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The producer of the film ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon’, Bart Sibrel joins Sean from the SGT Report to discuss Fake News, the Apollo Moon missions, SpaceX and YouTube’s double standard regarding censorship and demonetization. Sibrel believes that Alex Jones, for example was “taken down” to confer him with “Street Cred” to his millions of fans, in order to be trotted out to promote a big lie later – soon.

YouTube hates Sibrel’s truth-telling about the Lunar Landings and they demonetize his videos. Meanwhile, they allow incredible violence and other violations of purported “Community Guidelines” by big corporate accounts.

Sibrel easily demonstrates how the photographs of the Lunar surface are fake because the shadows are pointing in different directions. This would not be possible on the Moon, due to the Sun being the only light source and the light being unidirectional. This is to say nothing about NASA’s recent admissions that they don’t have the technology to protect Astronauts from the enormous radiation of the Van Allen Belts.

Sibrel continues his analysis of motion picture evidence and uses deductive reasoning to show how NASA’s claims that they destroyed their hardware and telemetry data as a basis for why they’ve lost the ability to accomplish that mission today is nonsensical. There is no precedent in history for people obliterating their latest technological achievement. He utterly squashes any consideration that Apollo completed manned missions to the Moon using 1960s technology.

Sean asks him what he thinks of SpaceX and Sibrel says it’s “fake” and that it’s a front for the Intelligence Community and that Elon Musk is a cardboard cut-out phony. SpaceX’s hallmark vertical landing rockets are suspect; they unnecessarily waste fuel. The multiple vertical landing attempts finally succeeded in 2017 (if that footage is to be believed and Sean has his doubts about it) but even this just proves that NASA did not achieve vertical landing rockets until 50 years after they’d originally alleged this had been achieved.

As to Musk’s plans to conduct a manned mission to Mars in 2024, Sibrel says he wishes he could bet big money against the likelihood of this ever happening (“I could become a trillionaire with one dollar!”). Sibrel believes that high profile people, like Elon Musk, Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are being told what they can and cannot say. Rogan used to be one of the most well-known Moon Landing skeptics but now he claims he’s “not smart enough” to know for sure. In Sibrel’s opinion, once you understand why the Moon Landings weren’t real, there’s no turning back and that Rogan was either threatened or bribed or blackmailed.

In addition, Sibrel believes that what’s going on with Alex Jones is that he might be “a CIA agent” who’s being groomed now to get everybody to believe one particular lie and that once he’s been publicly “rehabilitated” he will be deployed upon the populace to do just that. Jones has never voiced any doubt about the official story of the Moon Landings, which he believes is very telling.

He says the Moon Landings are something that, if the truth were revealed to the public at large, it would take down the Main Stream Media.

Sibrel explains, “Bob Dylan didn’t say ‘Money talks.’ He said, ‘Money screams,'” and that if he were offered the right price, even he would definitely consider lying about the Moon Landings.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • No, the shadows aren’t pointing in different directions. The ground is not level. Which is what you would expect in a place untouched by human levelling.

    But hey, if you want to demonstrate your total inability to grasp engineering, go ahead. There is a motionless electromagnetic generator that I can build and demonstrate for any of you. And sell for a very reasonable price. Surely you all know that free energy is real, right? Let me show you how the only reason to keep you alive is so you can line the pockets of people smarter than you are.

  • Alex Jones’ app became available a few weeks before he was “taken down”. Why did CNN give this so much publicity? Who owns CNN, who owns Alex Jones? I always thought the debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones was product promotion for whoever Ted Turner is really working for. Alex Jones, David Icke and the Rothschild’s court jester, Russel Brand are just controlled opposition. Anyone promoting Q is also either controlled opposition or just useful idiiots. Where are people’s critical thinking skills? What will the next false flag be? Place your bets. Should ETs be utilised for a fake invasion of the US will we see crisis acting cows on CNN/Fox trying to suppress laughter while describing the horrors of witnessing Greys with box-cutters?

  • Great information!
    I’ve followed the ‘Moon’ story info for years….there is always something about it that ‘sticks’ in my craw. And then there is the assassination of JFK…again something cringe worthy nags at the ‘official’ story…! 911…another official sanction of ‘We’ll tell you your truth, OK! The entire history of ‘us’ from the Big Bang to “we’ll put people on Mars in the next decade”…..!! There is always an official version of TRUTH! Everyone has their own TRUTH….perhaps if all of those ‘truths’ were gathered and examined and discussed in an open arena…..the actual truth would become clear about all of our historic events. There are lots and lots of ‘truths’ about BigFoot, Missing passenger planes, mass killings…..and then there is Hillary Clintons’ official truths and it goes on and on…….clouding information & facts….and causing great harm.
    I do believe there is an undisclosed outer space exploration program in progress. I do believe we are being lied to about nearly everything we believe is the truth. I do believe that CERN is not a good thing. That 5G will not be a benefit to humanity….that carbon in our atmosphere is not a threat; that our weather is being manipulated… will this deception ever stop. Not until the majority of people start examining all information for themselves and not rely on official explanations. Come to your own conclusions but just don’t believe it’s the only truth.
    I didn’t like to see Alex Jones removed from his platform…..I didn’t follow his program….again something just didn’t sit right in my mind about his behaviour….but he had every right to say what he believed. There is always some form of truth even if it’s telling you….this person is not the one to give you any.
    Thanks Alexandra…..for this platform & all the information given so that those that wish can come to their own truths.

  • Joseph P. Farrell, a person Alexandra admires, had stated that NASA went to moon, only not the way they said they did. He thinks they used exotic technology that they couldn’t reveal then or now. He has a whole article about it, but can’t locate it now.

    As for the Van Allen belt, going through it was a challenge, but not all that much. Having protection, traveling fast and using a particular flight path did it. Here’s the full explanation:

    Where did NASA ever they they couldn’t get through the Van Allen belt?

    I had my doubts for years, but not anymore. What NASA is covering up is how they got there and what they actually found. That’s why all that footage got supposedly “lost.”

    • There is a video made by NASA with a young technician giving a lecture on the new capsule technology intended for Mars missions.
      He states that in order to get humans through the Van Allen belt, they need to invent new technology to overcome the deadly radiation of the Van Allen Belts. The problem being that shielding needs to be thick enough to protect, but its too heavy.

      Now the big problem with the video you mention, that supposedly explains how they astronauts get through the belts… first, they say that the time the astronauts were in the belt is not long enough to do any damage… like a chest x ray.
      But then they destroy their ow claims by saying that the flight path took the capsule around the belts anyway. So, IF the radiation was not very dangerous, then why would they need to go on a convoluted path around it?
      But worse, is the fact that the flight path DID NOT go up towards the North Pole, and then skirt around the belts, and come back in to where the moons orbit is located.
      The original flight paths show this is a lie. The original flight paths, well advertised during the Apollo missions in National Geographic and all other publications, show the flight path is direct and simple as possible, as course changes were only going to add to the already incredibly difficult job. SO either they lied back then, or this new excuse about a weird flight path is a lie, take your pick.

  • Such horse hooey – please stop these idiots. I went to school with Van Allen’s son, and I have done the math (I worked with radiation health with lasers, and my dad worked for NASA, and knew Neil & Buzz), so I KNOW you can get through the Van Allen belts. It’s as bad science as the Flat Earthers.

    I liked SGT Report, but these are the tin foil hat crowd with no scientific background.
    Yes, we went to the moon. Stop letting ignoramuses try to explain things they have zero experience with.

    However, the political idea is excellent, and I agree completely with that,

  • Here was a reply I got from a subscriber, which has brought me back to my former thinking:

    1) The Van Allen belt is no fun, but a quick trip through it draws about 0.38 RAD, or about 2 chest x rays.

    2) The photos are a combination of studio and live; Disney (through NASA) hired Kubrick to recreate them to aid in selling the program to the people in case the real stuff didn’t work. The shadows not being consistent are a mixture of reasons but some are fake without doubt.

    That they would, during the Cold War, make sure that the free world saw this landing real time is only natural. My brother worked with Jim Lovell on Apollo 13 and he spent hours telling him about the magnificence of being there. Brad has absolutely no doubt these were true.

    3) The Nazi scientists who designed the Saturn V, which was liquid fueled, never wrote down the secrets as to how to stabilize that much liquid fuel. They took it to the grave with them. Dad was involved with the re-entry systems and I actually met Von Braun when I was 10. The Air Force never did trust them but all the Paperclip scientists stuck together.

    The solid fuel boosters just aren’t as powerful. This is a fact.

    4) The secret space program does exist. How advanced it is is anyone’s guess, but McKinnon got really close on it. My sources say that Solar Warden is a reality, and Trump wants the ‘Space Force’ soon because of imminent threats. Another source I absolutely trust says he expects an extraterrestrial ‘incident’ -and not a friendly one- within two years.

    The absolute, overwhelming evidence of the moon landings is everywhere, as long as you accept Kubrick never thought his soundstage footage would ever be so closely examined…

    • Thank You! I don’t know how to put this, but, “the feels” are there for me that we went six times. Kubrick made the “back up” films in advance in case there was unforeseen problems on the moon that could not be shone to the public, witch was the case. So thank you for making me feel better about my “feels”!

    • Excellent deductive reasoning, and you are very nearly correct. My dad worked for NASA, and we know they do air brush photographs to make them better, as well as they cover up proof of ET’s.

      This Bart guy is a fool – if you listen to him closely, he is not rational. Cherry-picking phrases to make a case, and saying we made it on the first attempt. I guess he forgot about Apollo 2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9, and 10 (the last two went around the moon, and 10 got the lander with a few miles of the surface).

      Yeah, NASA is a cover org, full of falsified evidence, but indeed, we went to the moon. And the way he makes conclusions saying crap like “that they destroyed the technology proves they never went to the moon.

      Jesus, some discernment please. Never send a religious nut to do science.

    • Richard Hoagland had said something similar as that he felt we went, but that there was fake evidence created just in case they needed it. Personally, I still don’t know, but I feel that if we did go in ’69 that we used some sort of exotic technology, either back-engineered or outright given to us.

      Don’t care for the fact that these bozos (host and guest) seem to be hung up on Trump and the host hung up on the Q nonsense and the alleged mass arrests. David Wilcock was feeding us that nonsense, so it doesn’t bode well for this channel to be promoting that (The SGT Report, I mean).

      However, I agree with him about Alex Jones. In my opinion, Jones being taken down is a ploy. I haven’t really heard anyone talking about this. He is being used as the guinea pig, as Sibrel rightly says, to give him street credibility. This way people think he is being taken down to silence him because he is telling the truth. And to some degree, this may be true, but the fact that Jones won’t touch the subject of Israel and is so enamored with Trump speaks volumes. I think those behind the curtains want people to gravitate to Jones so that he can mislead them. And Jones needs to be telling the truth about some of these conspiracy subjects, otherwise people wouldn’t be fooled into following him. And yes, he may come back with even more credibility, even though he had lost a lot of that with his undying support for the Trump puppet.

      All in all, I don’t much care for the SGT Report or this Sibrel guy because of some of the garbage that they spew, but I’d say Sibrel may have hit the nail on the head when it comes to Jones – although I highly doubt it has anything to do with Jones not talking about the fake moon landing. There’s an elephant in the room that most people are missing and that’s Israel. You even saw how Sibrel was shrugging off Mossad’s involvement in 9/11, something I was actually surprised to hear the host bring up.

    • I did not watch the interview because the comments here were enough to get the gist of the discussion. Plus, I’m not a fan of SGT and the other dude sounds like a tool. ANYTHING with unmitigated Trump-humping is automatically suspect in my book.

      But this is one of my favorite topics.

      I actually saw up close, touched, and smelled the Odyssey space capsule before it was enclosed in plexiglass and sent to D.C. I’ll never forget it. For this reason and many others I agree that we went to the moon but that little of the fables in the official version are authentic. People underestimate how much the cold war and anti-communist energy fueled most everything this country did at the time. Or how much more technologically advanced the Russkies were in many respects. Just like events today, events that defined the 20th century were connected.

      I also agree that footage was also created by Kubrik for very logical reasons as a back-up and because footage actually recorded included evidence of structures on the moon–whether they were our modern developments, ancient artifacts or alien is unknown. Of course, the MIIC could also have used their film production studio (supposed to be larger than all Hollywood studios combined…) I read a dozen books by astronauts and researchers and in multiple transcripts the astronauts mention seeing “Santa Clause” which is code for ET craft and/or beings.

      I also strongly agree w/ J.P. Farrell’s theory that advanced technologies we were not supposed to have were the only way we were able to descend and ascend from the lunar surface (and it seems ridiculous to suggest otherwise after seeing the footage–whether it was real or Kubrik’s work). And given his and my extensive digging into the SSP it’s a certainty that we had the technology since WWII, most likely through reverse engineering of downed craft.

      I find it easy to associate the lunar landing advanced anti-gravitic/propulsion technologies and image production with the aerospace+SSP founder-components of JFK’s assassins of that era. I find the “no-moon landings” is a limited hangout–those guys got very good at the conspiracy theory narratives but the patterns are easy to spot now days.

      I also like JPF’s suggestion that there are spots at the poles (hmmm…antarctica, anyone?) where the VA belts are less intense at certain periods throughout history.

      Perhaps our modern view of NASA as a limited hangout at the executive level and full of real and well-intentioned but otherwise clueless scientists is what the Op Paperclip scientist created in the first place.

      (btw you can find great analysis of Apollo 11 references in Shining online)

      A false flag “ET incident” is easy to believe but I’m less convinced about an actual “incident”. Not that they aren’t out there but the timing and intent…? Although, this could be a huge catalyst…

  • 18,000 miles per hr, van allen belt is 12,000 miles deep, gold shielding of astronauts, no problem. I could be wrong, probably am, but, there is one other thing that no one takes in to account, the capsule should have radioactive traces if it is as bad as they say it is. Are they still on display?

  • I believe that anti-gravity technology as used by WWII Germany has secretly been used by at least the US for many years to travel to the Moon and beyond for real, but they keep that a secret from the public and likely from certain other superpowers because they only want the elite to have certain knowledge of that technology and access to it. The obviously faked and impossible piloted rocket lunar landings are a mere red herring.

  • November 22, 1963, July 20, 1969, September 11, 2001, December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Frankenstein Horror Movie, Osama, Obama are all sacred holy days and saints in the Central Intelligence Church of Saint Dominion!

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