapse but can instead realize that the power lies in being the authors of our own lives. It’s a genuinely positive message for people who are exhausted by the endlessly negative environment in which we are surrounded. It’s about snatching victory out of the maws of defeat and ending the mentality of revenge and retribution.

To buy the eBook, click on he banner, below:


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Accurate with regard to the reality of the voice. Really appreciated her, quite erudite, explanation and understanding of how beliefs about everything take root in us and are professed as absolute truths by some until faced with real proof to the contrary, i.e. Pedo-Priests.

    Excellent interview, Alex.

  • Thank you so much Alexandra for introducing me to such honorable, noble people Liz Gould and Paul Fitzgerald. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their story. They are not alone. Everyday myself and others are endevoring to create their own narrative and story.

    I cannot wait to read their book. I will order it today.

    This interview was a breath of fresh air. A welcome break from all the lies that we have been fed.

    • “The Banksters”, yeah, got it. But who are they really and what are the ultimately up to? Better check out The Barnes Review, American Free Press, Tomato Bubble. ASAP!

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