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Sherri Nelson has many different online handles, personas and personalities and many different looks and styles. We’ve known her as “Amazing Polly”, someone who has done valuable research into the many moving parts of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. I have been a big fan and promoter of the work of “Amazing Polly” over the past 5 years, so what I’m seeing now is disturbing on many levels. I hope that she is safe.

“Polly Phemus” and “Fight Narcissism” were two screen names used by Sherri Nelson around 2014-2016, when she was blogging about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as documented on @clusterbfreezone1175’s YouTube channel and in her blog, FinallyFreeFromNarcissism. @clusterbfreezone1175 is an American woman who, in 2017 was finally forced to hire a lawyer in Canada to serve Sherri and her husband with a Cease and Desist order for prolonged online harassment that lasted for over a year.

These video clips were filmed around 2015 and they were assembled in 2017 by @clusterbfreezone1175 on YouTube. I’ve heard Sherri Nelson has taken acting lessons but this performance is incredible. In this video, Sherri is completely in character, with such full immersion in the role, that one could almost be forgiven for suspecting that she’s a victim of MK ULTRA programming.

Watching this reminds me of what Cathy O’Brien described in her book, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ as part of her programming. Not only were multiple personalities created like digital files through the use of systemic trauma, but Cathy recounts being trained with other women in “glamour” at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma; in the control of the micro muscles in the face to subtly alter the shape of her features.

Look at how Sherri’s features morph into those of a wide-eyed, innocent child, as she complains about “Polly Phemus”, which was one of Sherri’s other screen names.

Sherri’s “Little Girl” persona complains about “Polly Phemus”, as if the screen name were an actual, separate human being, complaining that Polly Phemus is “making fun of me”.

I’m not certain if this “Little Girl” persona is pretending to be her victim (@clusterbfreezone1175) and is thereby taunting her or if what we’re looking at is full blown Dissociative Identity Disorder. The former means Sherri is conscious and sadistic, the latter means Sherri has no agency. The more I watch this, the more I tend toward the former. What do you think?

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  • I quit watching her a long time ago. Something was off and seemed to be more of promoting how intelligent she was. When people love the sound of their own voice you must question the information that is being presented.

  • Doesn’t matter much to me as I haven’t followed her closely though I do feel like she should chill a little bit.
    She kinda reminds me of Karen Kingston for some reason.

    • Yes, Karen Kingston snapped a few months ago, although she had been fraying at the edges for several months prior, accusing Sasha Latypova of being a Ukrainian spy.

      That’s why I stopped sharing her material.

  • polymorphism has lost her objectivity now she’s a bouncing super ball and the walls are moving like they are breathing in and out using her for pinball practice . watching this changeling do an mind controlled artistic skit on sliding into insanity is gonna be the new normal gotta love 2024.

  • I have been following your excellent channel for a long time. I have also followed Amazing Polly many years, and have found her deep-dive research to be outstanding. The accusations against her character and personality seemed to have surfaced in the last few days parallel to Polly’s dive (I know, not her real name) into The Wellness Company, who she has been exposing as shady and dishonest, tho I haven’t delved into the deep details there. IMO, her work history speaks for itself, and the video with the child’s voice is I think her being sarcastic, edgy,and strange but it makes you listen eh? I have also heard the cease and desist order against her was fabricated by a deranged stalker whom she also had to legally intervene against. I believe the attacks against her are shockingly disgusting, and just regurgitating someone’s account of a lawsuit without further info is cheap tabloid level writing. If this is indeed a smear job to dox her because she is exposing the Wellness Company shady dealings, it is a classical method to destroy someone’s reputation. Therefore, I would never promote someone out of the blue trying to destroy her over her defense that the cease and desist lawsuit was a frame job. Do better.

    • Viki,

      Perhaps you are not very familiar with Monarch victims or victims of demon possession. As one who is very familiar, I respectfully assert that Polly has demonstrated one or the other or both. Polly is definitely not ‘normal’!

      Please pray for Polly and for our nation. We need deliverance and healing ASAP. -JD

    • Yes, I’ve been a huge fan of her research but this time was weird. I’d never noticed her being out of her depth before. Also, “Amazing Polly” is not her name. She has many screen names and aliases. She and her other personas have been exposed over the years but they were in very different nooks of the internet, so I wasn’t aware of any of this before.

      This YouTube channel dedicated to exposing her was made in 2017, two years before I’d ever even heard of her:

    • I have been a longtime fan of her research, which should be clear to everyone. When I saw what a sadistic bully she was toward Sarah Westall, I did a double-take and I found she has a history of being a sadistic cyber bully.

      I don’t know if she has self-agency or not. I don’t know if she is a full-blown psychopath who enjoys inflicting pain on others or if she has split personalities who enjoy inflicting pain on others but either way, I do not abide bullies.

      She has many, many aliases and personas. It’s not normal. Something odd is going on with her.

      Her name is Sherri Nelson. “Polly St George” is the full name of her “Amazing Polly” persona.

      Here is her 2013 bio on her website on the WaybackMachine:

      It includes photos of her and it says she lives in Kingston, which is where “Polly St George” lives.

      Here’s her art site, BonesNelson, which also includes a photo of her from 2014:

      Here’s a 2012 local news article on Sherri Nelson with a photo of her and her daughter and that same Día de los Muertos art:

      • Twisted, even this seems twisted: “Artist Sherri Nelson (right) stands with her daughter at the Skeleton Park Art Festival.” The person I recognize as Polly is on the left. Hmmm.

      • As I responded in another place, I had similar encounters with Polly over a year ago or so. I never discussed it online. This is in line with her behavior.

        I don’t see her behavior as mk ultra but of a narcissistic personality disorder mocking someone else. It is not difficult to do what she did in those videos. Anyone with mimic abilities can do it with no training.

        Since we are on the topic, I also take Cathy OBrien with a pound of salt.

        After she and her husband (alive at the time) exhibited disturbing behavior toward a young woman they paraded around as being rescued.. it looked like they took her into same programming Cathy claims to have been freed from.

        I am only saying that I have always taken Cathy with caution due to her extreme claims that these “elite” would let her live to expose them, that much of her info is available on the c eye ae site free to download.. Does no one consider her testimonials were crafted by placed memories for controlled info?

        People are suicided constantly for MUCH LESS whistleblower info. Why was she allowed to spill it all,no repercussions and then hook up with c eye ae handler as her partner to promote her??

        Then I began to learn about this which seems to indicate her husband/handler was continuing the work..

        Not starting trouble, only presenting info in case you are interested.

        If not, ignore.

    • Not for nothing, I have personally had very bizarre nasty encounters with Polly in the past and I am not associated with anyone in the lawsuit,TWC or anyone talking about this.

      These videos and alleged harassment are in line with my personal experience which I discussed with no one prior to recently.

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