Glenn Greenwald, whose Leftist bonafides are unimpeachable, has become the target of contempt, indignation and rage from the woke mob for stating his professional opinion, as an attorney, that the Rittenhouse verdict was just, based solely on the evidence.

He says, “This is a trial that has generated extreme levels of emotion…and there’s reasons for that, that I think are very disturbing, particularly the fact that the narrative that has been constructed by the national media around this case, almost from the start was not just completely fictitious and against the evidence but was designed to be as inflammatory as possible.

“From the very beginning, the narrative was that this 17-year-old white kid, who was a ‘white supremacist terrorist’, ‘crossed state lines’ in order to go somewhere – implied, that he had nothing to do with, when in fact, it was a community, Kenosha Wisconsin, right over the border from where he lived, that he had substantial ties to, where he had worked, where his parents had lived, where his relatives had lived, where he had spent the day, where his friends lived and he had a lot of connections to – crossing state lines was a technicality that happens when you live on the border, not some nefarious act.

“They would stress that he ‘crossed state lines’, like he was going into a neighborhood or community that he had no involvement or to which he had no connection and he just indiscriminately shot whoever he could find.

“That was absolutely the narrative, you can find viral tweets from members of Congress, like Ayanna Pressley, the day that it happened, the next day. Obviously, there’s no way, in a complex situation like that, with lots of shooting going on to know the truth so definitively – and yet, they didn’t care.

“They asserted the truth, as though they knew exactly what happened. And what they claimed is what happened is that a ‘white supremacist terrorist’ had gone and indiscriminately murdered people. A 17-year-old white kid.

“And this narrative was carried through with so much united force by the media and it was so deliberate. News outlets that always tell you what the race of the victim is; there’s a police shooting and the victim is black or there’s a political fight and someone gets injured and the victim is a racial minority or is LGBT or is Asian or anything else, the media will highlight that and stress that to racialize the narrative as much as possible.

“In this case, the media hid, barely mentioned…long news articles would go out of their way not to mention the fact that the three people Kyle Rittenhouse shot were all white.

“Because obviously, this is contrary to their narrative. It’s an important journalistic fact, if you’re going to racialize the event, by claiming that this was a ‘white supremacist’. This is kind of relevant, if he’s engaged in white supremacist terrorism, that he goes to a place where there’s every race, including many, many Black people and the people that he shoots are only white.

“That kind of calls into question, was his motive actually white supremacist terrorist, if the people that he shot weren’t Black or minorities but just whites. But they just buried it, concealed it, to the point that many major media outlets around the world didn’t know that the people that he shot were white.

“This week in Brazil, the largest newspaper in Brazil, Folha de São Paulo, which is a very responsible and solid, competent professional news organization – I’ve worked with them before, I know a lot of reporters who work in that news organization – published a major article about the Rittenhouse story and they specifically and explicitly stated that the people that Kyle Rittenhouse killed were two black men. The headline of the story was, ‘White Youth Who Shot and Killed Two Black Men on Trial’.

“They didn’t know that they were lying, they got that from the US media. That was the impression the US media deliberately created. And so, there are millions of people indignant that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, not because they evaluated the evidence of the trial – many of them, I would bet you most of them, the vast, vast majority of them – did not watch much of the trial or any of the trial, at all.

“They don’t see this as a case where the State has the responsibility to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before sending an 18-year-old person, citizen to prison for the next 3 decades or 4 decades, for the rest of his life, as just a criminal matter; where the State has a Constitutional burden it has to meet.

“They don’t care about any of that, which is why they have such strong opinions about it, despite having not watched the trial. They see this as just a proxy for a political war.” 

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  • Quote from a previous commenter:

    “daniel laxson
    November 20, 2021 at 3:59 pm
    How does a white boy shooting white scum become a racist event. IS that some kind of jedi mind trick or what. All I learned from this is how sad the justice system is from hiding evidence to lying prosecutors and the political media circus led lynch mob . My conspiratorial mind says he was set free on purpose just to restart the riots and destruction of this failing country.”

    “sad justice system” – YES (I say criminal injustice system!)
    “hiding evidence”; – YES
    “lying prosecutors” – YES

    Two choices:
    1. The injustice system is handled on a personal basis by the judges;
    2. It’s all a set-up.

    When one considers that Julius Jones has never been proven guilty, and the real murderer confessed but his confession was withheld – how is this criminal system justifying his condemnation to life in prison WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE?!
    All the judges, police, and lawyers should spend one year in the worst prisons before issued the right to condemn others to it!
    Death is preferable to prison!!
    “Jossell said while saving Jones from execution is a victory, they will now set their sights on freeing him from prison.”
    “But, it doesn’t appear that this is legally possible.”
    Because of this:

    “Shawn Ashley
    Nov 18
    Replying to
    Pardon & Parole Board rules provide that once someone’s sentence is commuted, the inmate is prohibited from applying for further commutation of the same sentence:
    Shawn Ashley
    Nov 18
    Jones also cannot be considered for parole. Parole is not permitted under the Constitution for those with either a death sentence or life without the possibility of parole:

    Thus, he is innocent but they made sure he doesn’t get treated as such, given the technicalities implanted on purpose for such cases.
    There is no rationale for the rules!
    They are originating in someone’s whim!
    To what gods are these devils praying in order to receive a guidance like that?!
    Another human erecting himself on a pedestal?

    They do it all the time.

    Kyle, watch your back!
    And pray for Justice for Julius Jones!
    Because when that Justice comes, it means the end of the devils!

  • MSM is trying to make fun of people wanting to protect themselves with cheap and proven drugs. Ivermectin has been FDA approved for human use since 1996. It also beats Pfizer’s new wonder drug hands down, and costs next to nothing. Ivermectin doesn’t make tons of money. So they know the Covid shot is on its final gasp, so they take it add something different to it, rebrand under another name and charge 20 times what they would for ivermectin. I cannot wrap my head around this nonsense. When I explain this to my relatives they label me as crazy and ask me if I know better than science. I don’t make up these information out of my ass. All this information is true and proven. For some people it is near impossible for them to wake up. They are comfortable in their clown world life. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

  • How does a white boy shooting white scum become a racist event. IS that some kind of jedi mind trick or what. All I learned from this is how sad the justice system is from hiding evidence to lying prosecutors and the political media circus led lynch mob . My conspiratorial mind says he was set free on purpose just to restart the riots and destruction of this failing cuntry.

  • Being a surprised casualty of the woke left and finding his voice unshackled on Rumble and other platforms, Greenwald is able to put out another great honest assessment of the facts. Too bad more of his peers haven’t joined him but for now more eyes will be opened because of this video. This would never have been tolerated on YouTube or the Legacy Media so I’m glad you put it here Alexandra, for more people to see. There’s still hope, so thanks much for this one.

  • The Fake Newz fueld the flames of the false narrativ of white supremacist and black ppl were killd…

    Especially the bass mouth, racist Joy Reid…and AOC and the squid squad…and the creepy senile old man n the WH, who tweetd a pic of Kyle as a white supremacist n his campaign ad….

    I hope Kyle sues them n2 oblivion….like Nick Sandman….who CNN had 2 pay an undisclosd amount 4 slandr…and othr fake newz r still bein’ sued…

    Tucker Carlson of Fox has an xclusiv nterview with Kyle 2night…

    Lin Wood was the attorney 4 Sandman and helpd secure Kyles release from jail…hahahaha…



  • If the police aren’t going to protect life and property by the political power structure, it is dam well the right and duty of people like Kyle to fill the created void.
    He is to be applauded.

  • This is such a great speech on the importance of having principles in a civil society. I want to affirm that and hopefully that narrative will take hold across the racial spectrum. We are above all individuals, who experience ourselves as individuals, who are born and die as individuals.

    I have to go under the surface, though, and ask the question of why the media is so bent on creating racial divide. For example, I am anti-vax and have been now for decades. Nowhere does race become blurred and merged like the vaccine tyranny. The CDC ripped up the evidence that Black males under the age of three years old are three times more likely to get autism if given the MMR too early. We protested this in total solidarity with people of all races because what unites us is love of our children and a commitment to their health and a future where they can self-actualize as individuals. Now we have a situation where it is Native Americans (American Indians) whose racial vulnerability tops the list of risk for this demonic MRNA vaccine–more risk than morbid obesity, more risk than co-morbidities. Yet the L.A. school board has chosen to force vaccine a population that is overwhelmingingly from central America and in that vulnerable group, as if race doesn’t matter. This is like the proverbial wrapping the baby in the blanket full of small pox virus. Is it deliberate genecide or just left wing oblivion…holding the narrative together. Pushing it for corporate profits. It is left wing oblivion for sure, not racism. People will die, be maimed for life, and never have the opportunity to self-actualize as individuals. They will suffer and their families will suffer, and the “Leftists” will be blind to that out of ideology.

  • Agreed! I think this ruling was fair based on the evidence. I did watch the trial. To be honest, this boy shouldn’t have been charged with anything. He was attacked by these criminals.

  • I have not watched TV for the past several years and life is much clearer, especially after watching the other side of the story on the web.

  • Televised trials are CIA/Operation Chaos productions.

    Think them as “Off-Broadway False Flags”.

    Miles M. says Kyle, prosecutor, amd judge are all relatives.

    • [Added November 17, 2021:
      Today we learned a couple of things: the Judge is playing Jeopardy with
      jurors during deliberations. This is more clownworld stuff because the Judge should not be interacting face-to-face with the jury during deliberations, especially in a social setting. The jury should be deliberating with itself, not playing games with the Judge and courtroom staff. It is just a further test of your gullibility.

      I also found out from a dropped comment that we are supposed to believe this.
      “Judge allowed cameras in on his own authority. ”

      As I showed you in my paper on the Simpson trial, that isn’t how it works. The legislature has to vote on it as well as a judicial body. Individual judges don’t have personal authority to do it in any state. As I keep telling you, only CIA trials are televised, and they are televised because it aids propaganda delivery.

      • Source: GhostEzra

        “Maxwell trial will be televised.”

        Anonymous Poll


  • regardless of any words coming out of this persons mouth he assuredly voted for the traitor and chief which makes him either a moron or a traitor. lets go brandon . lets go glenn

    • James Cooper Barrett,

      Blame the ACLU for America’s decline,
      —most of it; e.g., the ACLU began to
      TWIST the U.S. Constitution, to legalize
      pornography in the 1920s !

      As for the Rittenhouse case,
      study my below essay (( copy,
      and pass it along )) :


      Risk-the-Victim Jurisprudence

      – – –

      Aggressive Beggars

      – – –

      – America’s new class of protected thugs –

      Many “beggars” are potential muggers who use the pretense of begging to decide which pedestrians may provide the least resistance and the most money. In fact, many New Yorkers hand over their money to beggars, hoping to fend of a possible mugging.

      This December, my wife and I were shopping in _____ _____ ( a popular community of retail stores in _______ ___ ) when a young black male approached us for money. I refused as he passed by. It was his steely stare and not-so-subtle expression of anger that prompted within me a strong, cornered-animal reaction. In that split-second I desperately considered every possible means for self-defense.

      He continued on, but my fear lingered while I kept looking back to make sure he wasn’t following. I thought about being so defenseless, and about carrying a handgun for shopping in that shopping area.

      — A Very Stupid Judge and Criminal Justice System —

      Nationally syndicated columnist James J. Kilpatrick recently wrote in “Professional Beggars Enjoy Right of Speech,” about U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet’s decision to protect the “right” of beggars to bother pedestrians for money.

      Judge Sweet is nuts, and his ruling marks one more shift away from civility in America, as his shallow-brained ruling puts law-abiding citizens in grave danger.

      Kilpatrick agrees with Judge Sweet, and writes that “Abundant laws are on the books to punish physical or verbal abuse.”

      But what laws protect us from the kind of clear intimidation that my wife and I experienced?

      Judge Sweet believes that citizens must endure the danger of extending free-speech protection to threatening behavior!—to suffer what Kilpatrick agrees is an “apparent irrationality” in extending to citizens “the right to be exposed to unwelcome expression.”

      Welcome to Orwellian-ruled America!

      Both Kilpatrick and Judge Sweet employ
      what I call :

      “Risk-the-Victim Jurisprudence,”
      which infects America’s laws and
      courts. Thank the ACLU :


      Risk-the-Victim Jurisprudence is a pro-
      duct of Emoting Feminine Mind, which
      seeks accommodation of the exceptional
      case!, at the expense of the general wel-
      fare of the many; a mind that FEEELS for
      the perpetrator—and lacks the common
      sense (rational sense), which warns of
      bad social outcomes caused by such an

      — Libertine Liberals’ Stupid Proposition —

      Proponents of such (in)jurisprudence argue that a victim of an assault must not use deadly force against an assailant who doesn’t, first, display deadly force; a victim must put his/her life at risk in giving an assailant the benefit of any doubt, as to his actual intentions—as if the victim and perpetrator were on equal ethical footing in their “meeting” and subsequent struggle.

      Judge Sweet and Kilpatrick would put the onus of being “fair” on the victim in any confrontation between law-abiding citizens and criminals.

      That’s insane—as are the proponents of such a proposition !

      If the black man who approached us for money had started beating me for my rebuff, then – by libertine liberals’ illogic – I would be expected to use NO deadly force, but resist with only equal means!; thusly, giving him the benefit of any doubt about his actual intention, and with us being left only to hope and pray that he isn’t hell-bent on killing ( read my essay, “The Donahue Syndrome,” to understand the psychology of politics underlying such EMOTION-Driven illogic ).

      Sound logic argues this : I ought to be protected from prosecution for killing him, under those circumstances. The law-abiding deserve far better than a criminal justice system demanding that we give the benefit of any doubt to the attacker—again, letting the attacker keep his intentions well-hidden while we cower before bad law and the attacker’s possible death sentence.

      Such a scenario unfolded when Bernard Goetz pulled a gun on four youths in a New York City subway, and shot them.

      Goetz had been assaulted before, and his reaction to the encircling (black) teen-agers was fully justified. But New York City is notorious for protecting the criminal element, being run by run/ruled by libertine liberals, which is why Goetz faced criminal prosecution for not giving his attackers the benefit of any doubt!—wait and discover whether they just wanted his money or his life.

      He was subsequently punished for carrying the means to protect his life, and acquitted on the attempted murder charges.

      Criminals and their libertine, liberal, Democrat
      defenders have disarmed the law-abiding citizens
      in America ( ACLU-effected ), putting the value of
      criminals’ well-being above that of the innocent,
      and made a MOCKERY of the purpose for any civil-
      ized justice system :

      To protect the
      and punish
      the lawless !

      In effect, Judge Sweet’s ruling not only diminishes our “right to be left alone,” as one famous Supreme Court jurist had said it, but submits us to real deadly danger on America’s ever-lessening safe streets.

      As for him comparing today’s “beggars” to workers at the Salvation Army, the latter are much like the Bible’s silent Lazarus at the rich man’s gate, passively entreating ( holding a cup ), rather than using the offensive and potentially deadly manner of the former.

      A strict law against aggressive begging – where it is unlawful to walk up to anyone and demand money – would protect us all from the growing forceful and threatening beggars/panhandlers.

      Allow them to extend a cup or hat for a charitable contribution, but don’t let them take over our streets and our lives with their menacing demands.




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