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The transgender community comprises .6% of the US population, yet transgender issues have been turned into an omnipresent political football, as if they affected a much larger demographic. In this preview of her subscriber-only Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts speaks with Dr Joseph Farrell about her thoughts on what is driving this transmania.

In short, she says it has to do with robots and taxes. Automation is upon us and Fitts says the Globalists want to set a legal precedent that will enable them to get a piece of all the action, going forward. Rather than to spend decades creating an entirely new body of legal and financial systems to manage the implementation of robotics, she sees a few significant tweaks to existing laws that will do it.

She expects that it will start by legally creating a third gender, hence the obsession with transgenderism. Then, following the tried-and-tested model of the corporation, robots will be endowed with personhood, followed by citizenship and most importantly, by taxpayer status.

This process is now under way, with New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio signing a new bill last week that will add a third gender, “Gender X” to the birth certificate forms for babies born in that jurisdiction and last year saw Saudi Arabia became the first country to grant citizenship to a robot.

Fitts says, “They’re not going to stand up and say, ‘Look, we want robots to have the rights of humans so we can put you out of work without hiccupping the state and local cash flows.'”

The above just scratches the surface of what these two very smart people can squeeze into 6 short minutes. It’s a great listen!

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  • How can the gender assignment of “X” be given to a new-born? It can’t even talk, much less tell anyone it wants to be a different gender. I understand the rest of what you’re saying, but I don’t understand this part.

  • Nice take. I get it. Yet I believe this movement equally serves multiple agendas — thus the overwhelming legal support and large funding by global contenders.

    Note that Gen X began with Transformers, then Transsexuals, now Transgenders, and soon Transhumans. It’s normal to them. This movement both supplants religious understandings regarding life, the soul, and purpose and obliterates the traditional requirement for reproduction, families, and care. It truly places Man as God, and not the kind of ‘man-as-god’ that honors Free-Will.

    The multiple benefit to those who promote this agenda?
    — Protected hoarding of economic and physical resources
    — Replacement of Christian values that honor life
    — Destruction of the family and familial roles
    — 80-90% reduction in human population
    — Selective human farming for traits and parts
    — Controlled outcomes (replaces Free-Will)

    Sounds like the work of the Biblical Satan, doesn’t it? One would almost think it is advancing by design 🙂

  • Don’t forget these’ folks’ don’t need shelter (maybe a closet sized unit), food, money (maybe for repairs by the companies that make them)…they don’t need clothes (really just for cosmetic purpose), therapy, medications, work for nothing……they are the ideal citizens!
    What could be their Achilles heel?
    They have no soul, they probably won’t be programmed with a sense of humour, they only do specific things. So you very well could be standing right beside one bleeding to death and you will be ignored. They can’t love or appreciate the world around them. How sad! Would they marvel at a sunset….cuddle a child……have a pet?
    They sound an awful lot like the ‘folks’ that are leading this world down the path to utter ugliness. Can they be stopped? Stay tuned! Coming to a NWO very soon!

  • A non biological unit has no sole, and thus cannot be human. However, a citizen does not need to be human to pay taxes. Citizens can also bear arms, and fight in wars? Or will they be made exempt from fighting in wars because they are of gender X? And how would “it” decide what side to fight for? Just a couple of questions to go with the new “gender X”.

  • All this “Transgender” crap is just another creation of “Luciferian/Satanist” doctrine sold to the world as “Normal” behavior.
    Divine Providence NEVER intended this or Homophobic behavior to exist AT ALL, because ONLY the FEMALE to Male can Create the WAY it was intended.
    That way BALANCE and BEAUTY is achieved between the sexes… The FEMALE aspect of Divine Providence came FIRST though via MELANIN.
    The Luciferian Rebels created a version called MAN-Kind, and THEY are the ones responsible for all this transgender BS….AND, All other Evil ongoing…FOR NOW.

    • Kennyboy, Yo u are correct in saying that Providence never intended for homophobic behavior to exist. You are mistaking the definition of the word “homophobic” for “homosexual”. They do not mean the same thing at all. You are homophobic. You may also be homosexual as well. A dictionary can help you figure this out….

  • A brilliant analysis by two of my favorite human beings. After connecting my own dots for over 40 yrs., I find That Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Catherine Austin Fitts have a consistent and relentless ability to get to the heart of the matter.

  • People must become robots, without any soul.
    This seems to be the target.

    The question is, how is it possible to be a spiritual human being, living by its individual self?

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