We all need a little Hope P*rn now and then. The last time I posted some Hope P*rn, I received many calls for more of this kind of sanguine content.

It’s hard to find good Hope P*rn, that isn’t overly “pie-in-the-sky”. A subscriber sent this to me today and I think it does an amazing job of summing up our current situation in the early 21st century, our current “covert war of Biblical proportions” and how we got here. I’ve heard iterations of this story and it may be true.

Regular readers of FKTV know that I have not been pushing the “Q Drops”. I wouldn’t be able to tell you where to find the authentic Q material. An internet search will tell you that Q posts can be found on a variety of sites, like 8chan.net, qanonposts.com, qanon.pub, etc. Whether rightly or wrongly, I smelled a rat late last year and I’d long since stopped paying attention to anonymous posters telling me what was “really” going on within the Deep State and the Trump White House. Give me a break, right?

Yet, people I respect say that there is – or was – something to these posts. One story says that originally, the Q posts were genuine but that Q got taken over and now the whole exercise is a psychological operation. Under the circumstances, even the most hard-bitten Q fan might understand why I would be instinctively repelled by the pursuit of any of this.

But the most astounding thing happened this week. I was made aware of the story of John Mark Dougan, who was instrumental to creating the DCLeaks website that was used by Guccifer 2.0 to leak emails from the DNC and certain Globalist Republicans, as well as the position papers of George Soros’ Open Society. Dougan had inadvertently discovered that a member of the DCLeaks collective calling itself Guccifer 2.0 was working from inside the Cyber Command garrison at the Fort Meade NSA complex, when he or she forgot to use their anonymizing proxy to login.

The implications of this are HUGE: Someone from within the US Cyber Command was working with Seth Rich and others, under the guise of Guccifer 2.0 to undermine the Clinton campaign and the agendas of other nefarious Globalists (!)

Which brings me back to Q, of which this video purports to tell the story. It shows fleeting images of former DIA Director, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and former NSA Director, Admiral Michael S Rogers, painting them as White Hats who care deeply about humanity. On May 4, 2018, Rogers retired from his posts at NSA and at US Cyber Command, positions he’d held since April 3, 2014.

This piece proceeds to outline “The Plan”, in which “Good Patriots in the US military and their global partners” took back control of NSA and asked Trump to run for the presidency so they could take back control of the US legitimately. The piece tells how this sophisticated Plan has shocked the Cabal, who never saw it coming and who quickly set about mobilizing “their full arsenal of intelligence, media, money and technology [Google, Facebook, etc.] to try and take back power, [using their] people at the top of the DOJ and FBI [to] put together a plan to frame Trump and have him impeached.”

This is where we come back to the NSA. Again, all messages are stored by them and could be used to expose this plot. This video says Q is part of this; that the white hats at NSA are behind Q. Was one of these White Hats a part of Guccifer 2.0?

I won’t spoil the rest! True or false, it’s hope p*rn and sometimes we gotta have it.

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  • Sigh, i fell for it – better minds than mind deconstruct this psych op:
    As readers have surmised, I am intrigued if not alarmed by the Q phenomenon, which I believe to be a classic, though highly sophisticated psy-op. My two previous articles appear here and here.

    What has captured my attention with this phenomenon is not only the sophistication of it, but also that it has often been very difficult to track them back to the precise moment at which they were launched.

    Additionally, there is the resemblance to and connection with religion – primarily the Big Four (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) – both in the message of Q and in its means of propagation through the general culture.

    For the complete article go here: http://augenguy.blogspot.com/

  • Aleister Crowley said that you can carry out rituals on a mass scale by involving the general public without their knowledge by using the (then) newly-discovered mass media to induce certain emotions at the right time and in the right order. To this I would add: making people use words and expressions contrived using advanced talismanological techniques, and inducing those emotions subliminally without the subjects being aware that they have these emotions. The video is a great example of that. It uses a background of Thomas Begersen’s “Colours of Love” or some other album to induce emotion beneath the liminal awareness boundary. Q Anon may have been for real at one point but it’s just more fake news, along with fake words and expressions like “regime change” “climate change” “earth changes” “sex change” “loose change” et al. Similarly, you got words linked with “identity,” “studies,” “denial” that are also designed to elicit specific preprogrammed responses. Crowley’s Book 777 should be re-written today with deeper layers added, not just numerological ones. For starters, INTERNET = 619.
    On a wholly unrelated note: neither “hope” nor “optimism” are actually virtues.

    • Thank you for articulating some great information that I will have to evaluate, as I feel a lot resonance with what you are saying. I think that perhaps in simpler terms, a la New Age terms, you’re talking about “global consciousness being used to facilitate global co-creation at the quantum level.” Affirmations on steroids, i.e. mass affirmations by masses of people, all co-creating our present reality. If we could oush more peace, love, happiness and balance that could actually start changing things.

      • A couple of typos … webmaster needs to install Disqus … it sucks not being able to edit a post.

      • So what you’re basically saying is that mind control can be used for good purposes as well as evil ones. Yes, but most mind control is actually exerted on people by themselves. Conformity is the number one culprit and one of the ways that conformity manifests itself is FASHION and zeitgeist, and one of the ways that fashion manifests is in figures of speech and speech conventions. An American would say “I THINK you’re right,” but an eastern European would say “I SUSPECT that you’re right.”
        That changes the tone a bit. Lately, I’ve noticed that people stopped using the word “totalitarian,” and in its place use “left-wing.” This is misleading because not only is there no such thing as a right-wing totalitarian system, all communist countries regard themselves as right-wing and DEMOCRATIC! As in Deutsche Demokratische Republik and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
        These days, any activists that protest against (basically) anything are called right-wing but that’s because the global west has moved so far to the left it would have been unimaginable to someone living in the 1920s with speech codes, incessant surveillance, and conformity. Nowadays, people think that if they get a tattoo or a piercing that they’re being non-conformists but just TRY walking into a bank and ask to open an account denominated in Euros (if you live in the USA). In other words, superficial freedom is everywhere, but real freedom, such as financial and medical freedom is nonexistent.
        If people realised this, the zeitgeist might change.

  • Which is based on substance, hopey changey 0bama crapola, or QAnon?

    You decide. Today’s post, for example:

    It must happen. Conspiracy no more.
    Think of every post made.
    It would force us to prove everything stated to avoid looking crazy, correct?
    What do they fear the most?
    Public awakening.
    If they ask. They self destruct.
    They know this is real. See attacks.
    The build is near complete. Growing exponentially.
    You are the frame.
    You are the support.
    People will be lost.
    People will be terrified.
    People will reject.
    People will need to be guided.
    Do not be afraid. We will succeed.
    Timing is everything.
    Think Huber.
    Think DOJ/FBI reorg.
    Think sex/child arrests / news.
    Think resignations (loss of control).
    How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?
    It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).
    We are the majority (growing). WW.
    Sheep no more. TOGETHER.

  • I bet there’s loads of insider people mobilising against the dark side. So exciting! I want to know more!

  • My goodness! I’m blown away by the erudition in each point of view expressed here. Fantastic! I love you guys!

  • Many people love subcontracting. Same people riding some “hope porn” bus, often by the same people. They get “superficially” to know each other, cozy those bus rides you could say. All the while not coming in their own which is the point. Today’s site seeing thru internet is at an all time high if not an outright addiction.

    It is not about riding in group in some one else bus with no say in destination, not even about driving a bus but driving yourself “alone”. Only a full individuated person can extend a hand to an other human and teach to become a full individuated person.

    No mystery that you need a culture for that!
    Sad to say, culture is exactly what so many think needs renewing, amended or thrown away all together.

  • Honestly I was skeptical for a long time on this issue, but I believe something unusual is going on here. If you really take a look at it over time, there seems to be some substance to it. I would caution all to keep an open mind and to investigate further before dismissing out of hand. Is it really so hard to believe that ther are good guys (gals) out there who may have a plan to avert planetary disaster. If there is even a s,mall chance that these folks exist, isn’t it worth looking into it in more detail. This vid was a trailer of what the real Q show seems to be about. Look into it and just maybe it will be something that you can support. Hope porn or not. Anything positive these days is worth considering for support.

  • I have been a truth seeker my whole life. Q drops are leading people to information and truth long covered up. Discount it if you wish. Some of us have been aware of it, and an alliance working behind the scenes in our intel and military to overthrow the cabal for years. The criminals have dug their own grave. This time they will not escape. Your calling it “hope porn” disappoints me. Supporters of Q are showing up enmass at Trump rallies and being recognized by our president. This is just one more piece of proof that the Q drops are real. There are many. Since you haven’t been following them, or the very good analysis by people like JustInformed Talk or Praying Medic, please don’t discount them. Q was briefly high jacked a number of times, and had to change his trip codes. At that time, he was discredited by Alex Jones and Dr Jerome Corsi. Q also warned against following those who were using this movement for strictly financial gain/ego, causing some doing so to discredit him. He continues on. He has proven to be right, in my opinion. I have been a serious researcher of all the things mentioned in the above video for 30 years. I use great discernment…..as much as possible. This day of reckoning has been long overdue…..we have been waiting. This is not a hoax, it is not a dream, it is not a half baked fantasy. It is the Great Awakening of humanity to truth, and the light overcoming the dark. For those who cannot grasp it, stay sleeping. When the leftist MSM has gone to such lengths to discredit this as one giant” right wing conspiracy theory”, as they have in the past few weeks, you should be looking harder at what it is they don’t want you to know.


    Did you think this day was never coming, and that evil would rule forever? I always find it funny when those who purport to want something, claim it isn’t real when it finally reaches their doorstep. For those who seek truth, original daily posts @ qanon.pub.

    • noreen, thank you for your post.

      I’ve been following (lurking) on Q posts since November and I saw what Alex & Corsi tried to do.

      I know from my own analysis that what you say is 100% correct.

      It’s fine that people call it what they do if they are truly in search of the truth. They’ve been set up and knocked down so many times in life by the psychopaths that it truly is hard to believe.

      Those folks will come aboard when they see what they need to see.

      God Bless the USA as it used to be and as it will once again shortly be, thanks to these fine warriors of the truth and justice.

      May all of the psychotics and thugs roast in a cell the rest of their filthy rotten days on earth.

    • I understand what you’re saying but then why are the Q posts so cryptic when someone eventually figures out every one of them? Why is that a necessary literary technique? If I read a recipe, or a product manual, or directions, or a news report, it’s not supposed to be cryptic. The only people who write in rebuses like that are little kids and drunk people, and it’s certainly not impossible for a kid to spoof an IP address and make it look like it was leaked accidentally. That’s one of the reasons why I think Q is a Joker. The other reason is the fact that none of the Q Drops are real revelations. We, the people already have ALL the facts! It’s just that most people are too tied up with the status quo and don’t want to lose their jobs and end up under a bridge, for example. Or they live in repressive regimes where certain opinions are punished with jail time. Evil wins when good people do nothing, but the reasons they do nothing are way more complex than mere lack of virtue.
      Only by DISCONNECTING from the system can you have the independence to make a difference. Start with using cryptos (decentralised currency) or become an e-resident of Estonia (decentralised citizenship) or get off the grid (decentralised power), or put an 8-meter B-band satellite dish in your yard and get free internet access (decentralised information) or whatever you can do. If EVERYBODY did SOMETHING we’d have a critical mass to effect real change in the real world and not just cyberspace, and that’s a hopeful concept, although, like I said, hope is not a virtue.

  • WTF, this is a Lets kiss Trumps ass some more video. He is no better than the past others. All BS, why is Hillary still free and not in jail. Q is a joke.
    God would NOT be blessing America, if he is real.

    • I completely agree. Americans always equate Americanness with Godliness, as did every empire before them. German 3rd Reich soldiers had “Gott mit Uns” (“God (is) with us”) on their belt buckles, and the medieval western Roman Empire called itself the Holy Roman Empire. Why would God bless ONLY America when He created ALL people from ALL countries?
      That’s classical arrogance. So is the fact that citizens of the USA call themselves Americans, when Mexicans are just as entitled to refer to themselves as Americans. It’s even called the United States of Mexico in Spanish and their constitution is the same as the United States one. They even have their own “Distrito Federal,” analogous to the District of Columbia (Columbia, the folkloric “goddess” of that continent).

  • As I too see all this as a ‘school play’ (tks George Webb for that handle), my initial question is that since enn essss ayy has ALL the dope transmitted by ALL electronic means, and that TPTSB have deep paranoia afixed to all things down to even my level of critique, is it possible that they missed this complex bit of organizing?
    Seems unlikely…therefore, the raised eyebrow requires way more exposure of the ‘innerds’ of this beast of deception before getting too ‘hopey changey’.

  • Please do not give away your inner/personal power to Trump or any outside influence of this massive corrupt system. Stay strong! Believe in you’re personal power, cultivate the inner self that knows truth!

  • Q is an element of psychological warfare not to be trusted.

    Life on this planet has always been at war with itself and until life as we know it ends it will always be at war with itself. Hope porn is a psychological narcotic for children who believe in the impossible and it leads to disappointment and other more hurtful outcomes.

    Some believe mankind is perfectible, I do not share in that belief. Corruption is natural in this mode of existence, it can only be controlled sometimes at great sacrifice. The history of mankind is a history of warfare with brief periods of relative peace while repositioning for the next major conflict. The old adage that crime doesn’t pay is hope porn. Crime pays, but it’s a high risk occupation. Still, most crime goes unpunished because of cowardice.

    Crime is presently enjoying a renascence because moral restraint has been drastically reduced and at some points removed entirely from national institutions. Islam is filling the void, but it will be no better than Christianity if it tolerates vice. Government cannot build enough prisons, hire enough law enforcement to contain the vices of an irreligious and immoral people.

    America used to be largely self governing because previous generations were taught self government. Today that has all but vanished entirely in government schools, by law, by court decisions, by special interest demands and parental cowardice.

    The tooth fairy and messianic figures are hope porn illusions. Salvation is an individual decision requiring an investment, a very large investment of time and treasure that only a special few are willing to make. I suppose that if I were a god, I would look upon such as that with great favor.

    Because, even tooth fairies and messiahs need good people willingly doing for themselves what their messiah is modeling for them. Their aint no free lunch.

    • Interesting go round Jon. I differ on the idea that “until life as we know it ends it will always be at war with itself”.

      I submit that the history we think we know was written, compiled and edited by TPTSB over millenia. With no doubt it was tailored for the greatest level of control using the psychology of fear and paranoia as levers of deception and distraction from humanitie’s much greater quests within.

      What better way to achieve that psychology en mass than to project the ‘belief’ that mankind is an animal, originated from a cosmic soup of rote physical happening and emulating the survival of the fittest dynamics of that readily bservable physical evidence?

      I stand with the time frames of the Veda’s et al and now in my last third of this go round do see clearly how my struggles in consciousness have had largely to do with defeating the above programming within myself.

      That reflection has shown much imrovement in my personal growth towards greater Heart and compassion towards my fellows. I state that unequivocally, and thus am bound to acknowledge the same in many within this round of civilization.

  • Hi Alexandra,

    Hope Porn indeed. This video strikes me as a glossy advertisement for something we covet but no longer have good reason to believe in. Like ‘democracy’ itself, and ‘justice,’ and the ‘rule of law.’ At this point, it’s difficult to believe anything good will come of us.


    • Agree Q might be disino/ mis-direction by the MIC. Seems to be an ad for “Rah-Rah Amerika” military. Let’s face it, the evil is right in front of us, but the programmed Sleeple just won’t revolt against traitors like pederast GHW Bush and his treasonous snake son and Dick Cheney, Silverstein, etc., when the EVIDENCE proves their conspiracy.

      I was AT Sandy Hook that day, driving past the school from 9:35- 9:40AM, and there was no shooting (I know weapons, esp. the AR-15).

      A Civil War is coming to the Uber-Elite; James Bond and Jack Ryan need to decapitate these Hyrda heads of Luciferian child sex perversion. For most of us, we’ll sit it out as quietly as possible.

      IF ANYONE can rid the world of the Banking Cabal (money is the cause of evil, because money is power, and power corrupts all), then perhaps we may have hope that a Council of 13 can be created to determine the re-allocation of their ill-gotten gains across the world. All political, religious, social and race divides are mis-direction. The ONLY true schism is between Good and evil.

      Which one are you?

      Warning to all you greedy fuckers out there – Robin Hood is coming, and there is NO WAY OUT, except by Robespierre’s blade.


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