Since its establishment during the Carter Administration in 1979, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has spurred rumors that it was in reality formed to detain political dissidents in concentration camps. As part of the US’ Continuity of Government program to respond to overwhelming natural disasters and nuclear war, FEMA camps stimulated the imaginations of Cold War Americans, particularly since Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s bestselling book, The Gulag Archipelago, which described life in the Soviet forced labor camp system had been released in English just 5 years previously.

In 1980, memories of the internment of 120,000 US Citizens of Japanese descent between 1942-1946 by Franklin Roosevelt were still fresh especially because that year, Jimmy Carter opened an investigation into this terrible chapter of US history. Throughout the 1990s, rumors about FEMA concentration camps continued to blossom within the militia movement. The post-9/11 era saw increased speculation about FEMA camps after US Attorney John Ashcroft spoke of his desire to detain all US Citizens deemed to be “enemy combatants”. In 2006, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Corporation announced that it had built detention camps capable of housing 2 million American “terrorists”.

In 2010, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura covered the topic in his show, ‘Conspiracy Theory’, which featured on-location scenes of secretive FEMA “Residential Centers”, thousands of plastic coffins and the officials who were behind the latest FEMA legislation ducking from his cameras.

The recent scuttlebutt of Military Tribunals has got people thinking about FEMA camps again but now, the old time FEMA camp conspiracy theory has been turned on its head. Today, we hear about tens of thousands of sealed indictments against government personnel and how FEMA camps would be the ideal venue to receive this large population of corrupt officials. That’s quite a remarkable shift from the old time urban legends!

If this slickly-edited piece frames FEMA in a manner that seems slightly out of step with the current conspiracy culture in the US, it’s likely because it was created by the Sweden-based Black Banners of the East Iraqi Shia movement led by Ahmad al-Hassan, who claims to be “the son, messenger, vicegerent, and executor of the affairs of Imam Mahdi, al-Yamani, a messenger of the prophets Isa (Jesus) and Elijah.”

In Muslim eschatology, the Mahdi is the redeemer who will appear and rid the world of evil, ruling for a period of a few years before the Day of Judgment. In most traditions, the Mahdi will arrive with Jesus (Isa) to defeat the false Messiah or Antichrist. The Black Banners group appears to incorporate a Sufic element, that reconciles the wisdom teachings of ancient Greek philosophers, Christianity and Hinduism with Koranic verses.

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  • Hi Alexandra ~
    Corey Goode really is telling the truth. Dark Journalist is gong to have to wipe the egg off his face one day, because the Alliance exists. It is comprised of generals and admirals and benevolent ETs, who invited Putin into their circle, then Donald Trump. I’m told that Putin is a fellow Light Worker and it would certainly appear to be so, inasmuch as he’s a genius at preventing WWIII. Putin and Trump want to toss the globalists into an unmarked grave so that any discourse attempting to discredit our president is suspect in my view. Let’s take Edward Snowden for starters. He’s not what he pretends to be; if he was, he wouldn’t have been interviewed for nat’l TV nor would he have received all the additional press he did receive! Sorry to say, he’s one of ‘them’. Yes, a NWO stooge.

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the heroes of today’s world and, although I could only get halfway through this video, I found it to be misleading, an understatement at best.

  • Where to start? Trump has done some good things for this country, however he seems naive when it comes to bringing people into his administration. Why he surrounds himself with those loyal to the deep state is beyond me. This is what really concerns me. On my show we have discussed the Q-Anon phenomena and the hundreds – thousands of purported indictments. I believe it was YOU Alexandria, that called this “hope porn”.
    But what if it IS true? What if the POTUS actually declares martial law and dispatches the military to round up the traitors but following orders from their REAL boss, they pick up the patriots instead? What if trump has the best intentions but is double crossed…call it a double double cross?
    OTOH I still find it very hard to fathom that the deep state could allow someone like Donald Trump to become POTUS.. They have it all figured out because they control all the narratives.. How could his being elected be a surprise? Something inside me tells me that he is unknowingly being used to accomplish what they have long desired.. and we will be the ones suffering because of it. I pray I am wrong…

    • NO, Actually YOU are starting to SEE through all the BS Governments use to keep their sheeple blind. Keep researching OUR-Story instead of HIS-Story (All LIES) and you will find REAL TRUTH about EVERYTHING.
      TRUMP…would have NEVER became President unless ALLOWED to…The so-called “Deep-State” would “Terminated” him BEFORE that happen.
      He has LOADS of FAKE JEWS around him who HELPED “Select” and support him.

      • Kennyboy — You’ll forgive me but there are two things I no longer have stomach for: that asinine expression “trolls” and people stating that the Deep State would never have allowed Trump to win were he not useful to them. So what you’re saying, regarding the latter, is that there is no hope whatsoever.

        If DJT were a fool and/or stooge, why have they tried so desperately to unseat him, kill him, discredit him . . . THINK Kennyboy.

        • Plato’s Cave, Kabuki, call it what you may, but it is rather fanciful to consider short sighted, a cabal, cult, power that has been making century long chess considerations as stumbling and alliowing your trump fantasy to be real…trillions in constant play just don’t equate to that sort of mistake, particularly when it includes a billionaire sledge hammer…nope, too loose, la trek.


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