Last Monday marked the fifth anniversary of the death of 33-year old journalist Michael Hastings, who was truly in a class of his own, as you will see when you watch these clips. There is no mainstream journalist today with such a deep grasp of policy, the mental agility, articulation and a steadfast commitment to the truth as he had.

It was widely reported that at 4:30AM on a Tuesday morning, he was traveling at 100 miles per hour and that his new Mercedes exploded when he hit a tree.

These statements however, were revealed to be lies on the surveillance video taken from a nearby business, which showed that the car was traveling at 35 mph and it appeared to burst into flames prior to hitting the tree. The car’s engine and drive train were found over 100 feet away – behind where the car hit the tree, a physical impossibility from such a collision. Multiple explosions were reported by residents living close to the event. Former National Security Adviser, Richard A Clarke told Huffington Post that the details of the crash were “consistent with a car cyber attack.”

Kim Dvorak of San Diego’s Channel 6 News did an in-depth investigation and found that Hastings had just received a hacked email from Stratfor VP of Intelligence, Fred Burton which stated that John Brennan, former Counterterrorism Czar and at that time the Director of Central Intelligence (after Petraeus was forced to resign) had called for a witch hunt on journalists, which resulted in the extensive wiretapping and email snooping of the Associated Press and FOXNEWS.

Hastings was working on a big story for Rolling Stone magazine and he alerted friends in a panicked email that the FBI was interviewing his close friends and associates and that it may be wise for them to “immediately request legal counsel before any conversations about our news-gathering practices.” WikiLeaks reported that Hastings had contacted them hours before his death.

The FBI initially denied they were investigating Hastings but soon backtracked and claimed they were investigating his reporting, not Hastings, himself.

Was Michael Hastings’ death an assassination of a US Citizen on US soil? Such an assassination could have been construed as “legal” under Obama’s National Authorization of Defense Act (NDAA) even if it were totally Unconstitutional.

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  • Americans have already been “conditioned” to accept premeditated murder which is happening more often than ever, thanks to ovomit’s un-Constitutional addition to the NDAA bill. — “Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.”~George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist.

  • Truly concerning when a DARPA program manager smilingly braggs up high tech ain’t it cool car hacking as if it is what it is suckers, gulp ‘er down fools.

    So, we have journalists murdered here in America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria et al, whistle blowers imprisoned and exiled, truth telling YT channels demonitized, censored and delisted and voices of reason and critique relegated to backwater media outlets.

    Along with the sock puppet MSM news repeaters and stenographers shielded by revised Smith-Mundt, the profundity in the contrast between land of the free, home of the brave and today’s carnival of lies, deceit and cowardice can only stun our Hearts and serve as fuel for those torches of truth and hopefully bring the pitchforks into SERIOUS PROD!

  • That car was hit by some type of energy weapon! Just look at this car! melted beyond a fire from a gasoline fire…murdered by the military!

  • Excellent report…clearly there are way, WA-A-AY too many coincidences for Mr. Hastings’s demise to be an accident.

    Welcome to the New World Order.

  • i witnessed the aftermath of this in my neighborhood, the amount of collateral damage to the street and other signs and trees was incredible. there was a block of complete damage littered in the middle of LA. The amount of time given too the damage caused was not in alignment.

  • I saw a video not long after the fact showing the explosion as a brilliant flash of light. Exploding gas tanks don’t flash, they explode in a fire ball.


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