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Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts returns for a deep discussion with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and reveals how the Central Bankers have implemented a Worldwide surveillance and financial transaction infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, economically and spiritually.

Catherine has been warning on the development of the Central Bank Digital Currency and its implications for loss of freedom. Today she’ll go deep on how the crash of FTX is an op designed at the top of the money pyramid to bring in the new system.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I feel badly that I denigrated Katherine Fitts and Dark Journalist for their religious speculations. I remembered afterward that Katherine is a Gnostic and this is her sincere belief. Dark Journalist is a theosophist and also has this sincere belief. I was reacting to the situation of the Emergency Use Authorization that is being extended into the new warp speed line of products: a flu/RSV/Covid vax all in one, etc. Big Pharma is using their bivalent vax authorization to go legit with a whole line of unapproved products. They don’t plan on investing any money in R&D and why should they? They can’t be sued and the FDA will grant approval under the EUA. Congress seems in no hurry to end the EUA and Biden would veto it. So.. states like California could be targeted since Gavin Newsom (Blue Beard) is a puppet of the deep state and will do whatever he is told. These products are monstrous, cause blood clots, are untested, etc.; and they will be tried out on the most vulnerable–our children. It’s a battle. How important is it to know who is the behind this maniacal program of death? It isn’t a war in heaven. It is flesh and blood in this case. It could be the big banks going broke, and it could be Bill Gates population reduction thingie. Maybe the first, but I doubt the second. It could also be for the economic future of what Justin Raimondo called “that sh…ty little state”. Could that be what’s driving it?

  • Thanks for posting this Alexandra and for all of the previous interviews with Dark Journalist and Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine has an absolutely brilliant mind with an exceptionally deep understanding of how the material plane is being controlled by invisible forces. The Rockefellers and the Gates and the Rothschilds and the Clintons and their ilk are like putty in the hands of these nefarious forces.

  • Fabulous interview . Appreciate your time and interest in telling the truth of what is going on. I am a big fan of Catherine Austin Fitzs and the Solari Report.

  • Please read a recently released book titled ‘The Return of the Gods’ by Jonathan Cahn. This outlines the passage of time from when the world was ruled by Zeus, Baal, Isthar etc. These nefarious gods of antiquity have and are now influencing humanity to return to a more animalistic civilization. This is a very powerful account of where we are now and what we can do about it.

  • Fitts got close to naming names, but avoided naming them.

    Likely because she knows that people will reject her if she does, the truth will gore their beloved ox, which she very nearly did! Because they are pagan and don’t know that is what they are. Their understanding has been perverted by “the system”.

    How I know is I have named names and experienced that rejection!

    When people believe lies, they reject truth.

    Fitts’ problem is like my own, when she alludes to things, it doesn’t much matter because people are either too occupied with the things of this present temporal world to do their own homework or else just plain too lazy to do it. As long as their belly is full, and they are entertained, they will simply float down the wide mainstream.

    The truth lies everywhere one looks if they truly are interested in it and not just fascinated with the mystery of it all which is mere idle curiosity.

  • This “Great Reset” is about resetting EVERYTHING on this planet – NOT just the money and the countries that create it. If anyone cares to glance under the microscope at the insects they will find that something is happening to them… I have seen (and continue to see and film) bees with fibers growing out of their eyes, a frog with the legs of a spider, ants with spider legs, and many unidentifiable insects. I have taken pictures of birds flying overhead only to download the images and find that they were evidently not birds at all, but what are called “rods” … (?) It would appear that everything created on this planet is now under attack, meant to be replaced by synthetic versions that will be weaponized… JMHO

  • I like both Catherine Austin Fitts and the Dark Journalist. What happens for me, though, is that when they get into inter dimensional warfare and things like that I’m left puzzled. Really?
    Unfortunately, I do live in bazaar world here in California, which is more like Blue Beards Castle. In a little room are all the corpses with blood spilling under the door. These are the murdered children and X wives of Blue Beard. His current wife runs to the upper tower and looks out over the landscape in search of her brothers who are going to save them because they have swords that will kill or arrest Blue Beard. Her sister is with her breathlessly whispering, ‘do you see them, are they coming.’ Catherine and Dark Journalist don’t live in the castle, Blue Beard’s lumbering footsteps are not ascending the stairs. They can afford to be intellectually speculative while we here are desperate. The song The Battle of New Orleans is maybe more appropriate. “We fired our guns and they a kept a coming, but there wasn’t half as many as there was awhile ago.” The battle goes on. Leave California–obvious… not possible. But maybe that is what “they” want, that is to drive out the opposition and have all those electoral votes without any red parts.

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