This is a bootleg of “The Real Anthony Fauci,” a full-length, two-part feature documentary based on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s runaway bestseller — “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”. There’s no saying how long this upload will stay up.

If it gets taken down, it will be available to watch free ONLY until Oct. 28th. Register here to watch the documentary.

The film, produced by Jeff Hays, exposes Fauci’s influence on government policy, the pharmaceutical industry and medical research.

It also examines the relationship between Big Pharma and the military, the outsized power of the news media and the concentration of technology companies.

The documentary’s launch follows in the wake of Fauci’s Sept. 21 admission that he was aware the “draconian” COVID-19 policies he dictated would have negative consequences on the economy and schoolchildren.

It also follows an investigation by that showed Fauci’s net worth jumped to $12.6 million between 2019 through 2021 — an increase of $5 million.

In the trailer for the movie, Kennedy said he once regarded U.S. government and health regulatory officials with admiration — but that changed when he witnessed their response to the pandemic.

Kennedy said his book is “a product of my own struggle to understand how the idealistic institutions our country built to safeguard both public health and democracy suddenly turned against our citizens and our values with such violence.”

Kennedy — a lifelong Democrat and founder, chairman and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense — said he has a unique vantage point on the government response to COVID-19 because his family has 80 years of deep engagement with America’s public health bureaucracy and long friendships with key federal regulators — including Fauci, Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Robert Gallo.

“Members of my family wrote many of the statutes under which these men governed,” Kennedy said. “They nurtured the growth of equitable and effective public health policies and defended that regulatory bulwark against ferocious attacks funded by industry.”

Kennedy added:

“I built my own alliances with these individuals and their agencies during my years of environmental and public health advocacy. I watched these figures, often with admiration.

“But I also watched how the industry — supposedly being regulated — used its indentured servants on Capitol Hill and its financial clout to systematically hollow out those agencies beginning in the 1980s, disabling their regulatory function, transforming them into sock puppets for the very industry Congress charged them with regulating.”

According to Hays, Kennedy’s book — “a phenomenon” — was “the most suppressed book of my lifetime.”

The book has sold more than 1 million copies and spent 17 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, despite having received no major media coverage or reviews by leading newspapers.

Hays told Real America’s Voice he was initially dumbfounded when he read Kennedy’s book.

“I was aware of what Fauci was doing during COVID,” he said, “but I had no idea [of] his history and the damage that he had done and the power base that he had built during the AIDS crisis and how much he hurt people all over the world as he really assembled his powerbase during that period.”

Hays asked Kennedy if he would be open to allowing Hays to create a documentary based on the book, and Kennedy said yes. But then Hays started having second thoughts.

“Half of the people that worked on this film were not willing to have their names on it, for fear of retaliation,” he explained.

After Jeff Hays Films Studio took on the project, Käla Mandrake joined the project to write and direct the film.

Mandrake is an independent filmmaker with 15 years of experience as a producer and writer in film and television, working on award-winning original series including HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

She told The Defender it was her “privilege and honor” to write the documentary’s script.

“I was asked to write a comprehensive, chronological timeline while remaining diligently faithful to the book,” Mandrake said. “To do so was a massive undertaking and more importantly a labor of love.”

“Because Bobby had done all of the research in the book, it ended up being the fastest documentary film I have ever worked on,” she said.

Mandrake added:

“In the masterful writing of the book, Bobby not only points to the surrounding characters in this vast medical corruption, but interweaves his own personal experience of awakening — as an environmental lawyer and activist — into the world of vaccines and the criminality behind it.

“So in order to design a compelling visual interpretation of Bobby’s work, I felt it was crucial to put focus on his own battle to understand how the public health policies that his family fostered, and the health statutes which members of his family actually wrote, had systematically been undermined and overtaken by industry.

“Highlighting some of the many profound and shocking truths from the book, I also pulled prominent expert voices for interviews, did a deep dive

into their professional backgrounds, and wrote up questions that, in many cases, spanned four decades. The answers are riveting and often disturbing — Bobby’s interview being perhaps the most extensive of them all.

“My research for this film included locating the most powerful archival footage to further substantiate the truths told in this story. The extensive endnotes of each chapter in Bobby’s book were paramount to this task.

“However, I soon found that the censorship of this book was so pervasive that even the links to the source material in the book had been scrubbed from many websites, leaving me to search alternative routes for the footage in some cases. That was one of the challenges that came up in my journey to design this visual counterpart to the book. Another component to the design, was to incorporate the book itself as a sort of character.”

Fauci is ‘a puppet to an even bigger, more perversive system’

Mandrake highlighted several key takeaways from the film:

  • Fauci’s criminal behavior stems back to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In order to understand the strategies that were employed during the COVID epidemic, the answers can be found at the beginning of Anthony Fauci’s career, when he became director of the NIAID [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] in the year 1984.
  • Once Fauci partnered with Bill Gates in 2000, profiteering, gain-of-function experimentation and the amplification of vaccination in Africa, India, America and beyond really accelerated dramatically. Starting in 2001, there was a new epidemic scare almost every other year — whether it was a bioterrorism threat or of zoonotic origin.
  • Fauci has utilized a specific tried-and-true ‘playbook’ with each epidemic or burgeoning pandemic over the past 40 years.
  • Fauci is a government employee whose finances should be transparent, and yet his payouts (and those of the scientists that work for him) are shrouded in secrecy.  FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] documents on Fauci have been extremely difficult to obtain, and those financial documents that have been released are heavily redacted, which should raise a huge red flag.
  • Fauci is the highest-paid government employee. He earns more than the President of the United States. His net worth is approximately $12 million, and growing.

The film’s timing couldn’t be better, Mandrake said.

“As Fauci has publicly stated that he will step down as director from the NIAID in December, we may feel like the story is over. But the fight is not over after he is no longer in office,” she said.

According to Mandrake, Fauci is a figure in a larger disturbing story that continues to unfold.

“One of the most disturbing takeaways I got from Bobby’s book was that although Fauci is at the center of this 40-year corruption and his influence is enormous and worldwide — he is still a puppet to an even bigger, more perversive system in place,” she said.

Part 2 of the “The Real Anthony Fauci” will be available Oct. 25. For questions about technical issues or how to buy the movie, contact hello AT

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  • I purchased movie and digital and + and never received my purchase! It’s been almost 2 weeks. Can anyone provide a phone number so I can call. Sooo disappointed now.

  • This is one of the most important books of this century.Thank you Robert Kennedy and all others working to expose these authorities.May the force be with you all.

  • With appreciation and gratitude for all who participated in making this information available, to all the guests who were interviewed, to all those who care enough to come forward in truth – thank you!!! In a world short-circuited by evil conspiracies, all we can do is speak truth in love.
    I would ask Dr. Malone if he has spent sufficient ‘mirror’ time on this? Why was he tampering with mRNA, again? Oh, it got off track? What track was it on before that? Just asking.
    Having been asked to resign my research position in the later ’70’s, I can attest that what is shared here in this documentary is highly-accurate. Again, thank you all for telling a story that had been buried. It must be shared. Anyone you know who has a bloodstream should see this movie. Share it with them. If they are parents, it is required viewing. I wish for everyone peace and contentment in the present moment. Be of good courage. Know who you are. Learn why you are here. (You cannot ask anyone else for your answer.)

  • This docu is all fine and dandy, for exposing FRAUD-Fauci…….but 6 mins into this, I am already wanting to pull my hair out with the FALSEHOODS that Kennedy is speaking!

    #1…..WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC……and NOT a ‘democracy’! So-called ‘democracy’ = DEATH; ‘democracy’ = PURE EVIL!

    #2……CV19 is NOT A ‘VIRUS’!! NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT A ‘VIRUS’! It IS a BIO-WEAPON that was released in very limited areas. And even though it IS a BIO-WEAPON, it, still, ONLY amounted to a cold/flu.

    I’m not going to continue watching this docu. ANY/ALL FACTUAL info that is needed, and goes into MUCH FURTHER DEPTH, can be gotten via Dr. David E. Martin. WHO HAS BEEN THERE SINCE the first time the words, ‘corona virus pandemic’ were uttered to the dumbed-down masses. Right from ‘JUMP’, I KNEW that this was FAKE; a Global PsyOp. And THEN I found Dr. Martin who CONFIRMED what I already KNEW. Dr. Martin was ‘on it’ when these Psychopaths STARTED this CV19 Bio-weapon, more than a decade ago; he has been following what they were doing and collecting (‘THEIR’) documents/data along the way. In my opinion, it is Dr. David Martin who should be ‘plastered EVERYWHERE’!

  • If the mainstream, Google, YouTube, Twitter, FB, CNN, MSMBC, etc have been blocking anyone that has research or caution about the vaccine then you know it’s because it has meat on it. When the voices are blocked, ridiculed, terrorized, threatened…the truth must be there.

  • Thank you so much, Senator Kennedy. I have your book.
    I would share this with the pro clot shot ppl I k ow but they wouldn’t eat h it anyway. At this point, I’m more apt to encourage them to get another booster.

  • My theory on why the “pandemic” happened at this time relates to the fact that many people were sufficiently dumbed down for the Globalists to get away with it.
    The Reality (read: unreality) Shows-Big Brother, Survivor, the cooking shows, and so on- are all about compliance, in essence.
    The Globalists made these shows, as evidenced by the Big Brother using the All-Seeing Eye regularly, made a lot of money, and served as an experimental laboratory for levels of compliance.
    And they got it 100% correct, so off we go with The Plan. Piece of cake.
    I find it extraordinary that people of my vintage (I am close to 70 years old) even wore-and some still do-masks, for one, as they should have been properly educated, and should have known, as I do , that a virus needs a warm and moist environment to survive.
    People wearing masks at the Winter Olympics was the crowning stupidity.
    A second aspect is the general awakening and the fact that the jig is up.
    Much of this was achieved by people like Anna von Reitz, who called out the Pope, big time.
    And the MSM perpetrated this, on a massive scale:

  • Perhaps the deeper question one should ask is WHY did it come to this terrible point in time, how did we end up here? Because the recognition of the cause(s) would be instructive in terms of HOW we should tackle real change.

    A coherent theory of how we got to this point has been proposed, see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

  • Anyone even superficially associated with the rollout of the death shot ought to be sent to GITMO for a military tribunal. Public televised hanging to follow immediately after a guilty verdict.

  • I have always baffled as to why Trump never nailed Fauci when he was in power.
    They all say Trump is a genius, but he obviously had a brain fade with Fauci.
    Because if I could see it, surely The Donald could too.
    So is Trump a fraud and a fake as well?

    • Hi obviousbob,
      I heard technically speaking When Trump Was President , Trump didn’t have The Power / Authority to Fire Fauci.
      And I even saw this discussed on news during 2020,
      But technically it could be Smoke & Mirrors, Circuses and BreadSticks is what a good critic from local Chicago news used to.
      The circuses and BreadSticks.
      Now I noticed your question ?
      About : Is Trump A Fraud or Not ?
      To Find out ya can Read this article and Form your Own Opinion.
      And Technically it’s A Good article / link.
      Hope I don’t get censored.
      But basically it’s an article that Goes into detail about Certain Laws / executive Orders that Trump Signed or Passed.
      Here’s the link:

      Oh My God !!!
      I don’t have it Pinned in my keyboard anymore.
      I will go and look it Up.
      Technically I Have Part 1 which is Good, and part 2 is done by the same blogger guy,
      So maybe ya can search on his website if want part 2 also.
      Part 2 covers History of Trump family.
      When I find part 1 of Article I will post it to ya.
      Jimmy Jukebox

  • After a close friend died last year of the prion disease CJD following 2 Pfizer injections, I spoke to a virologist who had just written a scientific paper connecting them. He assured me that the shots were the cause and then conveyed some things about Fauci who he knew well having worked closely with him in the past. Well it turns out the the little monster is an enforcer for the Mossad – the Rothschilds own secret service company who’s influence and power is so great it’s alarming.



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