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    Alex Jones has been having a “high-level intel source” named “Zach” on his show off-camera for the past several years and recently, it’s come to light that this person is one Zachari Klawonn, 29-year-old ex-Army Moroccan-American who apparently was at the White House last week with his friend, Kanye West. More about this in a moment.

    Zach suggests that Turkish President Erdogan is behind the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The latter, who’d been living in the US in self-exile since last year was last seen entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul nearly 2 weeks ago. We may remind ourselves that Erdogan, who walked out on Trump’s United Nations Speech last month is a Globalist – and like all Globalists, he is unhappy about the dismantling of the EU by populism, about the reforms in Saudi Arabia and in America and especially about the $110 billion arms deal.

    We see minion politicians, like Marco Rubio and others who are jumping all over Khashoggi’s disappearance and demanding a freeze on the weapons deal and Zach asserts that, indeed the goal of this murder was to disrupt the new relationship between Saudi and The US and to stop this sale. Further, Zach makes the bombshell allegation that the hit was done by a Clinton/Obama/Soros hit squad, similar to the one that killed Seth Rich.

    Zach also reveals that Jeff Sessions would soon be out and that Nikki Haley as the White House mole behind the infamous New York Times OpEd and that she’s being let go in a face-saving way.

    Zach alludes to an event that he is producing, which will include as speakers Alex Jones, Kanye West, Roseanne Barr and Louis Farrakhan, among others.

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    • I heard all kinds of BS from Mr. Jones, but nothing about the missing reporter. Anybody else hear something I missed?

    • Maybe I tuned in too late, but while Zachari Klawonn was the guest, I heard nothing about
      him saying that Erdogan is behind the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. I was anxious to listen because that is what I’ve been saying because while MBS does not like Kashoggi, he has nothing to gain. But, if an elaborate plot had been laid by Erdogan which includes the fiancé the winners are then enemies of Saudi. The winners would be Turkey and their allies – Iran, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood (worldwide) and Hizbollah.
      The Saudis, their allies such as UAE, Egypt and to some degree includes the US would all have their interests threatened.

    • A few points of basic logic:
      1. The Saudis are really poor at security if they let a Turkish hit squad enter their consulate and kill a Saudi citizen inside their consulate.
      2. Selling weapons to a country as poor at security as (1) and that has bred known mass terrorists like Osama Bin Laden seems like a recipe for Twin Towers: The Bigger Remake.
      3. In which case, maybe the Turks would be doing the US a favor if they are really trying to stop such an arms deal, whatever their reasons to want to stop it.

    • I am not a fan of this guy, he’s being sued by everyone he ever called a “crisis actor” and the sandyhook families, and included in this lawsuit is google, facebook, youtube and a list more so they had to take his channel down, and so many people cried oh poor nut ball is having his speech curtailed, it could be further from the truth. I’m only listening to this because Alexander Bruce put it up. But I take all this nonsense that comes from this nut with a grain of salt.

    • WHEN??? Will the Luciferian/Satanist give up on trying to save their ashes by trying to start another WAR?
      Its all about WAR Folks…In Search for an Enemy to fight so as to save their “Rigged Stock Market”….and Killing off yet MORE Sheeple that still believe Governments are their saviors.

    • I’ve been saying for years of the technology the US has. Technology is 12 – 20 years passed what us revealed to the public. The real drones are beyond the plane like toys that are shown in the movies and on the store shelves. The heart attack gun has been an old prototype that was revealed to the Senate hearing years back. The very cell phones that are advertised and marketed to the younger gen with the snapdragon PROCESSOR is a weapon. Folks please listen the Georgia Guidestones is the vision of these satanists, they have laws and people in place, infrastructures in place, moles and agencies in place, technology in place to carry out the plan. But I’m truly thankful that we also have real soldiers in place that arent blind to the tactics and are willing to fight and reveal truth in this time, that aren’t cowards and sell outs for money and a position to bring a fake org-sm. I salute you!!!!!

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