Self-described “recovering CIA agent”, Kevin Shipp joins Jason Goodman on Crowdsource the Truth for their new weekly show, The Intelligence Assessment with their high-energy analysis of recent events.

Kevin provides background to the SCOTUS filibuster that we witnessed over the past week and he shares his view, as a former Democrat, that the Democrat Party is no longer that of JFK, Civil Rights and the working class. He says it has become a ruthless, power-hungry party that represents the Globalist, Corporatist interests of the elite, under the guise of representing people of color and sexual minorities. PC culture is wielded by the Democrats as a weapon to enforce an authoritarian bureaucracy.

This same Social Democratic model is seen in many European countries, like Sweden, where speech codes are brutally enforced. Several people there have been fired from their jobs and imprisoned, merely for using the word “Muslim” when publicly discussing violence that they have witnessed or directly experienced.

In my opinion, the fundamental shift needed in order to grasp our current political situation is to see that the divide is no longer one of Left vs Right or Liberal vs Conservative. It is about Globalism vs Human Beings.

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  • Sadly, Q sounds like a Republican, and ANYONE shilling for a political agenda is a liar.
    The pro-Republican, anti – Dem rhetoric is so obviously a con job, why are Amerikans still so stupid to buy it?

    Yes, many Dems are corrupt, and too many are evil, like Both Clintons, compromised, like Chuck Schumer, and many others. But some are good., just as with the Republicans. But any REAL Truther knows the evil transcends political parties.

    So I call bullshit on Q, and all who tout a political party as being “good”. It’s become irrelevant. Either arrest Bush, Cheney, Silverstein, Bibi Jewtenyahu, Wolfawitz, both Clinton’s, Soros, both Kochs, and Podesta, Jeff Epstein, Eric Schmidt, All big Fortune 500 CEOS, and everyone in Military and “National Security” leadership, or the cancer will return.

    Maybe it’s too late for Amerika. So now you must choose:

    A. Pure Truth, and a clear, logical review of the evidence of everything from 9/11 to Iraq, Sandy Hook, Parkland, and Vegas, punishing the traitors to humanity, or…
    B. Status quo, which includes materialism, our propaganda education, and a propensity for belief and religion – all authoritarian control systems, where greed and crime rule, even over the law.

    Times’s up. Be real, and choose, or deserve to die. The Dark Left and Dark Right are the same.

  • I fully support your ‘In my opinion…
    For me, Kavanaugh’s emotional ‘I still like beer’ and righteous indignation frothing indicate a serious lack of emotional maturity, regardless of the irrationality, or rationality of the grilling.
    For me, this is all a grand distrsction froim having to discuss the man’s record on the federal Appeals Court. That discussion is an impossibility for today’s twisted and hypocritical politicos of all sides and angles.
    His record is well documented and fairly presented at scotusblog dot com.
    This is a naked attempt to force feed the partisan dogs of all ilk and color.

  • The only agenda that I saw the Kavanaugh filibuster advancing is the agenda of the people that want to paint every effort of people fighting sexual assault as a total waste of time. I’m sort of sympathetic to that view, I think the police have never been the right way of dealing with those sort of issues.

    But, if it looks like theater and sounds like theater, then, it’s probably theater. Designed for which audience? Clue: For the audience that liked it. Did you like it because it showed how nakedly evil Democrats are? Then it was for you. Did you like it because it was just the right level of aggressively feminist? Then it was for you, as well. Clue: Somebody is after a civil war in America, and I doubt the ones that want it actually live there.

    • Maria, I live in “Corrupticut “ (in Amerika), and I’ve been calling for a Civil War for a decade. We’ve got a big problem here that’s been created by the Rothschild Zionists and pedophile bankers, who continue to use falsehoods to divide and conquer us.

      Sadly, the “webernet” just promulgates a lot of stupid talk by charming turd burglars who spout more political division and “hopey-changey-dreary-feary fairytales”.

      I say, it’s time we all start acting like Avengers and kicking some ass. Waiting never did anything except allow the fat, lazy, power-mad, perverted sex demons more time to use their obscene wealth for nefarious purposes.

      We, the Sentient, claim this planet in the name of truth, fairness And equal rights for all. Those who understand Truth are now called upon to take action, and stop the madness and mental illness that is the Amerikan Government.

  • Actually the conflict we are dealing with HERE is more like Wo-Man/Man (Humanity) verses “Man-Kind”…Man-Kind is NOT the Original Creation of “Prime Source Creator”, and is a creation of Luciferian origins…witch operates through Vatican so-called “Christianity”.
    The Vatican Mothered ALL Corporations worldwide, and its Really THEM trying to take over this planet.
    To BEST understand HOW this is being done watch the 7 part video series called: “From Indigenous Americans to African Americans =

  • So..The democratic socialists, are anything but social. Is that anything like Facebook, or Google? Ah, same thing, one sided story. And if you address it, it will ignored, if you push it, you will be black balled. I want freedom of speech, using my words, weather they are politically correct or not. Yeah, I know, that’s hate speech. And what is slander, if not hate speech………..


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