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For George Webb, it seems that all roads lead to Andy McCabe and for the first time here, he reveals a bit more about his status as a (FBI?) whistleblower.

For years, George has been on McCabe’s trail, way back when the latter was involved in blackmailing operations; bringing girls over from Eastern Europe to beach house parties and parties on yachts with VIPs. The girls would be surreptitiously drugged with scopolamine and McCabe would secretly film targeted people engaging in sexually abusive behavior in order to compromise them. George said he was physically present to observe this activity and the cameras on at least three occasions, in three different cities.

George says that these compromise operations were the specialty of McCabe and Comey, who rarely solved crimes; instead, they slow-walked documents and pinned crimes on innocent people.

George says the FBI ran an operation every year at a beach house to collect dirt on people. Often, these “parties” would be held at Trump hotel properties.  He says Julie Swetnick, the Kavanaugh gang-rape accuser was a recruiter of young girls for these operations, as was FBI agent an DOJ official, Monica McLean – the same Monica McLean who is the life-long best friend of Christine Blasey Ford, who the latter coached to help her pass her polygraph in order to get hired for her FBI job, way back when, according to Ford’s ex-boyfriend.

This is the same Monica McLean of whom Ford’s other friend, Leland Kyser complained had pressured her to alter her testimony. Kyser claims that she has no recollection of the fateful party or of ever having met Brett Kavanaugh. Ford has claimed that Kyser was present.

“It’s a very small enclave within the FBI but it’s actually the CIA trying to get in there,” says George. Everything becomes clear and easy to understand when you see that the modus operandi of these people is that the “conspirators do the accusing.” He says he almost wishes that the Kavanaugh hearings had lasted for two years because they helped to reveal so much.

George explains that Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), which is officially a partnership between various law enforcement agencies is in reality “a cover for drug operations.” He explains that this was exactly how the Phoenix Operation worked in Vietnam. As with GHW Bush’s Zapata Oil Company, all major drug- and human trafficking operations involve oil platforms and helicopters, because nobody ever suspects or stops these helicopters.

As he signs off, George mentions that Trump’s order to declassify the FISA warrants were still being processed and that National Security Director, Dan Coates was to sign off on them but they apparently hadn’t hit his desk yet, which George takes to be “a very bad sign because it means it hasn’t gone anywhere off of Rod Rosenstein’s desk.”

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  • Well done. Yes, not many involved at the need-to-know level, and they are compromised beyond being able to back out themselves.

    By the way, my daughter just introduced me to the docudrama ‘Designated Survivor’, which is uncomfortably rife with blackmail, intrigue, and ulterior motives. Catch a few episodes, and you can see the human element that silences and controls otherwise good people. Good — er — fiction.

  • Nothing New Here that isn’t already known by “The Members of Humanity”, because in order to become a Government associate one MUST Be Already Corrupted…The Higher the office the MORE corrupt you have to be.
    That’s the WHY Kavanaugh BS turned into an “Oppointment” to the SC…Turning the entire court into a CATHOLIC/FAKE JEW system…Run, Of Course by Luciferian/Satanist.
    Don’t hold your breath expecting to be anything close too Ever seeing ANY Real changes Folks….at least from the “Man-Kind” type “Soul less” creatures.

  • Nobody knows everything and nobody can be trusted 100%, but by having a clear uncluttered mind that knows what to record over decades, mental evidence mounts against the federal agency that has repeatedly engaged in trafficking contraband, creating mischief and mayhem (politely speaking) for many decades. We do know that by many evidences over vast amounts of time, don’t we?

    Is George truthful? I don’t know, but his story line dovetails with the historic records dating at least as far back as November 22, 1963 and somewhat beyond because we know JFK had some serious skeletons in his closet too, because of his lack of self control.

    Stay zipped up, you never know when Candid Camera is watching. 🙂

    • No comment on Webb, except to comment ( : )> that with the names and organizations he shines his lumens upon, how does he remain unmolested? I chose the ‘gray area’ wording carefully btw…
      Per Kavanaugh, I beat the SCOTUSBLOG dot com, attorney generated research on his judicial record, to death on many sites as the sordid and obsession bound BS distraction continued to enthrall those so inclined. WHAT ABOUT HIS RECORD???
      As you say Jon, major swamp dweller, with very little emotional maturity. Putting THAT on the highest court is a travesty and crime against America in my opinion.

  • This reminds me somewhat of Cathy O’Brien’s expose in her book “Trance..formation..”, except her book detailed the CIA’s actions during the Reagan to Clinton eras. Recommended reading, by the way. One thing puzzles me about this whole Kavanaugh circus: If you look at his voting record – Patriot Acts, supporting corporate interests, constition violations, etc, he is as much of a deep swamp creature as anyone else. So, putting aside the grotesque TV theatre, who has really won here? Trump is carrying out the deep state wishes in Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Saudi. He has again upped military spending. Perhaps because I live in the UK I might be missing the obvious, but I wonder whether the wool is being pulled over everyone’s eyes. All of these people/organisations seem pretty wretched.

    • I agree. Go to this link It will bring up info on her book. Click on picture of page, scroll down to back to contents and pick a chapter. You can actually read the whole book.
      Biblioteceapleyades stand for the encyclopedia of the unknown. It contains unbelievable amount of what goes on underneath what we think is reality. Another example of this is which is about how the government was going to kill Blacks but you learn how our government is able to cause epidemics and created AIDS. Skip first two paragraphs, not relevant to the article.

    • Yes. Recall that Imran Awan avoided jail time for his bank fraud case last August and we’ve never heard from either of them again in the alt media but she is running for her seat this November, which she’s never lost since 2005. I wonder if she’ll win again?

  • Anybody who had sex with an unconscious girl surely must have known they were committing a crime, whether it was a set-up or not.

    The police do it all the time. They have heard somebody is a hit-man, so some covert police officer goes to the guy and proposes to pay to get somebody killed. The hit-man accepts. That proves the point. Nobody thinks the criminal here is the police officer, right?

    Same logic applies to unconscious girls, or any other crime. Somebody suggests to commit a crime. You go straight ahead and do it. That doesn’t make you innocent and the person suggesting it a criminal. That makes you a criminal and the person suggesting it simply a sting operation.

    • Nobody condones sexual assault and rape. What’s stunning to find here, if George Webb is to be believed is how important blackmail is to the FBI and how these highest-level agents, who were also involved in the Crossfire Hurricane operation to overthrow Donald Trump with the help of British Intelligence have throughout their careers specialized in implicating their targets in crimes rather than in actually solving crimes.

    • I think the difference here is that instead of arresting the perpetrators, the put them in public office and blackmail them indefinitely to get policies passed which undermines the American public.. with respect to the young girls raped they are just discarded.

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