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    I expend a lot of energy in order to NOT think about the censorship that is being imposed on us, because when I do allow myself to go there, I become VERY angry and then, hopeless.

    As a self-described “disaffected Liberal” who is still actually quite Liberal, Tim Pool discusses this latest episode of censorship and book burning in our engineered American Communist Revolution.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • whats next ? Santa Claus the “White Supremacist ” Im hearing chatter about that Easter Bunny why are they so happy all the time ? MARANATHA

    • Podcasters (also disaffected liberals) Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying recently reported, and with the same vein of disapproval, on calls to remove from a scientific journal a 98-year-old obituary of a distinguished female scientist on the grounds that it is obnoxiously sexist. Yes, the obit is offensively sexist. It is also, as Brett & Heather emphasized, a piece of history.

    • Ask yourself, what are these assholes really up to? The fake news being hyped is to keep everyone focused on their message.

    • The Socialist Nazi Party is back to burning books, with the help of Big Brother Tech.
      Just like China, you will have nothing and be happy, or else you go to reeducation camp or be used for spare parts.

        • I wonder when the civil war will start? When the first Dem asshole gets shot ie AOC Schummer etc then the shit will hit the fan .
          Get ready stocking up on food H2O ammo might be a good idea

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