The transformation of British actor, Christian Bale into Dick Cheney in the upcoming film, ‘Vice’ is nothing short of amazing. Bale, better known for becoming super lean for ‘American Psycho’ and for getting shredded abs to play Batman reportedly gained 60 lbs for this role. His sizeable paunch apparently did not come from the film’s formidable makeup department.

Described as a “comedic biopic”, one will reflexively laugh at the dopey portrayals of Dubya and Rummy in this trailer and marvel at the incredible prostheses that almost remind one of the 1980s British political comedy puppet show, ‘Spitting Image’.

But really, there is nothing funny about members of the Bush Administration and I’m not sure what purpose is served by making a comedy out of the most criminal and bloodthirsty series of geopolitical travesties and corruption within the US Government in 21st century. If there was any justice in this world, most of these people would be publicly hanged.

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  • Well I can tell who didn’t read the article. The Guardian’s title is (deliberately?) misleading. The article that they were required to read argues that violence may be warranted in certain situation as part of a revolution. I would hope that any university insisting that students read an article

  • It’s blatantly obvious that ‘our planet’ (has been) and is being run by supremely evil beings. These so called ‘men’ are prime examples of the most criminal of those that have their hands on the wheel’ (so to speak) of the agenda. Nothing is by chance….it’s all written in stone. Even they are under the gun to get the job done or…….
    Events of late reek with their interference,one can absolutely feel their presence in MSM, politics, mass shootings, climate manipulation, the wars, homeless people, it is an on going quest to destroy what would be an absolutely wonderful place to live, if we didn’t have to deal with their destructive & psychopathic plans for us all.

  • well, that ol’ Dylan line:
    “the riot squad is restless,
    they need somewhere to go…”
    applies to the Hollywood illusion industry too. Gotta keep those cameras rollin’, rollin’ rollin’….
    When the men become mechanical, the machines start driving the men.
    This movie: “Dark Side of the Moon” is relevant to a discussion of “Vice”.
    Here is the cast list:
    It includes Kissinger, Haig, Rumsfeld, but not Cheney. It claims that the parts of these luminaries are archival footage, but i would suggest that is a lie; they are scripted. This movie is, in my view, the epitome of expensive disinformation. The only message that can be relied on, is that the cratocrats hold the rest of us in 100% unalloyed contempt.

  • Talk about “In-Your-Face” BS!…Just how STUPID do they think everyone is???…AND, there is Nothing Funny about THAT man and the Whole damned scenario about this Government even down to This Day.
    Did anyone here watch the movie “The Big Short”??? THAT movie was another insult to “Intelligent” people too!
    Wow! The “Luciferian/Satanist” have GONE BONKERS anymore (Laugh!!!)

  • Why make it a comedy? I’m sure your cya functions were working when you asked that question.
    Obviously planting humor into any notion of the activities of those soulessly evil, psychopaths will grow as time passes, seeding shrugs when the torches shed light on the psychoses they displayed to the world at large.
    ‘Oh THAT, those guys, did you see the hilarious film with Bale?’, and away goes a great mass of potential sharpened pitchfork weilding emotions.
    “Its all psychogical” is not just a speculation…


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