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Amidst increasing calls in the CFR-controlled Mainstream Media and from Democrat leaders, including Hillary Clinton to amplify hostility towards Republicans and Trump supporters, it may be difficult to see that the real political divide is not between Left vs Right or Liberal vs Conservative but between Globalism vs Human Beings. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we’ll avoid being distracted by the false dichotomy that’s being propagated.

Globalism has had different impacts on different regions of the world. In the US, it has meant the outsourcing of the manufacturing base, primarily to China and the increasing financialization of the economy, resulting in massive under-employment and the greatest wealth disparity that has ever been seen in this country’s history.

Globalism made the US military the “Policeman of the World”, pursuing wars of aggression in the interests of transnational corporations, rather than defending the security of the American people.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the powerful think tank behind the Globalist movement in the US; the sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. The CFR recently published an article by Ivo Daalder and James Lindsay, calling for a new “G9”, a group of nine countries: France, Germany, Italy, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Canada, who together “represent the largest economic power in the world, and their collective military capabilities are surpassed only by those of the United States.”

The CFR wants these countries to save the “world order” from Donald Trump, “in the hope that Trump’s successor will reclaim Washington’s global leadership role and lay the groundwork to make it politically possible for that to happen.” In other words, they want to see the above-named countries allied together to defend the Globalist project against the depredations of Trump, who’s been handily dismantling it.

Trump is the only US President who has ever dared to challenge Globalism, as when he recently addressed the UN and announced that the US will “never surrender to an unelected global bureaucracy,” and his actions speak louder than his words. Quoting again from the CFR article cited above, “By withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Paris agreement on climate change, and the Iran nuclear deal; embracing mercantilist trade policies; and continuing to question the value of NATO, Trump has shown that he said what he meant and meant what he said.”

These multilateral agreements bypass the Constitution, surrender national sovereignty and self-determination. They benefit a small financial elite and they’re ultimately anti-human. Globalism under the Corporatist banksters is a threat to all peoples and US withdrawal could cause these initiatives to fall apart. This has led George Soros to say that China should now head the New World Order.

Chinese hegemony with the authoritarian technocracy we see unfolding today may have always been the Globalists’ plan. It is certainly a contingency. As Alex Newman from the Constitutionalist publication, New American tells Greg Hunter here, “Communist China rose to power and prominence with deliberate assistance from key people in our State Department, in our Defense Department and almost all of them members in the Council on Foreign Relations or actual Communist agents.”

In closing, Newman says, “It’s not too late to turn this around. It’s really not, but if we allow these radicals and their puppet masters to run around tearing down our institutions and tearing down our civilization, we will reap horrifying consequences.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you for Alex Newman’s information.
    The answers to questions are slowly coming together. Not sure if it will be in time to avoid the devastating consequences. The people of our planet have been left out of all decisions – which are now destroying us. Lies have become the new normal. Try talking to folks who don’t have a clue about the NWO….you won’t get far. If there is food on the table, a roof over their heads, a bank account & a job that could be threatened…this information will be filed under ‘crazy’!
    Understandable….. just listen to the MSM-(all’s fine here)
    Those of us who have been watching, listening, reading & understanding the chaos swirling around us…..wonder when it will all come crashing down.
    Hillary is poison; her evilness knows no bounds….and she still is out and about – on a speech tour at the moment!! Where is the justice for this witch? Until she gets some… will be hard to believe we are headed in the right direction. I understand that Trump is holding the desperate hope for the country….but if that hope withers….it will be a world I don’t think that even those that hate Trump will find bearable.
    Caught between a rock & a hard place…..the WHY of this world can be found in the NWO!!

  • Gaaaafffaaaawww…I can’t get a grip on how anyone can be ‘so informed’ and actually separate our current POTUS from the NWO…they actually believe that the US presidency is up for grabs??
    As usual, reading the fine print on any of these supposed trump changes brings about zip-di-dee-doo-dah. Plato’s Cave, Kabuki, magic act, you name it and that’s the show…all the whirled is a stage is not idle speculation, particularly when one is dealing with trillions in wealth.
    Waiting for Godot…

  • This is not new. When I was in Catholic school in the 60’s we studied the dangers we’d be facing as adults because of what the American communist party did in the 40s. We studied all the revelations of Bella Dodd who came to realize that communism was bankrupt and dangerous. It was only going to benefit the Left leaning uber rich. she warned about the takeover of the democratic party and an attempt to corrupt the Catholic Church. We were warned, people forget.

    • I was not warned. I went to a super-Liberal school in Chicago and was taught that China was the future.

      • We were warned because of this is when they infected the church. And, I expect I’m quite a few years older than you and was studying at the time Bella Dodd was well known in many circles. I heard her once on radio. You might find something about her from old a late 50s/early 60s achieve that you could present. After that she seemed to have vanished from the NY consciousness. Perhaps by Leftist design.

  • To Kennyboy, enough with this NOB- Melonin b/s ,you are in the same boat as the rest of the world. All slaves to the nwo which has been in place in US from 1861 and is just now being updated and refined and yes the false jews are involved along with some of your own people. If you think this is b/s ,read Lennons work and discover the plan. If you deny the bible find out who the beast of the fields are,then follow the prophesies.
    James, Red shoes is a small part of The problem {they cannot help themselves] be better informed, read

    • Obviously, You haven’t done your homework about OUR-Story and are relying on HIS-Tory (LIES) to make the uninformed statement like this.
      Go ASK some of your own White raced researchers a bout “Melanin” and what means to ALL HU-Manity…They have ANNUAL secret meetings about the subject trying to find a way to duplicate or substitute something like it…then ask yourself WHY the secrecy???
      Melanin is Divine substance of ALL Creation, and THEY already Know this…ONLY Divine Source Creator uses it to create Galaxies/Universes…Thus cannot be duplicated.

  • The main problem corporations have with Trump isn’t that he is anti-globalist (though he is). The main problem they have with Trump is that he is pro-chaos, and there’s nothing corporations hate more than chaos. Mind you, it isn’t just corporations that have issues with chaos. Lots of ordinary people have a problem with it, as well. Being pro-Trump because he pisses off corporations is like being pro-pandemic flu because it will make everyone fussy about washing their hands. Sure. But maybe you don’t hate corporations to the point of wanting to give your life to get rid of them. And at this rate, it could well happen.

  • Ooooh! Gosh…I almost forgot again…Its these NOB-Melanin Creatures that are causing all the screw-ups Earth wide…THEY Made this bed they have to sleep on.

  • GeeeeePers!!!! Now its lets blame everything on the Chinese?!….Did anyone FORGET WHO controls the Chinese Financial system (FAKE JEWS)???
    Can ANYONE Here SEE what is really going on with THAT “Strategy”…Problem-Reaction-Solution??? How about: Divide & Conqour???

    Just MORE Luciferian BS here…BLAME everything on anybody else except of course THEIR Own Failures. RELIGION & GOVERNMENT, or the “Big Three”(Deep-State).

    • You brought it up! Not all Jew´s are Zionist´ and not all Zionist´ are Jews, today! Globalism and Patriotism, is from the same origin. On the contrary, this is not anti-human, at all, can´t be, as they do not believe, there are other human´s on Earth, than their own crowd! Forgotten? Read the Book´s.
      So, what is it!? It´s about their “dearest” PowerToy, the Monetary System (FIAT). On the contrary, this one is not about Money (as they, themselves, print as much of it, as they wish!) It is, about, LIQUIDITY. This is, the PowerMatrix. QE! Think!
      The Debths Tsunamis and the consequent interests, are the means to control the World! Dominance. Here it come´s. The OWO (OldWorldOrder) is followed by the NWO (NewWorldOrder) there is no difference about the word “Order”! Got it!?
      The latter, is “analog”, and the modern will be “virtual”. That the whole secret. The transition period, is “suck”, as, (listen!!!), the System has a Birth Failure. It is exponential and consequently, from time to time (misunderstandingly called “Circle”) it “tends” to implode. This period of “instability” is the problem to maintain the Dominance, as it (the implosion) could cause unrest! Now add, I, II + III !? Until recently, all this was “managed” by Wars! Controlled chaoes and simultanously the disappropriation from Poor (incl. their lives, sic!) to Rich, as usual! ALL the rest, we perceive, is merely “entertainment” of the Peoples. Now the most obvious: Obama/Hillary, the Democrat´s (leftist) have been eliminated, as the end of the debths ceiling was reached! No more “New Money” available, simply, because, the interest could not be payed any more with 320% debths, world-wide, on the GNP. A “Re-Set” is demanded! Trump (Mr. Right) is just the guy, who sell´s that plan better, than the Democrat´s or Killary (Miss Left) ! No, further WWIII, nor Crash, as the solution is:
      The “New Virtual Dictatory Orwell 3.0” !!! NVO. Wanna´bet!?

  • Thank You, that was refreshing. At least a few people can see that Trump is doing what he should. Still got to watch out for those with red shoes, because they have shone that they have no consciousness as far as people go. It’s all about the agenda. Global pedophiles they are, dancing in children’s blood showing they are no longer human. They should be lined up, given trials, and shot. Yeah, I know that makes me look as bad as them. but, I have seen this country decline so much in the last sixty + years. Since Sr. Bush killed JFK, that’s how long this agenda has been in place, stepping forward, bit by bit, take that freedom, install more laws to “protect” us from thinking, put fluoride in the water to save our teeth,(yeah right) dump nano-aluminum on us to protect us from the sun, dump lithium on us to keep us calm an collected….. There is a lot to be done to undo what has been done. Best Wishes to all, even the red shoe B@$^*(DS.

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