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    Some may find this scary because Hitler was also known to talk about “degenerate art”.

    Paul Joseph Watson, who is himself a Millennial goes on an incredible rant here about the state of debased conformity in modern-day pop culture and about the creative paralysis of his generation. I have often shared the exact same observations that he is making here and it’s a relief to see someone his age making these keen pronouncements with such conviction and vehemence, particularly because this piece doesn’t include some of the off-color, misogynistic and intolerant rants that he’s also known to make.


    As for his off-color comments, which receive lots of attention and opprobrium, I may be missing what it’s like to be in his shoes; to be a young man, around his early 30s, in this day and age. He appears to be very much an awakened witness to many of the psychological operations which I described in my own extended screed last night.

    I was contacted by Watson some 17 years ago, when I was writing this book. This was years before his association with Alex Jones, where he is now the Editor of InfoWars. He was already a fairly well-established blogger by then, when he was a just a teenager. From his Wikipedia page, he was living in a council estate (what Americans would call a housing project) in the North of England.

    Watson has been busting his ass as a writer, editor and now podcaster for nearly two thirds of his life.

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    • Personally, I see Miley and those like her as part of the bigger problem faced by our planet. Pushing boundaries is one thing. Participating in disgusting sexual displays (as she does) that normalize cannibalism and promote predatory acts against innocents is NOT art. It’s depravity. And we all know “what” seeks to remove ‘beauty, talent and the exaltation of human accomplishment’. Such qualities are born in the individual and individuals are difficult to keep in a neat box. Hence pop-culture, one more weaponized avenue for the network of groups we lump together under various names: Cabal, NWO, Deep State, et al.

      “When ugliness is venerated as beauty we know we are in the late stages of a civilization.” History speaks; can’t disagree. May the flames of pop-culture result in a Phoenix effect to further promote the evolution of awakening that is now in process.

    • I enjoyed his rant, but actually he might be over-romanticising previous generations’ attempts at art. I’m of the Generation X generation, and there was some good stuff, some bad. Today’s generation I’ve noticed has been largely turned off by the current nihilism and often expresses their creativity through blogs/vlogs and channels on YouTube, and so on.

      Plenty of the so-called counter-culture movements from the 50s onwards were themselves weaponised, just not quite in the same overtly sexualised way as today. Paul seems to be of the view that previous counter-cultures were somehow organic affairs not designed or contrived by big business to create new markets for themselves. I loved Nirvana, but weren’t they in there own way as nihilistic, and created/designed/marketed as any other mass movement? I don’t know for sure..

      He also makes the mistake of defining anything that is post-modern as being of no value; that isn’t always the case, although the Turner Prize is an absolute joke. David Hockney might be regarded as post modern, but his paintings and photography are as beautiful, uplifting and challenging as the best that any previous art movement has offered.

      I live in hope. Action and reaction are equal and opposite, but when that “reaction” to the current nihilism arrives, you can bet there will be money to be made because it will be a marketing operation. Meanwhile there are plenty of people of all ages sharing their art, paintings, photography, poetry, literature and journalism on-line. There is a lot of good stuff out there if you look for it. The Millennials are expressing themselves as creatively as anyone else, it’s just that their expressions are often communicated through this medium – the Internet, but if you don’t know where to look you won’t find it.


    • I definitely believe we are on a decline here. I wish I could remember where I heard this, but a professor had stated that when civilization is on the decline one sees the transgender movement coming approaching, I had never heard this before and don’t know how true that statement is. Decadence is here and I don’t see things getting any better anytime soon, when people worship money instead of spirit, things will always go bad, spirit is eternal and money isn’t even real….

    • And yes. Adolf Hitler made the same observations. The “book burning” was to destroy the very same filth – and much worse that PJW has featured here. He (Adolf Hitler) was not destroying great works of art or literature, but this is not the time nor place to elaborate in detail. I will say that there is a common thread between then and now. Do your own research and just see who are the prime “movers and shakers” behind this filth – be it pornography, “entertainment” etc, and you will have the key.

    • Alexandra.
      Your comment: “I have often shared the exact same observations that he is making here and it’s a relief to see someone his age making these keen pronouncements with such conviction and vehemence, particularly because this piece doesn’t include some of the off-color, misogynistic and intolerant rants that he’s also known to make”. Is IMHO, an observation of someone who has taken the “Red Pill”, but not yet totally understood what the implications of rampant “feminism”, “progressivism” and “anti-western sentiment” has wrought upon Western Society as a whole. Yes, he may come across as a bit crass from time to time, but after one digests the information in total context, his observations appear truthful – and we all know that sometimes the truth hurts.

      • Many of us have heard that Feminism was engineered, etc. to create competition in the workplace, such that an average household cannot get by on the income of ne breadwinner. There may be truth to this.

        But there is also truth in the fact that as recently as Victorian England, for example, a married woman had no rights. Her husband could divorce her, keep the children and she’d be out on the street. American women didn’t get the right to vote until 1918.

        Are you proposing that we return to that? I know a 32 year old White Nationalist who doesn’t believe that women should have the right to vote. He used to be a total Liberal, too. Not sure what happened to him. He was a father at 20 (with an ex-military half-Puerto-Rican woman, who’d herself grew up with no father) and he quickly found himself in a very abusive custody battle. He was very poor. I told him to seek counsel for the men’s rights organizations which exist in his city…7 years later, he’s gone from this super Liberal kid to a White Nationalist. The Millennial men who aren’t total Snowflakes turn into that, I guess.

        • I can add to your examples. In 1970 a female would not be granted a credit card unless her husband or her father signed for her to have it The reason given by business was that women were not responsible, which stats revealed was cultural BS forwarded by prejudiced men. Same for “women are bad drivers”. Another cultural myth blown away by stats. These are facts.

          (The “total liberal” turned White Nationalist sounds like a common extremist.)

    • Paul Watson, as usual you gave an excellent report of facts and truth. I am 73 years old and agree with everything you give your wisdom to. You are quite remarkable.

    • I have not heard Watson make misogynist rants. He frequently criticises ‘feminism’ which is not the same as contempt or hatred of women.

      • I disagree. He has focused inordinately on making especially disparaging videos about females. He has repeatedly made videos expressing hared for women, not just Feminism, IMHO.

        I am not a Snowflake.

      • Once upon a time there was a movement called “Women’s Liberation.” It became quite successful and there developed a necessity for “Mens Liberation.” Men’s Lib was highly successful for the small communities of men participating. At the same time mainstream media programming began humiliating men as stupid buffoons.
        Today the women’s movement often declares that exterminating or castrating men would make their lives much happier; this declares opposition (opposed sexes) and repels gentlemen from seeking closeness.

        • I haven’t been in touch with Women’s Lib since the ERA didn’t pass when I was very small. I was discriminated against in the workplace, my whole life until I started publishing this site.

          I think the original intent of Feminism against the oppression of women was a necessary phase, the same way that the Civil Rights- and Labor Rights movements were all natural movements combating oppression – but like everything else humans do, these have all become corrupted over time.

          I’m a supporter of Men’s Rights, Gay Rights, and all-around Human Rights, period.

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