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After transcribing 4 hours of interviews with John Mark Dougan conducted by Sarah Westall and Jason Goodman, I’m fairly well convinced that Seth Rich was part of the group that published the DCLeaks website and supplied WikiLeaks with the DNC Email Archive. The group included at least one person who worked at US Cyber Command in Fort Meade and the group referred to itself as Guccifer 2.0.

John Mark Dougan’s story is a bombshell that proves once and for all that the Mueller Investigation is a fraud. It also opens up a lot of questions about who was associated with Seth Rich and the DNC leaks.

John Mark Dougan, a Palm Beach County Police Officer and publisher of whistleblower websites was originally contacted by Seth Rich in February 2016. On March 13, 2016, he received a dump from Seth of between 740-750 emails stolen from the DNC. The following morning, the FBI raided Dougan’s home and seized all of his computers and phones.

This FBI seizure apparently stemmed from Dougan’s previous whistleblowing activities exposing corruption in numerous police departments. He had been under FBI surveillance for several months and was not arrested during the seizure. The following week, Dougan had his aunt rent him a car, which he drove straight to DC, where he met briefly with Seth Rich at 4:00AM on the street next to Washington Metropolitan High School. Seth gave Dougan a thumb drive containing the DNC emails. Dougan then drove straight back to Florida.

Almost immediately, Dougan began planning his escape from the US, which involved a blonde wig he took from his mother and a getaway car provided by a friend, which he drove to Toronto, from where he boarded a flight to Turkey and then another to Moscow. He arrived in Russia on April 7, 2016 and has since obtained political asylum.

Less than two weeks after his arrival in Moscow, Dougan set up the DCLeaks domain on a Malaysian server and he uploaded the original dump of emails he’d received on Seth’s thumb drive. While monitoring the site’s users, he was able to determine that one worked at Cyber Command (part of the DoD and affiliated with NSA) when that member forgot to use his Tor proxy while logging in. Dougan communicated with this individual several more times because the Malaysian server kept crashing and they discussed migrating the site to a different host. In this interview with Jason Goodman, Dougan also says that this group had discussed using the Guccifer name.

After early July, Dougan never heard from the group again and he became overwhelmed with starting a new life in Moscow with no money and no language skills. Dougan didn’t learn of Seth Rich’s identity until December, at the same time he learned of his suspicious murder. He immediately called the DC Metro Police to speak to a detective and to offer to send them Seth Rich’s email dump, but the moment he said he had evidence in the Seth Rich murder, the detective hung up on him. He called back and Dougan says it was evident that the department didn’t want any information to come out about the case.

The DCLeaks website was very active through August 2016, publishing several large dumps, including 2,576 files related to the internal work plans, strategies, priorities of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, resulting in several damaging reports about the organization. Twitter temporarily suspended DCLeaks’ account without explanation and they were forced to take down the Soros piece. The mysterious group has since allowed the domain to expire and their last tweet was in December 2016.

Dougan is adamant that Imran Awan, who was in charge of IT for the DNC would be in a position to know who breached the DNC servers and downloaded the emails. He finds it very suspicious that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz not only didn’t fire him after numerous breaches but also seemed to be helping him to flee to Pakistan before he was arrested in July 2017. Dougan says, “It seems to me that they wanted him to leave because he knew something.”


JG: You met him here [on the street next to the basketball court of Washington Metropolitan High School], he physically handed you a thumb drive that you then took with you to Russia, ultimately.

JMD: Yeah. I made it to Russia April 7th is when I finally got there and about a week and a half later, I set up a website for him to post. I did the first dump for him and they were gonna start posting the records –

JG: That was DCLeaks

JMD: Right, that was DCLeaks, yeah.

JG: Mm-hmm. Okay, now so I have been very skeptical – are you familiar with the story of Seth Rich’s murder, right? How did you come to realize that the person you met with was very probably Seth Rich?

JMD: Yeah, I saw a picture…but that wasn’t until almost 2017, because you know, I don’t watch the news here. Well, it’s in Russian. I don’t speak Russian so –

JG: And did you speak to Seth again after the drop?

JMD: I spoke to him a couple more times on Wicker. They had uploaded some more files…I’ve set up a couple of websites on Shinjiru which is a web hosting company in Malaysia and that’s where I had set his up and the reason I choose them is because you know, cryptocurrency can actually be tracked, it’s a wives’ tale that it can’t be.

But I was able to set up hosting using Western Union. You can just write a fake name and send money through Western Union.

JG: I want to take you back to this panda thing. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but since Seth’s alleged death, which I still question – now you, of course were a police officer, so you can comment on this from your professional experience. There’s been no police investigation of the murder. There’s been no autopsy report. No death certificate. No ballistic report and so we’ve had many people in law enforcement say that type of thing never happens and there’s all that stuff –

JMD: That is strange.

JG: There’s all the strange stuff surrounding Seth’s death. Now, what we’re looking at, right here is a picture of a bicycle rack outside the DNC office complex. Have you ever seen this before? There’s a sign right here that is a plaque this bicycle rack is dedicated to Seth Rich and what almost seems like a bizarre, possibly mocking-type of thing.

It says, “This bike rack is dedicated to Seth Rich, son of Omaha fierce fighter for voting rights, devoted Democrat, friend to all including Panda. Who left us too soon.” What is Panda do you know what that is? Is that an artificial intelligence?

JMD: I don’t know

JG: What was he wearing when you met him? Did he have any panda-related clothing on?

JMD: It was really early, 4:00, maybe blue jeans and a t-shirt, far as I could remember like a long-sleeve t-shirt maybe a sweatshirt. It wasn’t anything that stuck out.

JG: So, he wasn’t wearing his 4th of July – nothing like this? [Shows the well-known picture of Seth Rich].

So, what do you think is the next step? Can this information that you have be somehow used to learn more about how or why Seth may or may not have been killed? I mean, it is very strange what’s going on with the investigation or

JMD: Yeah, I don’t know. I’m so far away from everything now and you know, I’ve read a couple things now and I’ve seen some very strange things happening with the DNC, like another guy who would have been in a position to catch Seth Rich happened to be that Pakistani IT guy…

JG: Imran Awan?

JMD: Yeah and mysteriously, he was let to transfer a whole bunch of cash overseas and then he was like getting ready to freaking to escape to Pakistan.

JG: Did you meet with him? How do you know this about this Pakistani IT guy?

JMD: I read that [on the Internet]…it was very strange that he was not fired. And the question is, why? I can only…engage in conjecture but it seems to me that they wanted him to leave because he knew something.

JG: They wanted Imran to leave because he knew something.

JMD: Absolutely, yeah. I mean, it makes sense to me. Like I said, he would have been in the position to figure out who was taking the emails from DNC servers.

JG: Of course. Do you still have these Wicker messages from Seth Rich? Do you remember when the last time you heard from him was or what the content of the message was?

JMD: I lost most of them when the FBI took my phone and then when I got here, I went out with my friends and I got a little snockered. Drinking is kind of big here in Russia and I had too much samogon [russian moonshine] and I accidentally fell asleep in a bathtub with the phone on my stomach.

JG: Wow.

JMD: So I don’t I don’t have that anymore.

JG: Do you remember when the last time you heard from Seth was? He was murdered in July of 2016, if I’m remembering correctly.

JMD: Yeah, it was late June or early July.

JG: Wow. So, you were in touch with him pretty much, right up till July 10th, 2016 is the attributed date of death.

JMD: Yeah. Again, I don’t recall exactly when it was. My last contact with him, I didn’t have a lot of contact with him, though after that.

I had more contact with the guy who was helping him who inadvertently I found out worked for the US Cyber Command and I say inadvertently because on these Shinjuru servers, sometimes I would check the SSH login logs and of course, when you log in under SSH which is like getting into an administrator prompt for Linux…and I would check the logs, just to see who tried logging in and this guy always used a like a Tor, a proxy to log in.

JG: The Cyber Command guy.

JMD: Yeah. But one day, he didn’t and I figured maybe he was in a rush or he was being sloppy and…the IP address came back to the US Cyber Command out of Maryland. Fort Meade.

JG: It came out of Fort Meade. Did you ever hear this person’s voice or you just saw his logins –

JMD: No, no, no – I never heard his voice…and I say “him”, I guess that’s kind of sexist. It could have been a her. I just assumed it was a guy.

Hmm, I wonder if he was over six feet tall?

JMD: I don’t know. Why?

JG: People in the audience will get it [joke about George Webb].

It’s fascinating it’s fascinating, John. This story is really and I like it that we’ve got you sort of on the move through Moscow, here. It really gives it a cloak-and-dagger kind of a feel.

JMD: If I would have known that, I would have done it from in front of the Kremlin! [Laughs].

JG: So, people are saying…it’s been speculated that Seth rich had some kind of direct link through Imran but of course what you’re telling us about that is just stuff that you’ve read from the Internet, not your firsthand experience.

JMD: Well, no, I don’t I don’t have any knowledge that he had any contact with him what I’m saying is – I’m sorry, what’s the what’s the guy’s name?

JG: Imran Awan.

JMD: So, Awan would have been in a position to find out who was taking these emails.

JG: Right…so, he would have been in the position to know who had breached the system downloaded these emails, logs, etc.

JMD: Absolutely, absolutely I was reading about you know how this guy, he was suspected of taking all this money, stealing all this stuff and that well, then that Wasserman-Schultz lady was actively helping him try to get to Pakistan.

I was just scratching my head thinking, “Well, why in the Hell would somebody do that?” and then it dawned on me, well this is a guy who could have been in a position to figure out who was taking the emails.

JG: Right right and these emails obviously lead to information detailing excessive and possibly massive crimes. They’re still ongoing concerns about Imran Awan. He hasn’t been charged in the United States yet he’s there have been a number of hearings and things along those lines and his defense attorneys are basically pretty nervous. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this video but here’s Imran a from a status hearing, back in October, refusing discuss what he might have had hidden in the shed at 4809 Sprayer Street and of course remember, his defense defense team, they’re Jesse Winograd –

JMD: Honestly, I don’t know anything about the case, right, not a thing…I haven’t been following it…frankly, I’m just too busy to be watching TV, although I do try to catch episodes of Homeland and Billions.

JG: So John, what can you say about Guccifer 2.0? A lot of people you know this whole Russia hacking story surrounds –

JMD: I’m fairly certain it was a collective of people and the reason I say that is because, one of the things that I did on my site; I had five moderators on my website and I made everybody use the same login and I had a reason for that.

What happens is, as an investigator, you start looking for patterns and if you start seeing somebody posting at 2:00 in the morning right, 3:00 in the morning then you know okay, well if this guy’s a cop…and he’s posting at two or three in the morning all the time, you know that he’s probably working the night shift and you can start using clues like that to narrow it down but when you have a bunch of people, then you don’t really have so many patterns. Now, everybody’s pattern is different and they’re all incorporating in the same login and I had told these guys you know when I was setting up the site that you know they should do something they should they should share the same login for whatever they were doing.

They had mentioned using the Guccifer name and I don’t I don’t have a solid knowledge that it was definitely them…people have said well it seems to be like different people posting as Guccifer and seemed like it would make sense.

JG: Okay, I think there’s a lot more to explore here. Do you still have those files? Will you be uploading them anywhere? I mean, where can we go with this, John? How can your information be used to possibly help learn more about who may have killed Seth Rich or what was contained – do you think all of the files that he had have come out through WikiLeaks? Have you had any contact with WikiLeaks or Julian Assange?

JMD: Well, I’m friends with people that are friends with him and that’s…because…I was having problems with the servers…right after I set them up and probably in maybe May or maybe June…is when I put them in contact together. Because if…the servers at DCLeaks, the Shinjiru servers weren’t gonna be reliable for them and kept crashing and there is no sense to keep using it, if they had a different outlet so, no and I didn’t have a lot of time to be screwing around with it, as I said I was poor. I’m still poor.

JG: Right. Do you think that this Bad Volf persona was contributing to Cyber Command targeting you or is this Gawker article maybe probably just trying to bolster this ridiculous “Russia hacked” shenanigans?

JMD: I don’t know…but I played it up pretty good.

JG: 209,000 people have read this article since 2016.

So, back to WikiLeaks for a second. Did you ever communicate with Craig Murray? Do you know if he was Professor X?

JMD: Where do you get the name professor X from?

JG: It’s coming in the comments here. Someone wants to ask about Professor X.

JMD: Yeah that’s my well, yeah. I’m not gonna comment on it.

JG: Okay, no problem. So, you never spoke with Craig Murray? Boy there’s so many questions. I think we may be coming close to the time where you need to eat some wings and perhaps we need to ruminate on some of the things you’ve shared with us and possibly come back.

I’d love to invite you back, John. I really appreciate your willingness to speak with me. This is really amazing. You’re probably the first person we’ve spoken to who has had first-hand contact with Seth Rich. I did get a chance to speak to Craig Murray in London but he said he never met Seth Rich.

Have you ever dealt with Seth’s brother, Aaron Rich?

JMD: No, I have not.

JG: Any contact from anyone investigating the murder of Seth Rich since this all happened?

JMD: Never, never. No, I actually called – after I found out about this, I called the Baltimore – DC Metro Police and I was gonna offer to give them the email dump but Dude, they freaking hung up on me when I told them.

JG: What? That’s crazy!

JMD: I talked to the detective for like two seconds. I said, “Hey, I have possible information about the Seth Rich case,” and the guy hung up on me.

JG: See, that’s strange, as well there’s obviously –

JMD: Yeah, it is strange. They do not want information coming out about it.

JG: They don’t even want to investigate it. I did an interview with Rod Wheeler…

JMD: As a cop, right, even if I thought somebody was a crackpot, I’d at least give him a few minutes to hear what they had to say because you never know. Even crackpots can break your case, right?

So, even if they thought I was some kind of crackpot just because I said I have I have positive information –

JG: You’d think they’d want to hear it, at least.

JMD: No…they didn’t listen to anything other than that I mean they didn’t listen my background, listen to anything they just hung up.

JG: It’s crazy. You know, it’s almost one year to the day since this interview with Rod Wheeler was published. Rod Wheeler, of course is a former DC Metro PD Detective.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, John but the woman who was the Chief of Police; her name escapes me right now but she left weeks after Seth Rich – after the murder. Lanier…the chief of police left within weeks of the murder. Cathy Lanier, right.

JMD: Yeah that’s strange, that’s true. Well, I mean maybe she just you know could be coincidence maybe she it’s time to retire…

JG: It could be a coincidence for sure. It could be coincidence that they don’t want evidence, it could be a coincidence that Rod Wheeler was told to stand down in the investigation; any of these things was he could be coincidences but it just seems like a lot of coincidences.

JMD: Oh, was he? Did he say that he was told to stand down?

JG: He was told not to investigate.

JMD: Oh, that is bizarre. Yeah, there’s something up with that.

JG: Any time I saw something having to do with Seth Rich comes up it is shrouded in bullshit.

Well anyway, John I appreciate your time. I definitely want to invite you back in the future, my friend and I hope you will enjoy your wings, there. I really apologize for the time confusion…

JMD: So, look, there’s a lot of information in my book and it’s gonna come out in two weeks although not only this but a lot of other information and people really should read it because it’s very eye-opening.

JG: What’s the URL for the website, where people can buy the book?

JMD: It’s at and the title of the book is ‘Bad Volf’.

JG: My guest of course is John Mark Dougan a Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office whistleblower who was relentlessly pursued by the FBI, by the Palm Beach Police and he’s an honest cop who has been driven out of the United States and is in voluntary exile in Moscow, Russia.

Are you fearful, at all John, that you might be extradited?

JMD: No, they won’t – they can’t extradite me from here because there’s no extradition with Russia. However, they did arrest four guys that work for the government, here because the CIA bribed them to provide information about me.

JG: Whoa. So they’re pursuing you. Wow.

JMD: They’re lookin’…

JG: Wow, John thank you so much for joining us. Enjoy the wings there at Hooters in Moscow. I’m saying, “Spasiba,” my friend and “Pakka dasvidaniya”

JMD: Dasvidaniya.

JG: Take care. We’ll talk to you soon, John I appreciate it tremendously.

JMD: Okay, thanks.

JG: ‘Bye. Amazing conversation with John Mark Dougan. Mind is blown…



• February 2016: John Mark Dougan Contacted by Seth Rich

• March 13 2016: John Mark Dougan Receives 740-750 DNC emails from Seth Rich

• March 14 2016: FBI raids John Mark Dougan’s home, seizes his computers.

• March 20-ish? 2016: John Mark Dougan drives straight to DC, meets with Seth Rich at 4AM, who gives him a thumb drive with DNC emails and he drives straight back to FL.

• April 7 2016: John Mark Dougan arrives in Moscow.

• April 19 2016: John Mark Dougan sets up the anonymous website, DCLeaks with hosting in Malaysia, tells Seth Rich and his group that it’s their job to manage it.

• Late June 2016, Guccifer 2.0 informs reporters to visit the DCLeaks website for emails stolen from Democrats.

• On July 1 2016, DCLeaks releases the emails of four-star General Philip Breedlove, the former NATO supreme commander in Europe. The emails allegedly show that Breedlove sought to overcome President Barack Obama’s reluctance to escalate military tensions with Russia over the war in Ukraine in 2014.

• July 10 2016, Seth Rich is reported murdered. There is no investigation, no autopsy report, no death certificate, no ballistic report.

• July 22 2016, WikiLeaks publishes additional stolen emails; more than 150,000 stolen emails from either personal Gmail addresses or via the DNC that were related to the HRC 2016 Presidential campaign.

• August 12 2016, DCLeaks released roughly 300 emails from Republican targets, including the 2016 campaign staff of Arizona Senator John McCain South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and and 2012 presidential candidate and former Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. The release included 18 emails from the Illinois Republican Party.

• August 12 2016, DCLeaks released information about more than 200 Democratic lawmakers, including their personal cellphone numbers. The numerous crank calls that Hillary Clinton received from this disclosure along with the loss of her campaign’s email security caused a very severe disruption of her campaign which subsequently changed their contact information on October 7, 2016, by calling each of her contacts one at a time.

• August 12 2016, the press reported that the DNC had been breached for nearly a year, from the summer 2015 and the other in April 2016. The attacker was knocked out of its network during the weekend of June 11 and 12, 2016.

• August 15 2016, DCLeaks released 2,576 files predominately related to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. The leak included the Foundation’s internal work plans, strategies, priorities and other worldwide activities by Soros.

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  • Seth Rich was a hero, as are Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. National Secrecy MUST end, as MUST the war oil machine.

    And we gotta stop these pedophiles..

    As for the false flag crisis actors? If they admit their participation, then some forgiveness may be earned.

    The rest? Off with their fucking heads!

  • There will be no civil war. It’s doubtful there will be an impeachment in the House, and if so, there will be no conviction in the Senate. The best thing is to politically put the brakes on Trump’s plutocratic agenda of “power to the rich and super rich.”

    The fact that this Dougan got asylum in Russia is not surprising since he’s obviously pro-Trump, It states he had no money, so how’s he supporting himself over there? Who’s paying his living expenses? It isn’t answered. Very suspicious.

    If Trump is so innocent of any wrong doing, why has he not shown his tax returns? All the other Presidential candidates did, including the Clintons. Why are his allies in congress and his attorney team, headed by Giuliani, constantly attacking the Mueller investigation if Trump has done nothing wrong?

    I say because they know there will be bombshell revelations down the road and they want to undermine it’s credibility even before it comes out. Giuliani has admitted that his loud mouth tactics are to undermine it.

    Some keep saying that “Trump won the election, the other side lost, so just sit down and shut up.” Well, Richard Nixon won the election over McGovern in 1972 by a much wider margin than Trump’s win. The people and Congress and the Dept. of Justice have a right to hold our President accountable for corrupt actions, no matter how large the President’s victory was,

      • I don’t know what you mean by “born and bred.”

        That aside, that article refers to his “property taxes” NOT his IRS income tax form, which he said was under audit. Well, the IRS confirmed that he could legally show his under audit tax form, with no problem, but he still refused and has to this day.

        Sorry, I wouldn’t believe a word this Dougan guy says, since he has to curry favor with the Russian government to continue his asylum status. Of course, he’s going to deflect blame from Russia doing any hacking during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

        • Kind of simplistic, Nationalistic thinking there Mike.

          Trump’s money is as questionable as anyone’s, but the Bush & Clinton Crime families are much more complicit, regardless of their paper trail.

          Don’t be so naive to believe ANYTHING you see on the web – it’s mostly un-referenced, un-provenanced horse shit. However, Alexandra does her best to vet her material. She may get the odd one or two wrong, and immediately admits it. A much better, more ethical pertain than ANY politician.

          To believe any politician is tantamount to stupidity – they are all liars.

  • Iowa rep mentioned that the us is in a soft civil war phase right now. if November goes bad mabey it moves up a notch to hard civil war.

    • If the DS impeaches Trump, I predict there would be a violent civil response. It would create a real civil war. They need to stop, already. They lost.

    • Was your rep CIA?

      It’s exactly what they are trying to create to usher in the New World Order and take over our government.

      If we falter to this new low now, the result will be no more civil rights and America will then cease to be. When we talk about it, seeds propagate and grow into that reality.

      • Huh? The surveillance and the horrible police-machine-state was cemented by Obama, who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s rights, black, white, brown – don’t matter – he don’t care.

        No president has ever cared less about you than multiple-generation CIA agent, “Obama”.

        His job was to advance noxious US military advances into the Middle East inaugurated by Dubya (the dread Bush-Mafia). He droned babies all over the planet. How can anyone think this man was a good president? He is one of the most evil humans on this Earth.

  • “metro” forces are connected to Agenda 21. In my small town, a metro officer was arrested for child trafficking. They were there in Las Vegas to take over the narrative, just as they were in DC.

  • It’s all so eerily like the 90’s and the Clinton White House years with people dieing all around them and people disappearing the foreign countries so they couldn’t be compelled to testify.

    Unfortunately for honest democrats and those who might want to lead the party away from the likes of the Clintons, the dirt piled up by them, and the dems insistence on Hillary as their candidate, is way too much to consider EVER voting for another dem. The party is the mob.

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