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    This is a wonderfully thought-provoking video mashup by YouTuber Cuckoo for Kaku about the transhumanist implications of the technological singularity.

    “What happens when you have infinite abundance? What happens when you ask and it simply comes to you?…The whole nature of the human psyche is based around producing things doing something, making a contribution. What happens when you don’t have to do that anymore? What happens with this infinite plenty?”

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    • A person needs to constantly solve complex problems, invent something, develop, otherwise it degrades. At the moment, a large number of biotechnological equipment is being developed that will help us better understand our brain and how it works. I read about it in an interview with the developer from this company. I hope they will release such equipment soon, I want to become even more productive.

    • Merging A.I. with ‘humans’ would be such a disastrous event. It smacks of such elitism….”we can be better…..we will always be better”. I like to think that all living things on earth have contributed to our status on earth. Trees, bugs, birds, cows & ocean life etc. all have intelligence ….. what’s the standard set for being part of the nature of things? Let’s not be in such a rush to race to the ‘end’….we may not be able to regain what we all share right now. We have so much yet to discover…..the depths of the ocean; the vast jungles & forests; the deserts. Intelligence is important to start the process….finding the essence of life is the real prize for being birthed. We have not being the best caregivers but perhaps that is the reason we are here… learn by trial & error and do a better job.

    • .”Everything will become intelligent?” Everything is already intelligent. These so called intellectuals can’t seem to grasp the idea that there is a very wide differentiation between human values and ideals. They think their very limited vision of what is “good” is not necessarily held by everyone, or even a majority in some cases. Who will program these AI? What values will they program into them? What about the great many of us who believe in spiritual realities and that they are more permanent even eternal while this experience in the 3D world is just a temporary step in our education and growth as eternal beings? They just don’t get it or really understand what gives life its meaning in my opinion.

      • YOU “HAVE-IT” HAT!!!…You must be a “Spiritual BE-Ing”
        AI will NEVER bring about “Singularity”….The Luciferian’s are behind this Everest size pile of BS.

    • I remain astonished that those western society has chosen as intellectual leaders are generally lauded due to math skills that originate and are left brain sustained…’smartest guys in the room’ as they say, and yet the generally un-wisest…evidenced by the ‘because we can’ and ‘we’ll figure it out as we advance’ rationale, eager for notoriety and fortune salted with the delusions of competition and survival of the fittest.
      Uh, doesn’t one wing flappin’, one oar in the water etc, lead to going round in circles?
      Kurzweil and cult are defeatist humans who have proven devoid of inner knowing which is proven to be rooted in the right side of our brain/receiver/antenna thingy.
      This arm wrestle between hard edged left brain and sensitive aethers connected right has been going on throughouthuman history.

      These rotely dedicated left brainers are working solely from the five senses, and all who are ‘woke’ or even remotely aware know inside that sumpinz ain’t right when the literal becomes the rule.

      Doubt Nothing, Question Everything

    • In my opinion it is much easier for someone to acquiesce and accept artificially manufactured intelligence implanted within our bodies than to expand our own innate intelligence and psychic abilities.
      When given the free will to choose whether our child will conform with society and receive the implanted artificial superior intelligence chip or raise a below standard/retarded child forever destined to live life leaching on those technological hybrids….I can honestly say the vast majority will accept, albeit grudgingly, the “inhancement”.
      Positive singularity will destroy all creativity and ultimately lead to a human-less technologically advanced society.

    • When we add tech to the human, does the human gain or louse ? Will we still have feels for life? Or will we become one with the borg? And just be a statistic to be used as the machine sees fit to “advance” the machine. Just more food for thought. Will the tech analyze the food we eat, to find the poison we are fed every day? Will it enable us to have group think? Will it just tell us we are a waste of space? “Happy” New Year?

      • GREAT QUOTE!…about the “Borg” …and is What the Lucierian’s would have us think…Our “Cosmic Family” doesn’t even consume Physical Food anyway…because They are “Spiritual Beings”.

    • I would submit that we all take a few deep breaths. Step back from all this mental masturbation. And recall the FACT that we engage in a continual process of making CHOICES. The social engineering programs would have you believe this is all a done deal. It is a done deal only to the degree that we CHOOSE to participate. And to the degree that we CHOOSE to participate, we become complicit in the act.

    • Could Mr. Kurzweil give us a few examples of the wonderful advantages to humanity that will be produced when we reach this singularity? Ten years to the positive singularity? What will that bring us? Brain-computer interfaces? New forms of matter? The human race especially as exemplified by the scientific advances produced in the West since the detonation of atomic weaponry is not a sector of humanity for which I can muster a lot of admiration. How about spending more time on enhancing the best qualities of the human race, like compassion, love, less selfishness, etc.

      • These are the same people that gave us the nuclear power stations in Fukushima. Are we to believe they really are so qualified to make our future and know what really gives life meaning. There have been and are societies that have a much happier more satisfying and even healthier lifestyle with what many would call very low tech cultures. In the past we had cultures whose technology was more spiritually based on the development of character and discernment, on harmony between people despite individual differences and aspirations.

        • RIGHT-ON HAT!!!…Those “Techo-NUTS” are the very same ones who are calling for a “Space-Force”?!?…You know the same folks responsible for the DEW weapons attacks around the planet!…Weather-WAR-fare???
          There is NO Wars among OUR “Cosmic Family”…So WHY the need for WEAPONS???

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