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    HighImpactFlix has done valuable investigative work in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Here, he follows a trail of financial evidence that there was foreknowledge of this heinous event.

    The Mandalay Bay hotel is owned by MGM Resorts International, the CEO of which is James Murren, who also happens to be a sitting member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council, appointed by Obama.

    At DHS, Murren is responsible for getting legislation and regulations passed for security and technology infrastructure at public places; for things like x-ray backscatter machines.

    In other words, the same man who owns the hotel where the shooting took place is one who’s responsible for shaping the security response to such an event and determining what kind of technology should be implemented as the solution to curb incidents like this in the future (problem, reaction, solution).

    Murren dumped 38% of his MGM holdings (not 80% as widely reported) in the weeks leading up to the mass shooting and the stock has since dipped 13% in value.

    Between June 30th and August 14th, George Soros placed a $42 million bet that MGM’s stock would go down. The only thing that makes this not completely suspicious is that this amount represents only 1% of Soros’ total holdings.

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    • How did they know to make such huge bets on the stock rising and falling–insider trading? Very, very inside. Our own homegrown, murderous criminal sect were involved in setting-up the LV FALSE FLAG for profit. Cui Bono? Clearly, their view is as always–F*CK the public–murder them at will–make those who cannot critically think fear–keep the public in angst for as long as possible by running the colluding MSM lies again and again and again on every airwave, ad nauseum. It’s maddening how the conditioned brains of some can’t make this obvious connection. This IS the smoking gun. WAKE UP!

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