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The last economic reset occurred in 1944, with the creation of the Bretton Woods system.

The US dollar replaced the pounds Sterling as the new world reserve currency.

It was convertible to gold at a fixed rate of $35 an ounce.

Nations of the world entrusted the Federal Reserve Bank to hold their gold in return for market liquidity.

This trust was good until President de Gaulle of France pointed out that the United States was printing out more money than they had in gold reserves than they had to pay for the war in Vietnam and in 1971, sent a warship to New York, demanding their gold back.

Days later, President Nixon took the world off the Gold Standard altogether, allowing the War Machine to print endless amounts of US dollars.

In 1974, the United States offers use of its War Machine to Saudi Arabia in return for their oil to be sold exclusively with US dollars. This becomes known as the Petrodollar and ushers in a new era of endless warfare.

Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin has been trading precious metals for over 30 years and lays out the evidence that the world is going back to a Gold Standard.

In 2017, Germany’s Bundesbank made headlines when they demanded the return of their physical gold by 2020.

Within weeks, the Bank of Austria, the Bank of Hungary, the Bank of Turkey, the Czech National Bank and the Bank of Poland all quietly began repatriating their gold, as well and began buying more.

These banks bought more in 2018 than they had bought in the past 60 years combined – and they doubled that the next year.

In 2019, the Bank for International Settlements classifies gold as a Tier 1 Reserve, rivaling the US dollar for the first time in 80 years.

In 2020, the International Monetary Fund publicly announces a shift towards a new system to replace Bretton Woods.

Also that year, a new major buyer suddenly appears, anonymously labeled as “other” and begins draining the Comex and London metals exchange of precious metals to an extent never seen before.

In August of 2021, Saudi Arabia signs a military cooperation agreement with Russia, directly challenging the US Petrodollar agreement.

This is immediately followed by the US military’s abrupt departure from Afghanistan.

In 2022, Russian banks were removed from the SWIFT system.

This weaponization of the banking system inspired a massive selloff of US Treasuries, as Russia announced a new commodity-backed World Reserve Currency.

Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran begin selling oil to China for bonds that are immediately convertible to gold.

BRICS membership is now nearing 75% of the world population and all these countries are dramatically expanding their gold reserves.

China’s Belt and Road initiative is moving towards connecting nearly three quarters of the world’s population into its centralized system with the Digital Chinese Yuan and the US Government is left holding a bill they can’t pay and a war machine they can’t afford.

The US Mint is making it difficult for citizens to buy gold and silver, as if they want everyone at their mercy when it all goes to zero.

Their only solution seems to be total control.

This is, at least one of the reasons why Elon’s #Twitterfiles are spread out like a Netflix series: to keep Americans busy while their entire life savings are swiftly turned to zero.

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