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Gavin Wince is Millie Weaver’s husband, who does a lot of the heavy lifting in the couple’s documentaries, which include ShadowGate and PSYOP the Steal, two of the most important films of the past year, in my opinion.

This is a video he made in 2014 about “Quantum Mechanics rewritten in terms of applying a 3D-time metric to account for then-unobserved phenomena and now-observed predicted experimental results.”

He tweeted last night, “It’s now been 7 years and hasn’t been falsified. I highly recommend going to 1:26:20 min into the video Enjoy. 😎”

As a theoretical physics buff myself, having written a book that summarizes the theories of several quantum physicists, I found it to be incredibly engaging and instructive – and a welcome break from the Unrestricted Warfare that has occupied so much of his, mine and your awareness in recent years.

The opening statements and the simple, yet very illustrative animation in just the first two minutes are so approachable, they drew me right in:

“It appears that there are extra aspects to relativity that subtlely show up in quantum physics as extra dimensions of time.

“The conceptual point of origin, where space and time appear to have begun is known as the Big Bang Singularity. Here, specetime is reduced to a single point.

“On the other hand, when viewed through the lens of three-dimensional time, it becomes nothing more than a temporal vanishing point.

“It can be argued that modern cosmology is a collection of artifacts resulting from limiting time to a single dimension. We are left with the possibility that half the visible matter is actually anti-particles.

“How can this be, given that these anti-particles are supposed to be missing? Where are they?

“Well, apparently, right here – everywhere – but going backwards in time, relative to the rest of matter.

“Matter, then is composed of particles and anti-particles, as an alternating standing wave or a superposition within a time loop.

“Besides the characteristics of mass and energy, these loops take on the additional characteristics of charge and spin. Using temporal mechanics, cross-conjugation unveils an innovative form of symmetry that appears to be showing up in new physics experiments through a variety of newfangled anomalies.

“We’re now fully prepared to examine the mechanism of cross-conjugation, and how it corresponds with both Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.”

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  • I wonder why physicists always go for cheesey synthesizer music, but oddly, nobody ever considers talking to the really creative musicians/composers. We are always dealing with rates, repetition, permutation, cycling, synthesis, transmogrification, transformation, conversion, and timelessness.

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